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Ensure Safety and Accessibility with Catwalk Platforms

Ensure Safety and Accessibility with Catwalk Platforms

Ensuring your employees can navigate obstacles or hazards securely is essential to maintaining a productive and safe work environment. This is where catwalk platforms from Northern Platforms come into play, providing a practical and efficient solution to enhance accessibility while minimizing safety risks. Below, we will explore typical applications for catwalk and crossover stairs, emphasizing the significance of these platforms in various industrial settings. Keep reading to find out more!

The Importance of Safety and Accessibility

Industrial catwalks and crossover stairs are essentially the same and are sometimes referred to as crossover ladders or platforms. These solutions play a critical role in improving safety and accessibility across numerous industrial settings. Workers naturally tend to take the shortest and simplest routes, often disregarding potential safety risks. By incorporating catwalk platforms in your facility, you create designated pathways that not only enhance safety but also make it easier for employees to access hard-to-reach areas.

Common Applications for Catwalk and Crossover Stairs

Industrial catwalks and crossover stairs are versatile access equipment that enables your crew to navigate your facility securely. While these safe access solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications, some of the most common applications include the following:

  1. Over Pipes: In many industrial facilities, pipelines and conduits are often elevated and can create obstacles. Catwalk platforms serve as a safe and efficient solution for workers to access these areas while ensuring their safety.
  2. Rooftops: Getting over HVAC and heating/cooling ducting systems on rooftops can be a challenge. Catwalk platforms provide an elevated path for employees to navigate these rooftop installations securely.
  3. Cable Trays and Instrumentation Lines: Industrial facilities often have an intricate network of cable trays and instrumentation lines. Catwalk platforms allow workers to access and maintain these systems with ease.
  4. Containment Berms: In settings where containment berms are in place for spill control, catwalk platforms offer a means to access and inspect these berms, ensuring they are in proper working order.

Customizable Catwalk Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we proudly offer ErectaStep industrial catwalk platforms that are both lightweight and customizable to fit your facility’s unique needs. These platforms are designed with simplicity in mind, making installation straightforward. But if you prefer a hassle-free installation, our team at Northern Platforms can handle the installation work for you!

Digital Customization Configuration

To ensure the optimal configuration for your catwalk platform, Northern Platforms offers the expertise of our team of safe access solution experts. They will visit your facility to identify potential challenges and design a catwalk platform tailored to your specific safety requirements. Using a digital customization configuration tool, we provide detailed blueprints of the access solutions we recommend so you can visualize the finished catwalk platform before installation and understand the final quote.

Catwalks, Gangways, Fall Protection and More

Catwalk platforms are crucial in enhancing safety and accessibility across various industrial applications. These platforms are essential for navigating numerous obstacles, such as pipes, rooftops, cable trays, and containment berms, ensuring your workers can perform their tasks securely.

Northern Platforms, with our customizable and easy-to-install catwalk solutions, is your trusted partner in elevating safety and accessibility in your industrial setting. Trust us to provide the right catwalk platform to meet your needs and enhance your facility’s safety.

Contact us today to learn more about installing an ErectaStep catwalk in your facility!

Ensure Leak-Free Biofuel and Chemical Transfers with Northern Platforms

Ensure Leak-Free Biofuel and Chemical Transfers with Northern Platforms

Handling hazardous chemicals demands precision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to safety. At Northern Platforms, we understand the critical importance of safe chemical transfers, which is why we stock high-quality and reliable loading arm systems. These systems are not only designed to facilitate the secure and efficient transfer of chemicals but also to minimize the risk to workers and the environment. Continue reading to learn more about our top loading arms, dry disconnects, and how Northern Platforms can ensure you have the right equipment for the job. 

An Emerging Industry: Biofuels

Before getting into the details of top chemical loading arms, let’s take a moment to understand biofuels. Biofuels, like biodiesel and renewable diesel, have gained prominence as environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. These fuels are derived from renewable sources like animal fats, vegetable oil, and waste restaurant grease. While they offer numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, they come with their own set of challenges. Safe and efficient handling of biofuels is crucial to maximize their advantages; fortunately, Northern Platforms is here to help!

