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Make Rooftop Access Effortless with Crossover Stairs

Whether you have a manufacturing facility, oil and gas loading operation, or an e-commerce warehouse, your facility needs a secure rooftop access system. At Northern Platforms, we understand the importance of access and fall protection; that’s why we carry industry-leading safe access, loading, and fall protection systems from manufacturers like SafeRack and ErectaStep.

Below, we will explain why your facility needs a rooftop crossover stair system and how our ErectaStep products can help. Continue reading to find out more! 

Why Rooftop Crossover Systems are Necessary 

Your maintenance personnel need safe access to your facility’s rooftop to service HVAC, ducting, piping, and AC unit systems. However, every rooftop is different, presenting unique challenges for your workers. Pipes, cables, changes in elevation, and parapets can be challenging to navigate around while at a height and even more complicated when carrying tools and equipment. 

Additionally, adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or strong winds can increase fall risks, creating slippery or obstructed surfaces and dangerous working conditions. Without the proper safe access solutions in place, you’re putting your employees at risk and not complying with strict OH&S/OSHA standards. While simple measures such as rooftop guardrails and swing gates can provide some fall protection, these measures aren’t enough on their own for many facilities. Fortunately, Northern Platforms has a better safe access solution–ErectaStep rooftop crossover stairs

Meet ErectaStep Crossover Stairs

When you need a safe access solution for your facility’s rooftop, trust Northern Platforms’ offering of ErectaStep crossover stairs. These incredibly versatile and customizable safe access solutions enable you to quickly clear obstacles without compromising safety. With numerous configurations available and ErectaStep’s ease of installation (no welding or specialty tools required), ensuring the safety of your maintenance personnel is a breeze. Here are a few other benefits of ErectaStep rooftop crossover stairs from Northern Platforms:

  • OSHA and OH&S Compliant: No matter the configuration, ErectaStep crossover stairs are built to comply with both OHSA and OH&S safety standards. 
  • Durable: Manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum (also available in galvanized, 304 stainless, or steel), these crossover stairs are built to last even the most challenging Canadian winters. At the same time, the reduced number of weld points adds additional strength to the entire unit. 
  • Modular Design: Each modular component can easily be reconfigured, enabling you to reuse these crossover stairs throughout your facility. This modular design also eliminates the need for custom fabrication, reducing overall costs.
  • Slip Resistant: The walking surface of these modular crossover stairs is stamped and features an aggressive serrated edge for better grip. Your staff can feel sure-footed even when working at a height. 

At Northern Platforms, our expert team can even help you design your custom rooftop crossover stairs. Using our digital real-time configuration tool, we can map out your crossover stairs, provide you with an accurate shop drawing and pad layout, and quote all within minutes. That way, we can be sure your rooftop crossover stairs will provide your personnel with the safe access they need to service your HVAC units, piping, and more!

Your Experts in Safe Access Equipment

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has been helping companies, both big and small, ensure their facilities and loading operations are as safe and efficient as possible. With our ErectaStep rooftop crossover stairs, we can ensure the safety of your workers even during routine maintenance services in the dead of winter. 

For our team to start designing a rooftop crossover stair that perfectly fits your facility, we need to visit your site. Contact us today to schedule your site assessment with one of Northern Platforms’ highly experienced team members or to learn more about our ErectaStep offering!