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Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

When it comes to ensuring the safety and accessibility of elevated work areas, having the right equipment is crucial. At Northern Platforms, we understand the unique challenges industries face and are dedicated to providing top-quality, safe access solutions that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. One such solution is our portable stairs, also known as mobile stairs, designed to enhance safety and productivity in elevated work environments. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Regarding fall protection, access solutions, and other safety equipment, taking shortcuts by opting for the quick and cheap option isn’t always the best solution. Cheaper mobile stairs may seem like a strategic choice due to their lower price tags, but they often compromise on materials, construction, and functionality to be the price they are. At Northern Platforms, we prioritize manufacturers like SafeRack and RollaStep, as their products are built to last and designed specifically for industrial applications where heavy-duty usage is expected. 

When searching for the perfect portable stairs, it’s crucial to steer clear of short-sighted solutions that focus solely on upfront savings. Investing in high-quality equipment means investing in the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Introducing MAUI Mobile Access Units

One of the standout solutions in Northern Platforms’ inventory is the MAUI (Mobile Access Unit – Industrial Model) from SafeRack. This portable truck and railcar access platform is designed to enhance safety and productivity. It’s built with durability in mind, with solid, no-flat tires, stainless locks for secure positioning, and a tested load capacity of 500 pounds. The MAUI is versatile and can be reconfigured in the field for various uses.

It’s also highly maneuverable, incredibly strong, and requires minimal maintenance. Whether you’re working with railcars or tanker trucks, the MAUI provides safe and ergonomic fall protection for elevated work areas. With features such as modular wheel configuration, the ability to convert it for other uses, and compliance with OSHA/ OH&S standards, the MAUI is a comprehensive portable stair solution that ensures the safety of your employees.

Your Source for Expert Installation and Maintenance

Northern Platforms doesn’t stop at providing top-quality equipment; we also offer expert installation services! Our team will visit your site to discuss your project, understand your requirements, and expertly pair the correct, safe access equipment to your application. From conceptual layouts to project execution, we are there every step of the way, ensuring that your equipment is installed in a safe and timely manner. We believe in a holistic understanding of your operation, ensuring that our solutions are not only tailored but also sustainable.

We also offer installation services to further guarantee the successful implementation of your equipment. However, our commitment to your safety doesn’t end with installation; we also provide routine equipment maintenance, including a detailed report on the work completed. Whether you need preventative maintenance on gangways, mobile stairs, or loading arms, available semi-annually or yearly, we have you covered!

Your End-to-end Partner

Prioritizing safety in industrial operations is not an option; it’s a necessity. With Northern Platforms’ mobile stairs and other access solutions, you can significantly enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency in your workplace. Our dedication to understanding your needs, providing top-quality equipment, offering expert installation, and ensuring regular maintenance sets Northern Platforms apart as a trusted partner in your journey toward a safer and more productive work environment.

Make the smart choice and invest in the safety of your team with Northern Platforms. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of MAUI portable stairs. 

Enhancing Workplace Safety with Northern Platforms’ Industrial Work Platforms

Enhancing Workplace Safety with Northern Platforms’ Industrial Work Platforms

Companies often face the dilemma of choosing between quick and cheap access solutions or investing in quality products that provide long-term benefits. At Northern Platforms, we firmly believe that understanding the unique needs of your operation and providing top-tier access solutions are the keys to success. That’s why we go above and beyond the competition to find solutions tailored to your facility’s unique needs. Continue reading to learn more about how Northern Platforms stands out from the competition and why ErectaStep should be your top choice for industrial work platforms. 

Why Quality Matters

When searching for industrial work platforms, opting for quick and cheap solutions can be a tempting but short-sighted approach. Cheaper alternatives seem appealing due to their lower price tags, but they come with inherent risks. These safe access solutions often compromise on materials, construction, and size, which can impact their durability and safety.