The Role of Loading Arms

When handling biofuels or other chemicals, loading arms plays a pivotal role. These arms act as a bridge between fixed loading facilities and chemical tankers, ensuring the smooth and safe transfer of liquids and gases. Essentially, they are the unsung heroes of many industrial processes as they are designed to withstand harsh chemicals while still upholding stringent safety standards.

Additionally, chemical loading arms from Northern Platforms are available in various configurations to cater to specific loading requirements. Among these, top loading arms are designed for filling road or rail tankers from above. They use a manhole or fixed connections, like couplers, to establish a secure link between the loading facility and the tanker. High-quality swivel joints and precise loading arm balancing are the cornerstones of these arms’ design, enabling them to transfer chemicals safely and efficiently. 

Dry Disconnects and Loading Arms: The Perfect Pair

While chemical top loading arms provide exceptional safety and efficiency during fluid transfers, it’s important also to highlight the dry disconnect products that enable the transfer process to happen. At Northern Platforms, we stock a range of OPW Engineered Systems dry disconnects specifically engineered to enhance the safety and reliability of hazardous liquid transfers. Within our inventory, you’ll find four exceptional dry disconnect couplings, each with unique features and benefits. Below is a brief overview of how these couplings provide a shield against potential hazards during chemical transfers.

  • Drylok® – Exceptional Hazardous Liquid Transfer: Designed for the safe transfer of a wide range of hazardous and corrosive liquids, the Drylok® dry disconnect coupler excels in challenging loading-rack environments. Typical applications include handling acids, solvents and petrochemicals.
  • Kamvalok® – Virtually Eliminating Spillage: The OPW Kamvalok® Dry Disconnect stands out due to its unique poppet action, which virtually eliminates the spillage of residual liquid. Common applications include handling paint, inks, adhesives, petroleum products, and various chemicals. Kamvalok® offers a level of protection that is unmatched.
  • Epsilon™ – Unparalleled Efficiency: Epsilon™ Dry Disconnect Couplings are designed for efficiency and safety. Featuring an innovative double ball-valve system, Epsilon™ minimizes product loss while providing a reliable double shutoff mechanism. 
  • Twist-Lok™ – Easy and Efficient: OPW’s Twist-Lok™ is the latest addition to their range of Dry Disconnect Couplers. It offers user-friendly operation and simple handling, providing a quick, easy connection with minimal product loss. 

Installation and Maintenance Services

At Northern Platforms, our team doesn’t just stop at providing top-quality fall protection and access solutions. We also offer installation and routine maintenance services to ensure that your loading arm systems and gangways are operating in optimal condition. Moreover, our team is happy to visit your site or facility, assess your needs, and help you determine the best chemical top loading arm system for your specific application and facility. When you need expert support, Northern Platforms has you covered!

Your Source for Loading Arms and More!

The safe transfer of chemicals and biofuels is essential for protecting your workers, equipment, and the environment. Loading arms, especially chemical top loading arms, are instrumental in ensuring these transfers occur without incident. Northern Platforms provides top-of-the-line loading arms, fall protection, and safe access solutions prioritizing safety and efficiency. With our decades of experience and dedication to safety, our team ensures that you have the equipment you need to safely transfer chemicals with precision and care.

Contact Northern Platforms today and let our team help you determine the best possible loading arm system for your application. 

Why Quality Counts: Safe and Efficient Truck Access Platforms

Why Quality Counts: Safe and Efficient Truck Access Platforms

When it comes to ensuring the accessibility of elevated work areas around trucks, specialized equipment is essential. At Northern Platforms, we understand the unique challenges that companies face. That’s why we offer top-quality solutions and turnkey services to exceed your expectations. Our focus this time is on truck access platforms and how our approach, products, and expertise can make a difference in your operations. Keep reading to find out more! 

Why Invest in Quality Products

When it comes to investing in safe access solutions, opting for the cheaper solution can not only lead to risks but also may end up costing more in the long run. While these alternatives may seem attractive due to their lower upfront costs, the quality of these products speaks for themselves. A lower price tag often means compromises on the materials used in production, construction, and overall quality. All of which may cost you more when that access solution breaks down. 

