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Track Mounted Vs. Multi-Hatch Loading: Exploring Your Railcar Fall Protection Options

Trains and railcars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, when establishing a new railcar fall protection system or replacing an existing one, you’ll need a system flexible enough to accommodate every configuration that rolls into your operations. At the same time, your railcar fall protection system should also enable you to efficiently load and unload the cars while protecting your workers from potential hazards. 

At Northern Platforms, our highly experienced team can help you determine the best options for your railcar fall protection needs. Let us explain more below… 

Questions to Ask Regarding Your Railcar Loading/ Fall Protection System

While Northern Platform’s expert team can help you determine which railcar fall protection system will best suit your needs, we require substantial data regarding your operations to ensure we recommend the best option for your facility. When searching for a new fall protection and loading system for your railcar operations, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you working with an owned railcar fleet, or are your customers sending you their cars?
  • How many railcars are you loading/unloading at any given time?
  • How many tracks are in the work area?
  • Is your rail track curved or straight?
  • Do you need an adaptable system? 

These are just a few questions the Northern Platforms team will use to understand your railcar fall protection needs better. Ultimately, a site visit will help us determine your needs, challenges, and goals. So, if you’ve been looking at upgrading your fall protection system for your railcar loading operations, reach out to Northern Platforms and let our team check out your worksite in person! 

Custom Solutions for Unique Demands

As Western Canada’s leading distributor of safe access solutions, loading arms, and loading racks, Northern Platforms offers numerous solutions to meet your facility’s demands–including custom needs. No matter the industry you’re working in or the material you are transporting via rail, we can design a custom fall protection system to solve your operation’s unique challenges. With decades of experience, our team can fully integrate any new loading rack or platform into your existing system, enabling you to load/unload railcars faster, safer, and more efficiently. 

Let’s look at two railcar fall protection options Northern Platforms can help you design and install: 

Track-Mounted Railcar Loading Platforms

With SafeRack’s loading platforms and track-mounted gangways, Northern Platforms can add a fall protection system to your railcar loading operations, enabling you to load any size railcar. The track-mounted gangways slide horizontally along the loading platform, letting your employees easily access railcars at any point of the track system without moving the train. With a track-mounted gangway on railcar loading platform, you can see fast loading and unloading times, reduced equipment costs, and an improvement in your operation’s overall productivity. 

Multi-Hatch Railcar Loading Racks

The proper loading rack and safety cages can greatly reduce falls and slips during railcar loading operations, especially in multi-hatch applications with multiple load points. Northern Platforms’ inventory of SafeRack loading racks, safety cages, gangways, canopies, and loading arms can provide your operations with an extra layer of protection, making multi-hatch railcar loading a breeze. By increasing the safety net during multi-hatch railcar loading applications, your staff can work more efficiently and safely, directly impacting your bottom line. 

Ready to Partner with Northern Platforms? 

For more than 20 years, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s leading provider of safe access solutions, fall protection systems, and loading arms and racks. With our comprehensive inventory and expertise, we can help you design a railcar fall protection system that suits your facility’s unique needs.

Whether your site requires simply safety solutions such as derailers or wheel chocks or needs a complete fall protection and loading system revamp, Northern Platforms has you covered! 

Contact us today to learn more.