At Northern Platforms, we prioritize products like ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms as they are designed for heavy-duty industrial settings, built to last, and engineered explicitly for robust heavy-duty cycles. We believe in offering value for the long term rather than settling for quick fixes that might cost you more in the long run. 

ErectaStep: Versatile Industrial Work Platforms

One of the standout access solutions in our inventory is ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms. Their modular design allows for easy installation, eliminating the need for on-site fabrication. These platforms are OHSA/ OH&S compliant, precision manufactured, and ready to be shipped ASAP. Some benefits of these industrial work platforms include an aggressive self-draining tread, ADA and IBC compliance, versatile configuration options, and a universal design on all four sides. Northern Platforms’ team can even digitally craft design drawings at your site, providing you with accurate quotes and a clear visualization of how your new ErectaStrep industrial work platforms will integrate into your facility. 

Personalized and On-Site Understanding

One of the ways Northern Platforms stands out from the other suppliers is our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients. We don’t just rely on emails and phone calls to understand your unique needs; we take the extra step to visit your site and understand your applications. Our dedicated sales team is local, ensuring a quick and responsive approach to your needs. By coming to your site, the Northern Platforms team can better educate you about our products and terminology, providing a holistic understanding of how our solutions can enhance your operations.

Expert Guidance and Customization

At Northern Platforms, we take pride in our comprehensive inventory and expert customer service. If you’re uncertain about the right industrial work platform for your facility, our team of safe access solution experts is here to help. We can visit your site, assess your needs, and custom configure a design drawing to showcase how our recommended access solutions will fit into your facility. This hands-on approach allows you to make an informed decision and ensures that the solutions you choose are a perfect fit for your unique requirements.

Moreover, we don’t stop at product sales. Northern Platforms offers various supportive services, including installation and preventative maintenance. Our turnkey installation services ensure that your equipment is set up in a safe and timely manner, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

A Commitment to Safety

At Northern Platforms, we understand the significance of workplace safety. We stay updated on industry standards and work diligently to provide the best solutions to address the most frequent workplace safety concerns. Our mission is to eliminate the leading causes of preventable injuries and fatalities, both in the workplace and beyond.

When it comes to industrial work platforms and access solutions, Northern Platforms stands as a reliable partner committed to your safety and success. Make the savvy choice and prioritize safety, quality, and long-term benefits with Northern Platforms. Contact us today to get started. 

Enhance Your Site with a Comprehensive Truck Fall Protection System

Enhance Your Site with a Comprehensive Truck Fall Protection System

One critical area where safety cannot be compromised is in the loading and unloading of trucks. This is where truck fall protection systems come into play, and Northern Platforms offers a comprehensive solution for these crucial needs. Below, we’ll explore the importance of truck fall protection systems and the range of products that contribute to this vital safety aspect. Continue reading to find out more.

Comprehensive Truck Fall Protection Systems

Truck fall protection systems include a wide range of products and safety measures aimed at safeguarding workers during the loading and unloading of trucks. These systems not only protect employees but also ensure the efficient flow of operations, allowing trucks to transfer their loads quickly and safely. 

At Northern Platforms, we’ve been a trusted partner in the design and installation of safe access solutions for truck loading and fall protection since 2002. Our solutions include custom steel loading platforms, available in both stationary and portable configurations. These platforms can be equipped with state-of-the-art loading arms, safety gates, fall protection systems, and operator gangways. We also offer the option to install operator buildings, safety showers, and shelters to provide employees with additional protection during loading and unloading processes.

The Importance of Comprehensive Solutions

High-quality safe access solutions are a hallmark of Northern Platforms‘ commitment to providing comprehensive truck fall protection systems. Our expertise extends to designing and building complete truck loading and tank trailer fall protection systems. These systems may encompass various components, including:

  1. Custom Loading Platforms: Our loading platforms are engineered to accommodate single truck loading stations to multiple truck loading stations. We understand that trucks and trailers come in various shapes and sizes, so our solutions are flexible and can adapt to different configurations.
  2. Loading Arms: These essential components efficiently load trailers and cargo vessels while ensuring the safety of workers.
  3. Safety Gates: Fall protection is crucial, and our safety gates are designed to prevent accidents and injuries during loading and unloading processes.
  4. Operator Gangways: Operator gangways offer a safe and convenient means for employees to access the truck or trailer during loading and unloading.

