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How Prefabricated Platforms Make Valve Access Simple

Throughout various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and beyond, having access to shutoff valves, navigating over conveyors, and moving throughout warehousing spaces requires specialized access solutions. Since 2002, Northern Platforms has provided companies of all sizes with the safe access solutions they need to maintain productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Below, we will tell you more about our offering of ErectaStep prefabricated platforms and how they can benefit valve access applications. Keep reading to find out more. 

Critical Factors in Valve Access 

Whether you’re working in manufacturing, oil and gas, or the pulp and paper industry, you need access solutions that enable your employees to safely reach your facility’s tools, equipment, valves, and other key areas. The oil and gas industry often faces challenges in valve access fall protection as many temporary solutions, such as scaffolding, can be costly in the long run, easily break down, offer limited working space, and cannot be reused in other applications.

Additionally, regardless of your industry, your maintenance personnel must have safe access to critical shutoffs and valves to provide adequate service and ensure your facility continues to operate at a high standard. 

If your facility is considering updating your valve access platforms or installing a new system, consider the following:

  • Can a worker access the shutoff valve safely and rapidly?
  • If there are access platforms on the valve, are they rigid and safe?
  • Are there safety gates and industrial-strength handrails on the access platform?
  • Does your current access system provide adequate fall protection and instant OSHA/OH&S compliance?
  • Are the current crossovers/access platforms older or in need of repair or replacement?

Depending on your answers, it may be time to replace or update your current valve access solutions. Fortunately, Northern Platforms has a cost-effective, ready-to-ship option that not only outperforms temporary access solutions but is also built to last–ErectaStep prefabricated platforms.

Benefits of ErectaStep Prefabricated Platforms

Northern Platforms’ offering of ErectaStep prefabricated platforms are OHSA/OH&S compliant, precision manufactured and ready to be shipped to your facility in an instant. Designed to bolt together without any specialty tools or welding, our prefabricated platforms are the perfect versatile access solution.

Critical shutoffs and valves are often used infrequently and tend to be located in hard-to-reach areas to maintain clear facility space for other operational demands. Accessing them poses potential fall and accident risks. However, ErectaStep prefabricated platforms offer a solution to mitigate this risk.

ErectaStep prefabricated platforms provide a simple way of reaching necessary valves, controls and equipment without interfering with other operations. That means, with the help of Northern Platforms and ErectaStep, your maintenance personnel can easily traverse your facility, perform repairs, and avoid obstacles without worrying about slips, trips, falls, or disruptions in production. 

Custom Access Problems Require Custom Solutions

At Northern Platforms, our highly experienced team can assist you with your prefabricated platform needs. Whether you require a straightforward access platform or a custom solution, we have the tools, stock, and expertise to help you. 

When it comes to outfitting your facility with a custom valve access solution, our team will visit your worksite, identify potential issues, and design a custom prefabricated platform solution to suit your facility and needs. We can even ensure the installation process is completely safe and efficient. With our innovative custom configuration tool, our team can even show you detailed schematics and an accurate quote so you can see your new valve access solution in a matter of minutes. 

So, whether your facility needs a new prefabricated platform valve access solution, a modular catwalk, or a set of crossover stairs for crossing a containment berm, Northern Platforms has the custom access solutions you need! 

Make Valve Access a Breeze Today!

Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep prefabricated platforms are in stock and ready to ship. So, if you’ve been looking for a rugged, modular, and easy-to-install valve access solution, contact us today and let our team help make your facility safer.