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The Applications and Advantages of Crossover Stairs 

The Applications and Advantages of Crossover Stairs 

At Northern Platforms, we understand the importance of providing reliable solutions that enable seamless operations in diverse work environments. Our ErectaStep modular crossover stairs are a versatile and customizable answer to many common challenges in industrial settings. Next, we will cover some typical applications for crossover stairs and the advantages of choosing ErectaStep. Continue reading to find out more about these innovative, safe access solutions!

Common Applications for Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairs, sometimes called catwalks, serve a wide range of applications across various industries. Often, they crisscross busy industrial facilities, providing access to essential machinery and workstations. Northern Platforms’ inventory of ErectaStep crossover stairs offers a secure pathway, allowing your workers to move safely and efficiently, even at elevated heights. Whether you’re looking to ensure safety, navigate obstacles, or improve workflow, ErectaStep has you covered! Below are three of the most common applications where these innovative safe access solutions shine:

  1. Rooftops and HVAC Access: For maintenance personnel, gaining access to rooftops and HVAC systems is a frequent task. ErectaStep offers a solution to surmount heating, cooling, and ducting systems, ensuring the safety of workers working at heights.
  2. Cable Trays and Instrumentation Lines: The industrial landscape is often a maze of cables and instrumentation lines. Northern Platforms’ crossover stairs make it easy to navigate over these obstacles, streamlining daily operations and reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Containment Berms: Safely crossing containment berms in industrial settings is essential for maintaining environmental and operational integrity. ErectaStep’s customizable designs adapt to the specific requirements of your facility, ensuring safety and navigability. 

ErectaStep: Versatility and Customization in One

One of the standout features of the ErectaStep crossover stairs is their versatility. These modular crossover stairs are designed to adapt to your facility’s unique needs and applications, offering several significant advantages:

  • Easy Assembly: ErectaStep’s lightweight aluminum components and modular design enable straightforward assembly without welding or special tools. With just a wrench, you can configure and install these stairs with ease (see more on this below).
  • Affordability: The modular design minimizes engineering costs, making ErectaStep a cost-effective solution for your facility’s access needs.
  • Compliance: ErectaStep crossover stairs are built to meet OSHA and OH&S safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment for your team, no matter how you configure them.
  • Durability: ErectaStep’s heavy-duty aluminum design minimizes weld points, enhancing the overall system’s strength and longevity.

At Northern Platforms, we understand that every industrial facility has unique needs. While ErectaStep’s versatile five-component design can accommodate numerous configurations, there are times when customization becomes essential. Whether you require tailor-made openings or contoured platforms to fit your precise requirements, our team is here to help.

To experience the seamless installation process of these crossover stairs and explore how they can enhance safety and accessibility in your facility, we encourage you to watch the short informative video below!

Simple Solutions for Big Problems

Northern Platforms‘ ErectaStep crossover stairs have redefined access solutions in industrial settings. With their adaptability, ease of assembly, compliance with safety standards, and customized options, they’re the perfect choice for enhancing safety and efficiency across various applications. Whether you need to navigate catwalks, access rooftops, or cross-cable trays, ErectaStep ensures your team can do so safely and efficiently.

Trust Northern Platforms to provide the ultimate solution for your facility’s access needs. Contact our team today to see for yourself how ErectaStep can enhance your worksite! 

Improve Your Operations with ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways from Northern Platforms

Improve Your Operations with ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways from Northern Platforms

Optimizing your operations while prioritizing safety is vital to remain competitive in the ever-evolving industrial sector. Fortunately, with the help of Northern Platforms’ industrial platforms and walkways, your operations can stay ahead of the curve. These elevated pathways not only facilitate movement within your busy facilities but also redefine the way your business can navigate safety challenges. Next, we will discuss some features and benefits of Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep industrial platforms and walkways. Continue reading to find out more about these innovative access solutions. 

A New Perspective on Industrial Platforms and Walkways

Industrial platforms and walkways offer numerous advantages in the world of operational efficiency. These elevated pathways offer personnel a safe and efficient means of traversing within facilities, overcoming obstacles, and improving overall workflow. Yet, their benefits go beyond accessibility– they also serve as elevated platforms for enhanced visibility, loading, and management of operations.

Exploring Your Options: ErectaStep Industrial Platforms and Walkways

At Northern Platforms, our commitment to providing high-quality access solutions is reflected in our various partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers such as ErectaStep. Northern Platforms offers various industrial platforms and walkways to suit every application and facility. In particular, our ErectaStep offering embodies a dedication to innovation, quality and safety. Below are three ways ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways can benefit your operations.