Our decades of experience providing truck fall protection systems have given us invaluable insights into what works best. We supply equipment that not only meets safety standards but also ensures the efficiency and consistency of your loading and unloading operations.

SafeRack SAS Gangways: A Versatile Component

As part of our commitment to safety and quality, Northern Platforms proudly stocks industry-leading products like SafeRack’s SAS gangways. These gangways are designed to articulate and self-level, accommodating varying heights of tanker trucks and trailers. They are built to last, thanks to their one-piece stair design that reduces welds, virtually eliminating failures. Despite their rugged construction, these SAS gangways are easy to use, with a spring counterbalance that requires minimal effort.

At Northern Platforms, our team takes a consultative approach to determine the best truck fall protection systems for your worksite. We offer on-site visits to develop the right system for your specific needs. With expedited delivery, precision-built components, and custom solutions available, SafeRack’s SAS gangways provide a comprehensive solution for your truck fall protection requirements.

Start Designing Your Truck Fall Protection System Today!

Truck fall protection systems are non-negotiable when it comes to ensuring the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading processes. At Northern Platforms, we offer solutions designed to provide reliable and comprehensive fall protection for workers in numerous industries. Additionally, we also offer installation and routine maintenance services to ensure your new fall protection system is correctly set up and ready to go. 

Contact us today to learn more about setting up your truck fall protection system with Northern Platforms.

Biofuel Loading Safety: Why Truck Loading Arms Are Your Top Choice

Biofuel Loading Safety: Why Truck Loading Arms Are Your Top Choice

The biofuel industry is rapidly growing, and as it does, it’s essential to address the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading these potentially hazardous materials. Traditional fluid transfer methods are often associated with risks of spills, leaks, and accidents, posing threats to both workers and the environment. However, Northern Platforms offers a solution that addresses these concerns head-on: OPW truck loading arms. Keep reading to find out more about these innovative loading arms. 

Types of Biofuels

Before delving into the advantages of Northern Platforms’ truck loading arms, it’s crucial to understand the biofuels they are designed to handle. Biofuels are renewable fuels manufactured from various sources, including vegetable oil, animal fats, and recycled restaurant grease, as well as soybean, corn, and canola oils. There are three common types of biofuels:

  • Biodiesel: Biodiesel is typically blended with conventional diesel to optimize performance, ranging from B5 (5% biodiesel) to B100 (100% biodiesel). It shares similar properties with conventional diesel but offers a more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Renewable Diesel: Unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel is chemically identical to regular diesel and can be used at 100% concentration (not blended) in standard diesel engines. It’s known as a “drop-in diesel” and offers improved cold-weather performance and environmental benefits.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): SAF is used to power jet aircraft and can be produced from various biomass sources, with yellow grease (waste vegetable oil and animal fats) being a particularly low-carbon option. SAF reduces carbon emissions and can be blended with traditional jet fuel, potentially reducing the carbon lifecycle by up to 50%.

Importance of Loading Safety

The safety of your staff and the environment is of the utmost importance when dealing with hazardous materials like biofuels. The loading and unloading of these substances from tanker trucks can pose severe risks to both personnel and the environment. Spills, leaks, and emissions must be minimized to protect workers and prevent harm to the surroundings. Fortunately, Northern Platforms’ truck loading arms are here to ensure the safety and efficiency of your chemical loading processes. 