At Northern Platforms, we proudly stock quality products from trusted manufacturers like SafeRack, typically built to withstand the rigour of numerous industrial applications. So, when investing in quality safe access solutions, plan for the future and invest in high-quality equipment that will give you a worthwhile long-term return on your investment (ROI). The enhanced safety and efficiency of your operations will ultimately lead to a healthier bottom line.

Truck Access Platforms for Diverse Needs

One of Northern Platforms’ top products is SafeRack’s SAS truck access platforms. The Self-Adjusting Stairs (SAS) access platform is engineered to provide employees with safe and efficient access to elevated work areas around trucks. They are built to articulate and self-level, accommodating varying heights of vehicles. So, regardless of whether you’re loading tanker trucks hauling biofuel or unloading manufacturing chemicals, the SAS truck access platform can ensure your team has secure access. 

Moreover, their one-piece stair design reduces welds, virtually eliminating failures. Despite their rugged construction, these platforms are easy to use, thanks to the spring counterbalance that requires minimal effort. Key features of the SAS truck access platform include:

  • Spring balanced lift and lower system for improved ergonomics
  • Positive locking system that protects drivers and operators
  • Plug-and-play setup for fast and easy installation
  • And more!

At Northern Platforms, we take a consultative approach, offering on-site visits to develop the right system for your needs. With expedited delivery, precision-built components, and custom solutions available, SafeRack’s truck access platforms provide a comprehensive solution for your truck loading and unloading needs.

Our Customer-First Approach

At Northern Platforms, our approach to building long-term relationships with our customers is based on the principles of understanding, personalization, and on-site engagement. While many companies rely solely on email or phone communication, we go the extra mile by visiting your site to gain a deeper understanding of your application. Our local, responsive staff can often be on-site the same day you reach out to us, ensuring a swift and personalized response. We’ve been in the business since 2002, and our experience speaks for itself.

By coming to your site, we not only garner a more in-depth understanding of your specific needs but also provide on-site education. This approach ensures that you not only get the right equipment but also know how to use it effectively. Combined with our installation and maintenance services, Northern Platforms ensures your site is safe, efficient, and easy to access, no matter the application. 

Your Source for Truck Access Platforms!

Ensuring safe and efficient access to elevated work areas around trucks is essential for the success of industrial and transportation operations. Northern Platforms’ inventory of SafeRack products offers a range of truck access platforms designed to provide reliable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our approach to building strong client relationships and our commitment to quality, safe access solutions ensure your operations are safe and efficient. Trust Northern Platforms for your truck access platform needs, and experience the difference yourself.

Contact our team for a quote today!

How the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage Makes Tanker Truck Access Safer

How the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage Makes Tanker Truck Access Safer

Tanker truck access platforms are a critical component of transportation industries, especially those dealing with potentially hazardous materials. These platforms ensure the safe and efficient loading and unloading of chemicals, fuels, and bulk products that require specialized handling. Northern Platforms, a leader in safety equipment, offers a groundbreaking solution to bolster safety and operational efficiency in this field: the SafeRack MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative, safe access solution!

The Foundation of Effective Safety Systems

At Northern Platforms, we believe in proactive safety measures; that’s why we provide onsite truck loading fall protection safety assessments. These assessments serve as the foundation for effective safety systems. Our team of experts can meticulously evaluate every component of your tanker truck loading platform system. This includes an overview of your safety cages, gangways, loading arms, and other equipment to ensure everything functions correctly and complies with local and national safety standards. By taking a proactive approach, Northern Platforms not only guarantees compliance but also contributes to the smooth continuity of your operations while maximizing the return on investment in your truck loading fall protection system. 

Introducing MaxRack: An Elevating Safety Cage System

In a sector where safety cannot be compromised, the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System from Northern Platforms stands out as an innovative, safe access solution. It distinguishes itself from the competition by being the sole elevating safety cage system that can be manually operated during power or air pressure loss. The system’s unique counterbalanced cage design and exclusive dual input gearbox ensure smooth operation and provide operators with the capability to raise and lower the cage when needed manually. Primarily used for accessing the tops of vehicles in bulk loading applications and accessing top hatches, the MaxRack ensures your workers have a safe environment when accessing these vehicles. 