1) Safety Taken to New Heights

The cornerstone of every successful operation is a commitment to safety. ErectaStep’s commitment to safety is evident in every component of its industrial platforms and walkways. These modular systems adhere to stringent safety standards. They are constructed with quality, lightweight, and over-engineered aluminum (also available in galvanized and 304 stainless steel) to ensure longevity and reliability. While the slip-resistant surfaces, sturdy handrails, and OSHA and OH&S compliance ensure you provide your employees with secure pathways that foster a safer work environment. 

2) Efficiency in Every Detail

Across the industrial sector, time is money! Fortunately, ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways not only enhance your operations but also expedite installation. These modular platforms are in stock and ready to ship at Northern Platforms, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get them in. While their modular design allows for rapid assembly (without any welding, special tools or cranes), minimizing losses due to downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Moreover, this efficiency extends to maintenance as the modular components can easily be replaced, reconfigured, or added to as needed. 

3) Greater Versatility

Finally, the versatility of ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways cannot be overlooked. From providing safe equipment access in manufacturing facilities to enabling oversight on elevated platforms within warehouses, these systems seamlessly integrate into various industrial environments. This same adaptability and flexibility make ErectaStep indispensable in oil and gas facilities, ensuring secure maintenance and inspections at elevated heights. 

Choose Northern Platforms for All of Your Safe Access Solution Needs

As Western Canada’s premier access and loading solutions distributor, Northern Platforms is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and turnkey services that enhance safety and efficiency. With ErectaStep’s industrial platforms and walkways in your facility, you can overcome access challenges, optimize your operations and nurture a culture of safety. So when you need industrial platforms and walkways, Northern Platforms is here to help.

Contact us today to explore more benefits of ErectaStep industrial platforms and walkways!

4 Essential Features to Consider When Choosing Modular Access Platforms

4 Essential Features to Consider When Choosing Modular Access Platforms

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers, investing in the right equipment is paramount. Companies that prioritize safety not only avoid severe penalties from regulatory bodies like OSHA and OH&S but also create a secure and efficient work environment.

A modular access platform from Northern Platforms is one essential piece of equipment that can significantly enhance workplace safety. These platforms offer versatility, durability, and ease of use. If you’re considering investing in modular access platforms, here are four key features to look for and why the ErectaStep modular access platform stands out. Keep reading to find out more!

1) Corrosion Resistance: Ensuring Longevity and Cost Efficiency

The unpredictable nature of weather and the potential exposure to hazardous chemicals means you need equipment that can withstand these challenges. Corrosion-resistant materials are a must for any modular access platform. With Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep offering, you can rest assured that your investment will remain intact over time, free from rust or corrosion. By opting for corrosion-resistant modular access platforms like ErectaStep, you ensure your workers’ safety and make a cost-effective long-term investment that enhances your operation’s bottom line. 

2) Slip Resistance: Mitigating Fall Risks

Workplace accidents caused by slips and falls can have serious consequences. Slip-resistant surfaces on staircases and platforms are crucial for preventing such incidents. The inclusion of slip-resistant features in Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep modular access platforms provides firm footing even in challenging conditions. Eliminating the common threat of slippery surfaces can significantly improve overall safety levels and reduce the likelihood of these accidents.

3) Ease of Installation: Saving Time and Resources

While fall protection is of the utmost importance, the installation process shouldn’t be a cumbersome task. Some modular access platforms can be complex and time-consuming to set up, causing unnecessary delays and additional costs. Opting for a modular access platform that offers easy installation, upgrades, and configuration can save valuable time and resources. ErectaStep’s design allows for seamless assembly through bolt-together components, ensuring swift deployment and customizability.

4) Mobility and Repurposability: Flexibility for Dynamic Projects

For some projects, mobility and adaptability are key factors. A modular access platform should not only serve your current project but also be flexible enough for future configurations or projects. Configurable platforms and equipment, like those offered by Nothern Platforms‘ inventory of ErectaStep, enable you to tackle more complex projects efficiently. Whether you need to reposition the platform within a single project or repurpose it for different projects or sites, having the correct mobility elements in place ensures efficiency and adaptability.

ErectaStep and Northern Platforms: Your Solution for Safety and Flexibility

Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep modular access platforms embody all the essential features mentioned above, making it a top choice for enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. With its modular components, ErectaStep offers limitless configurations to address your fall protection needs. Let Northern Platforms’ team of safe access solution experts help you custom design an ErectaStep modular access platform system that suits the needs of your operation. 

Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our ErectaStep modular access platforms! 

Signs its Time to Invest in an Industrial Work Platform

Signs its Time to Invest in an Industrial Work Platform

Ensuring the safety, compliance, and productivity of your operations are just three aspects industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms can assist with. However, it can be challenging to determine if your facility requires an industrial work platform. Fortunately, our team is here to help! As your trusted Canadian supplier of ErectaStep and more, Northern Platforms understands some of the telltale signs that your operations could benefit from custom industrial work platforms. Below we will cover four situations that indicate its time to invest in industrial work platforms. Keep reading to find out more!

You Lose Productivity to Maneuvering Around Equipment or Obstacles

Many operations find that with standard ladders, step stools, or scaffolding, their staff lose production time by working against the limitations of the equipment. Often these types of equipment do not provide adequate overreach, or their innate structure prevents workers from accessing specific areas safely.

Fortunately, Northern Platforms has a solution! Our offering of industrial work platforms from ErectaStep can be customized to fit your application and operations perfectly, enhancing your operation’s productivity. That way, your staff have access to where they need to go and can safely reach other equipment or locations previously blocked by large machinery or obstacles.

Your Injury Rate is Higher Than the Industry Average

Suppose your operation’s injury rate is higher than average. In that case, an industrial work platform from Northern Platforms may help reduce or potentially eliminate some of those injuries. A high injury rate affects numerous aspects of your business, including increased absenteeism and workers’ compensation rates, decreased employee morale and potential fines. Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep industrial work platforms are OSHA and OH&S-compliant and can help prevent injuries, especially fall injuries from a height.

You Work with Expensive or Fragile Equipment

If your facility manufactures or works with high-value equipment, consider utilizing industrial work platforms. The cost of an industrial work platform from Northern Platforms is significantly less than the cost of fixing damaged equipment caused by improper upper-level access equipment. So protect your bottom line and equipment by investing in industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms.

Your Current Equipment Doesn’t Meet OSHA or OH&S Standards

Speaking of protecting your bottom line, when it comes to work platforms, the OSHA and OH&S regulations are more comprehensive than you may realize, and not being compliant can result in costly fines and injuries. Handrails, toeboards, materials, load ratings and structural design must conform to specific standards. If your facility is using makeshift equipment for access, you may not be in compliance. By using ErectaStep industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms, you can ensure you comply with OH&S and OSHA regulations and enhance your operations’ safety and productivity.

ErectaStep Industrial Work Platforms from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, finding a custom industrial work platform is simple! Our team of safe access solution experts can visit your facility and digitally craft a design drawing of your industrial work platform in minutes. That way, you know precisely how your ErectaStep platforms will fit into your operations, and you can also receive an accurate quote. In addition, Northern Platforms’ team can assist you from installation to maintenance and beyond! So when you need reliable and quality industrial work platforms, trust Northern Platforms and ErectaStep!

Contact us today to get started on building your custom industrial work platform!

What to Consider Before Purchasing Crossover Stairs

What to Consider Before Purchasing Crossover Stairs

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common accidents in the workplace. To help mitigate these accidents and injuries, it’s critical to invest in the appropriate safe access and fall prevention solutions. At Northern Platforms, we proudly provide a wide selection of safe access solutions to ensure your workers’ safety and improve your workplace’s efficiency. One of our top safe access solutions is our crossover stairs from ErectaStep. Crossover stairs are used across many facilities and industries because they are versatile and offer numerous advantages. Next, we’ll tell you more about crossover stairs and some factors to consider before investing in crossover stairs for your facility. Keep reading to find out more!

Understanding Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairs are known under many names, such as crossover platforms, ladders, bridges, etc. These access solutions are manufactured to provide workers with a safe and direct path from point A to point B. One of the most significant advantages of crossover stairs from Northern Platforms is that they are available in a wide range of configurations which can help workers safely navigate around obstacles or hazards in your facility. This means your employees can accomplish their duties safely and efficiently, dramatically benefiting your bottom line.

While crossover stairs from ErectaStep offer numerous safety and efficiency benefits, they can be costly for some operations. That’s why ensuring you understand your access needs is critical before investing in crossover stairs. Before you decide to invest in crossover stairs for your facility, you should consider a few factors to ensure you purchase the best access solutions for your unique application, worksite, and needs.

What Height Do Your Crossover Stairs Need to Reach?