Truck Loading Arms: What to Consider

Northern Platforms’ inventory of OPW Engineered Systems‘ products offers a comprehensive line of dry disconnect equipment, including Drylok™, Kamvalok®, and Epsilon®, suitable for various hazardous liquid applications. By minimizing the risk of spills, leaks, and emissions, loading arms combined with these dry disconnects significantly reduce hazards, ensuring a safer working environment. Moreover, these dry disconnect couplings are proven to be successful in protecting workers and the environment when transferring hazardous materials, including biofuels. They significantly reduce the risk of accidental spillage and enhance safety.

When it comes to loading arms for handling biofuels, several critical considerations must be taken into account:

  1. Loading Method: Are you splash loading to the atmosphere, or is it a closed-loop loading with vapour recovery? The loading arm must be selected to suit the specific loading method.
  2. Material Compatibility: Understanding the compatibility of the loading arm and seal kits with the biofuel is crucial to prevent chemical reactions that could lead to leaks or spills.
  3. Criticality of Application: Assess the level of hazard associated with the biofuel. Is it a potentially life-threatening application, or is it less hazardous? Your choice of loading arm should align with the criticality of the application.

When selecting the right loading arm for your specific application, the experts at Northern Platforms have you covered! Our knowledgeable team can visit your site to evaluate your requirements and challenges, ensuring that the loading arm chosen aligns perfectly with your needs and guarantees a safe and efficient biofuel handling process.

Find the Truck Loading Arms You Need at Northern Platforms

The biofuel industry’s expansion necessitates a focus on safety and efficiency in the truck loading and unloading processes. OPW loading arms offered by Northern Platforms are the ideal solution, providing precise control, automation, and emergency shutdown systems to minimize risks associated with handling potentially hazardous biofuels. By choosing these loading arms, you can ensure the safety of your employees and protect the environment, making the biofuel sector safer and more efficient.

Contact Northern Platforms to find out more about our inventory of OPW truck loading arms. 

Improve Your Operations with ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways from Northern Platforms

Improve Your Operations with ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways from Northern Platforms

Optimizing your operations while prioritizing safety is vital to remain competitive in the ever-evolving industrial sector. Fortunately, with the help of Northern Platforms’ industrial platforms and walkways, your operations can stay ahead of the curve. These elevated pathways not only facilitate movement within your busy facilities but also redefine the way your business can navigate safety challenges. Next, we will discuss some features and benefits of Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep industrial platforms and walkways. Continue reading to find out more about these innovative access solutions. 

A New Perspective on Industrial Platforms and Walkways

Industrial platforms and walkways offer numerous advantages in the world of operational efficiency. These elevated pathways offer personnel a safe and efficient means of traversing within facilities, overcoming obstacles, and improving overall workflow. Yet, their benefits go beyond accessibility– they also serve as elevated platforms for enhanced visibility, loading, and management of operations.

Exploring Your Options: ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways

At Northern Platforms, our commitment to providing high-quality access solutions is reflected in our various partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers such as ErectaStep. Northern Platforms offers various industrial platforms and walkways to suit every application and facility. In particular, our ErectaStep offering embodies a dedication to innovation, quality and safety. Below are three ways ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways can benefit your operations.

1) Safety Taken to New Heights

The cornerstone of every successful operation is a commitment to safety. ErectaStep’s commitment to safety is evident in every component of its industrial platforms and walkways. These modular systems adhere to stringent safety standards. They are constructed with quality, lightweight, and over-engineered aluminum (also available in galvanized and 304 stainless steel) to ensure longevity and reliability. While the slip-resistant surfaces, sturdy handrails, and OSHA and OH&S compliance ensure you provide your employees with secure pathways that foster a safer work environment. 

2) Efficiency in Every Detail

Across the industrial sector, time is money! Fortunately, ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways not only enhance your operations but also expedite installation. These modular platforms are in stock and ready to ship at Northern Platforms, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get them in. While their modular design allows for rapid assembly (without any welding, special tools or cranes), minimizing losses due to downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Moreover, this efficiency extends to maintenance as the modular components can easily be replaced, reconfigured, or added to as needed. 