Below is a short video of the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System in action during a railcar loading application.

Customization for Diverse Applications

One of the most advantageous features of the MaxRack system is its adaptability. At Northern Platforms, we offer a selection of standard safety cage configurations to cater to a wide range of applications. These numerous configurations make the MaxRack versatile for both tanker truck and railcar applications, as it can accommodate the distinct needs of various industries and vehicles. Additionally, the counterweighted design of the MaxRack minimizes the need for larger, more expensive drive components, ultimately reducing maintenance and repair costs

Power Options to Suit Your Requirements

At Northern Platforms, we offer two power options for the SafeRack MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage: pneumatic and electric drive, available in both single and three-phase options. This flexibility lets you choose the power source that best aligns with your specific operational demands. Whether you prefer the reliability of electric power or the versatility of pneumatic drives, the MaxRack has you covered!

Ensuring Safety and Durability

Safety, durability, and efficiency are non-negotiable when handling potentially hazardous materials in tanker truck applications. The MaxRack meets these requirements by being built with a robust foundation. It features galvanized steel column supports and lifting arms, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of numerous industries. Moreover, welding specifications meet or exceed industry standards for both carbon steel and aluminum, and the galvanizing process complies with recognized industrial standards. That means, with the MaxRack from Northern Platforms, loading and unloading tanker trucks is a safe and secure operation for the long term. 

Prioritize Safety and Efficiency with Northern Platforms

Tanker truck access platforms are vital for industries handling hazardous materials in bulk. Northern Platforms goes the extra mile by providing various power options and safety assessments to optimize your truck loading fall protection system for safety and efficiency.

Let Northern Platforms be your trusted source for comprehensive truck loading fall protection equipment. Contact our team today to find the right equipment for your facility and ensure a safe and accessible site.

The Applications and Advantages of Crossover Stairs 

The Applications and Advantages of Crossover Stairs 

At Northern Platforms, we understand the importance of providing reliable solutions that enable seamless operations in diverse work environments. Our ErectaStep modular crossover stairs are a versatile and customizable answer to many common challenges in industrial settings. Next, we will cover some typical applications for crossover stairs and the advantages of choosing ErectaStep. Continue reading to find out more about these innovative, safe access solutions!

Common Applications for Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairs, sometimes called catwalks, serve a wide range of applications across various industries. Often, they crisscross busy industrial facilities, providing access to essential machinery and workstations. Northern Platforms’ inventory of ErectaStep crossover stairs offers a secure pathway, allowing your workers to move safely and efficiently, even at elevated heights. Whether you’re looking to ensure safety, navigate obstacles, or improve workflow, ErectaStep has you covered! Below are three of the most common applications where these innovative safe access solutions shine:

  1. Rooftops and HVAC Access: For maintenance personnel, gaining access to rooftops and HVAC systems is a frequent task. ErectaStep offers a solution to surmount heating, cooling, and ducting systems, ensuring the safety of workers working at heights.
  2. Cable Trays and Instrumentation Lines: The industrial landscape is often a maze of cables and instrumentation lines. Northern Platforms’ crossover stairs make it easy to navigate over these obstacles, streamlining daily operations and reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Containment Berms: Safely crossing containment berms in industrial settings is essential for maintaining environmental and operational integrity. ErectaStep’s customizable designs adapt to the specific requirements of your facility, ensuring safety and navigability. 

ErectaStep: Versatility and Customization in One

One of the standout features of the ErectaStep crossover stairs is their versatility. These modular crossover stairs are designed to adapt to your facility’s unique needs and applications, offering several significant advantages:

  • Easy Assembly: ErectaStep’s lightweight aluminum components and modular design enable straightforward assembly without welding or special tools. With just a wrench, you can configure and install these stairs with ease (see more on this below).
  • Affordability: The modular design minimizes engineering costs, making ErectaStep a cost-effective solution for your facility’s access needs.
  • Compliance: ErectaStep crossover stairs are built to meet OSHA and OH&S safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment for your team, no matter how you configure them.
  • Durability: ErectaStep’s heavy-duty aluminum design minimizes weld points, enhancing the overall system’s strength and longevity.

