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Emco Wheaton

Emco Wheaton is recognized globally as a premium supplier of Loading Arms. Their Loading Systems are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Emco Wheaton specializes in loading solutions for a wide range of applications. In addition to Emco Wheaton’s Land Loading Systems, their product range also includes Marine Loading Arms as well as. Emco Wheaton’s solutions are superior in loading and unloading vessels, tank trucks, rail cars, ISOtainers, and other containers. Please see Emco Wheaton’s product range below.

Top Loading Arms

Emco Top Loading arm systems are specially designed for top loading of road or rail tankers using the manhole or any kind of fixed connection like couplers. Because of the robust and high-quality design of swivel joints and the precise loading arm balancing handling of the loading arm is very convenient. The loading arms offer a long lifetime under heavy-duty cycles as well as further numerous benefits such as multiple balancing systems, various numbers of accessories & safety devices and heating options for the transferring of liquids that need to be kept at a certain/maintained temperature during loading. Styles of top-loading arms include fixed reach loaders, variable reach loaders, unsupported boom style loaders and supported boom style loaders. More information is available here.

Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading offers benefits that cannot be achieved with top loading designs. As it takes place on the ground, it is inherently safer for the operator. It also allows for simultaneous loading of several tank compartments, increasing the speed and efficiency of loading. Bottom loading arms are easily adaptable to vapour recovery systems. Emco Wheaton’s selection of bottom loading arms conforms to API RP1004 standard. Designed for safe and reliable loading of tank trucks, rail cars, or any other vessel with sealed connections. Styles of bottom loading arms include A-Frame bottom loaders, bottom hose loaders, unsupported boom style loaders and supported boom style loaders and Emco Wheaton’s MYR Link long reach bottom truck loading arm. Optional adders to bottom loading arms include breakaway couplings, Emco Wheaton’s API Coupler, sight flow indicators and various styles of quick/dry disconnect fittings. More information is available here.

Speciality Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton has a line of specialty loading arms for applications such as the loading and unloading of toxic chemicals/dangerous products or products like asphalts, sulphur & resins that need to maintain a certain temperature during loading. Loading arms that need to have some type of heat management on the arm are often fitted with insulation or manufactured with application-specific materials. These specialty loading arms can also be powered for easy and accurate movement. Emco Wheaton’s engineers have developed a number of loading arms for specialized service applications. If your application does not quite fit with any of the models listed please contact your distributor who will speak to us about what you require. Style of specialty loading arms include drum filling arms, floating suctions, PTFE lined arms. More information is available here.

Swivel Joints

They are key articulations for transporting liquids or gases between two pieces of equipment and are an important element of loading arms. These elements are used where easy handling, safety and low-wear characteristics are required.

Emco Wheaton’s range of swivel joints provides easy handling and maximizes operational safety. Our offer is designed for a range of medium, heavy, and specialized applications. They are capable of handling a variety of gasses, fluids, and food products.

Each swivel joint is engineered to provide the mobility and adaptability of a hose reel, without compromising reliability. Precision hardened and ground ball tracks are integrated into each swivel joint, allowing for full mobility and reach. Available in stylers 10-80, multiple swivel joints can also be combined to provide a full 360-degree rotation across all planes. Emco Wheaton swivel joints are available in a range of high-quality materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other exotic materials. Product-specific seals are fitted to each joint, ensuring maximum safety, durability and are corrosion resistance. More information is available here.

API Couplers

Emco Wheaton has recently enhanced their family of class-leading API Couplers – the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today. Each API coupler incorporates a host of patented features. This will provide trouble-free operation, high flow rates and will also ensure a clean, spill-free loading rack. Emco Wheaton couplers are approved worldwide and recommended by the world’s major oil companies. They’re proven to successfully operate in some of the most demanding environments. Emco Wheaton’s range of quick couplers provides operators with the ideal mix of safety, performance, and reliability. More information is available here.

  • Coupler for filling and unloading – J0452
    • Product development, ongoing product improvement and the flexibility to adapt to customer’s individual requirements ensure that our API couplers remain at the leading edge of technology.
    • J0452 range of API couplers is the most advanced coupler range available in the global market today. Emco Wheaton’s newly launched J0452 has been engineered as a direct replacement to the K2/K2P to be the SNAP ON / SNAP OFF coupler of choice.
    • J0452 API coupler is maintenance-friendly, providing in-situ nose seal replacement, has the lowest leakage on disconnect in its class and includes a bevelled lip and ergonomic design for ease of operation.
    • J0452 API coupler includes an optional integrated pump with filter element and has a wide range of spare kits available.
    • Lip for ease of operation
    • Performance nose seal
    • Lever and grab handles
    • Pressure: 16 bar (240 psi) Automatic snap-on connection
    • Pump and filter
    • Coated anodized body
    • Pump
    • Prevention / magnet sleeve
    • Wear bumper
    • Flange or top handle
    • CRN approval
    • Without pump: 9.76 kg (21.47 lb)
    • With Buna seals, Viton seals or low-temperature Viton seals

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