The elevation of your crossover stairs directly correlates with its intended purpose and how the platform will be used. For instance, if your crossover stairs will be used to laterally move over a piece of equipment or machinery like a conveyor belt, then the crossover stars should have a minimum clearance needed to reach over the equipment. However, if employees need to access certain mechanisms or specific heights, rolling stairs or a work platform may be a better safe access solution than crossover stairs. The heights and obstacles your crossover stairs need to work around will influence their overall configuration and whether or not they will be the best access solution for your application.

What Distance Do the Stairs Need to Span?

The distance your crossover stairs need to span will directly impact their configuration and total cost. Fortunately, Northern Platforms‘ safe access solutions experts can visit your facility or worksite and help you determine the appropriate configuration for your crossover stairs. We use a digital design tool which allows our team to custom configure the optimal crossover stairs for your facility and provide you with an accurate diagram and quote. That way, you have a clear picture of your crossover stairs’ size, configuration, and overall cost.

Do You Need Safety Swing Gates?

Safety features such as self-closing safety swing gates are important fall protection features for crossover stairs. For instance, Northern Platforms’ YellowGate safety swing gates are often used with crossover stairs at a ladder or stair opening to help prevent falls. When investing in crossover stairs, it’s important to consider the other safe access solutions and fall protection features your facility may require.

Your Source for Crossover Stairs and More!

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s premier distributor of industry-leading safe access solutions. Our comprehensive inventory includes access and fall protection solutions from trusted manufacturers such as SafeRack, ErectaStep, RollaStep and more! Moreover, Northern Platforms also proudly offers several turnkey solutions, such as preventative maintenance, installation, and more.

Ready to custom configure crossover stairs for your facility? Contact us today to get expert support and service from the team at Northern Platforms!

Factors to Consider When Investing in Prefabricated Platforms

Factors to Consider When Investing in Prefabricated Platforms

Prefabricated platforms are excellent safe access solutions for any warehouse or industrial facility. These highly versatile platforms provide economic, safety, and efficiency-related advantages. However, before investing in prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, it’s essential to be aware of some of the critical factors that will influence your prefabricated platforms’ design and cost. Below, we’ll discuss some of these factors that will impact the design of your prefabricated platforms. Continue reading to learn more!

Factors that Impact Prefabricated Platform Designs

Typically, prefabricated platforms are used as aisles or walkways to ensure safe warehouse or industrial facility access. These platforms can help workers navigate and transport goods and equipment across warehouses and facilities without interrupting other operations. At Northern Platforms, we proudly distribute prefabricated platforms from ErectaStep to customers across Western Canada and beyond. When investing in prefabricated platforms, a few factors need to be considered to ensure you receive the best safe access solution for your operations. Below are a few of these critical factors.

The Layout

Before purchasing prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, the layout is the first factor you need to consider. Do your prefabricated platforms need to go over a pipe or conveyor belt or around another hazard? Or does your facility require a prefabricated platform that doubles as an observation deck or work platform? These are essential questions to ask as they can help determine the overall layout of your prefabricated platforms.

Structural Drawings

Once you’ve determined a rough layout for your prefabricated platforms, you’ll need to consult your facility’s structural drawings to ensure the platforms have a safe and stable installation area. This is a critical step, as understanding how and where your prefabricated platforms can be safely installed ensures the overall safety and efficiency of the structure. Once you’ve determined the structural integrity of the area where your prefabricated platform will be, you may need to adjust the layout.

Elevation Information

The next significant factor impacting your prefabricated platforms is the elevation you’d like them installed. Not only is elevation critical for the design of your prefabricated platforms but also for their overall structure. Depending on the height of your prefabricated platforms will need to reach additional safety features such as self-closing safety swing gates or other fall protection may be required. Moreover, understanding your elevation requirements will help in designing and installing your prefabricated platforms in accordance with your operation’s particular needs.

Load Bearing Capacity

Finally, your required load-bearing capacity is critical for determining your prefabricated platforms’ overall design and structure. This information is vital as overloading prefabricated platforms is a serious health and safety risk as it may result in dangerous accidents or severe damages. So when investing in prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, consider your required load-bearing capacity to ensure the safety of your workers and the structural integrity of your safe access solutions.

Prefabricated Platforms from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our team of safe access solution experts can visit your facility and assist in determining the optimal layout and design of your prefabricated platforms. Our team can even create a digital design of your prefabricated platforms so you can receive an accurate quote and image on the layout before you decide to invest. Overall, prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms are an integral piece of safe access equipment for industrial and commercial facilities as they provide operational, logistical and economic benefits.


Ready to learn more about Northern Platforms’ prefabricated platforms? Contact us today!