At Northern Platforms, we understand that every industrial facility has unique needs. While ErectaStep’s versatile five-component design can accommodate numerous configurations, there are times when customization becomes essential. Whether you require tailor-made openings or contoured platforms to fit your precise requirements, our team is here to help.

To experience the seamless installation process of these crossover stairs and explore how they can enhance safety and accessibility in your facility, we encourage you to watch the short informative video below!

Simple Solutions for Big Problems

Northern Platforms‘ ErectaStep crossover stairs have redefined access solutions in industrial settings. With their adaptability, ease of assembly, compliance with safety standards, and customized options, they’re the perfect choice for enhancing safety and efficiency across various applications. Whether you need to navigate catwalks, access rooftops, or cross-cable trays, ErectaStep ensures your team can do so safely and efficiently.

Trust Northern Platforms to provide the ultimate solution for your facility’s access needs. Contact our team today to see for yourself how ErectaStep can enhance your worksite! 

Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

When it comes to ensuring the safety and accessibility of elevated work areas, having the right equipment is crucial. At Northern Platforms, we understand the unique challenges industries face and are dedicated to providing top-quality, safe access solutions that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. One such solution is our portable stairs, also known as mobile stairs, designed to enhance safety and productivity in elevated work environments. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Regarding fall protection, access solutions, and other safety equipment, taking shortcuts by opting for the quick and cheap option isn’t always the best solution. Cheaper mobile stairs may seem like a strategic choice due to their lower price tags, but they often compromise on materials, construction, and functionality to be the price they are. At Northern Platforms, we prioritize manufacturers like SafeRack and RollaStep, as their products are built to last and designed specifically for industrial applications where heavy-duty usage is expected. 

When searching for the perfect portable stairs, it’s crucial to steer clear of short-sighted solutions that focus solely on upfront savings. Investing in high-quality equipment means investing in the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Introducing MAUI Mobile Access Units

One of the standout solutions in Northern Platforms’ inventory is the MAUI (Mobile Access Unit – Industrial Model) from SafeRack. This portable truck and railcar access platform is designed to enhance safety and productivity. It’s built with durability in mind, with solid, no-flat tires, stainless locks for secure positioning, and a tested load capacity of 500 pounds. The MAUI is versatile and can be reconfigured in the field for various uses.

It’s also highly maneuverable, incredibly strong, and requires minimal maintenance. Whether you’re working with railcars or tanker trucks, the MAUI provides safe and ergonomic fall protection for elevated work areas. With features such as modular wheel configuration, the ability to convert it for other uses, and compliance with OSHA/ OH&S standards, the MAUI is a comprehensive portable stair solution that ensures the safety of your employees.

Your Source for Expert Installation and Maintenance

Northern Platforms doesn’t stop at providing top-quality equipment; we also offer expert installation services! Our team will visit your site to discuss your project, understand your requirements, and expertly pair the correct, safe access equipment to your application. From conceptual layouts to project execution, we are there every step of the way, ensuring that your equipment is installed in a safe and timely manner. We believe in a holistic understanding of your operation, ensuring that our solutions are not only tailored but also sustainable.

We also offer installation services to further guarantee the successful implementation of your equipment. However, our commitment to your safety doesn’t end with installation; we also provide routine equipment maintenance, including a detailed report on the work completed. Whether you need preventative maintenance on gangways, mobile stairs, or loading arms, available semi-annually or yearly, we have you covered!

Your End-to-end Partner

Prioritizing safety in industrial operations is not an option; it’s a necessity. With Northern Platforms’ mobile stairs and other access solutions, you can significantly enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency in your workplace. Our dedication to understanding your needs, providing top-quality equipment, offering expert installation, and ensuring regular maintenance sets Northern Platforms apart as a trusted partner in your journey toward a safer and more productive work environment.

Make the smart choice and invest in the safety of your team with Northern Platforms. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of MAUI portable stairs.