3) Greater Versatility

Finally, the versatility of ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways cannot be overlooked. From providing safe equipment access in manufacturing facilities to enabling oversight on elevated platforms within warehouses, these systems seamlessly integrate into various industrial environments. This same adaptability and flexibility make ErectaStep indispensable in oil and gas facilities, ensuring secure maintenance and inspections at elevated heights. 

Choose Northern Platforms for All of Your Safe Access Solution Needs

As Western Canada’s premier access and loading solutions distributor, Northern Platforms is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and turnkey services that enhance safety and efficiency. With ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways in your facility, you can overcome access challenges, optimize your operations and nurture a culture of safety. So when you need industrial platforms and walkways, Northern Platforms is here to help.

Contact us today to explore more benefits of ErectaStep industrial platforms and walkways!

Enhancing Your Workplace’s Mobility and Safety with RollaStep Portable Stairs

Enhancing Your Workplace’s Mobility and Safety with RollaStep Portable Stairs

In the dynamic world of rail, trucking, marine, and more, projects and tasks are ever-evolving, and today adaptability and safety are more important than ever. But this is where portable stairs from Northern Platforms come into play, as they provide a versatile solution that combines mobility and security.

At Northern Platforms, our team understands the importance of safety, versatility, and mobility. That’s why we offer a comprehensive inventory of RollaStep portable stairs. RollaStep is a revolutionary manufacturer of safe access solutions that elevate workplace efficiency without compromising safety. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative portable stairs available from Northern Platforms! 

The Power of Portability

While traditional fixed staircases have their place, when it comes to environments where flexibility is crucial, portable stairs like RollaStep stand out. Often traditional stairs can’t keep up with such demands, and using them for certain applications may lead to time-consuming installations and potential safety hazards due to hurried setups. If your workplace demands you to shift from one location to another frequently, Northern Platforms’ inventory of RollaStep portable stairs can help!

RollaStep changes the game with its numerous portable designs. These stairs are engineered to be easily transportable, enabling you to set up a safe and sturdy access point wherever it’s needed most. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, maintenance, or any other industry that requires movement and access to elevated areas, RollaStep ensures you have a reliable solution that keeps up with your pace.

Safety Beyond Boundaries

One of the most significant concerns in any workplace is the safety of its employees. Accidents on staircases can lead to severe injuries and other losses due to downtime, affecting your team’s well-being and your project’s progress. RollaStep addresses this concern head-on by integrating safety features into each one of its portable stair products

Each RollaStep unit is designed with slip-resistant tread surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slipping or tripping. Additionally, the sturdy handrails provide essential support, ensuring stability and confidence as your workers ascend or descend the portable stairs. Safety is non-negotiable, and RollaStep’s commitment to it is evident in every aspect of the MP Series, G Series, C Series, and TR Series designs. 

Versatile Units for Every Application

One of the standout features of RollaStep’s portable stairs is their adaptability to numerous work environments and applications. Need to access a loading dock one day and a raised platform the next? Northern Platforms‘ offering of RollaStep portable stairs is up to the challenge. Each unit is manufactured for optimal performance and portability, allowing you to move it effortlessly from location to location.

This versatility not only saves time and resources but also opens up a world of possibilities for your operations. With Northern Platforms’ inventory of RollaStep portable stairs, you’re no longer confined to fixed access points; with the MP Series, G Series, C Series, or TR Series, you are empowered to navigate your worksite with ease and efficiency. 

Invest in Innovation with RollaStep from Northern Platforms

In an ever-changing world that demands flexibility, safety, and efficiency, RollaStep emerges as a game-changing access solution. At Northern Platforms, we understand these needs. That’s why we deliver exceptional quality and performance through products such as RollaStep, OPW, ErectaStep and more. These trusted manufacturers further elevate how we approach access solutions by providing innovative and customized solutions for every industry.

Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our inventory of RollaStep portable stairs and how they can enhance your workplace.