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Two SafeRack Products That Can Make Your Cement Operations Safer

Two SafeRack Products That Can Make Your Cement Operations Safer

With the warmer temperatures comes the busy season for cement, asphalt, concrete, and fly ash operations. The last thing your business needs during peak season is a job site accident or injury to derail or stop production. Fortunately, with the proper safe access solutions, such as truck access platforms and safety cages, you can reduce the chances of an accident and ensure productivity. This is where Northern Platforms, with our comprehensive inventory of SafeRack products, can help! Let us explain further below… 

Challenges in Cement Loading and Unloading

When loading and unloading cement trucks, there are several unique challenges and risks, especially regarding fall protection and truck access. In particular, high cycle rates, oversized and multi-truck configurations, multiple hatches, and nonstandard hatch opening orientations are a few factors that impact your operation’s efficiency and workers’ safety.

Since cement operations typically involve loading/unloading materials from a height, there is also a significant fall risk. One way to ensure the safety of your employees is to utilize a truck access platform or gangway, as well as a safety cage from Northern Platforms. Our offering of SafeRack gangways and cages provides a safe, enclosed walkway for your personnel to use when navigating between different levels, while the safety cage prevents them from slipping or falling off the edge. That way, not only are you improving the safety of your operations but also enhancing efficiency as your staff does not have to worry about working in potentially unsafe conditions. 

At Northern Platforms, we recommend two critical safe access solutions for our customers in the cement industry–the SafeRack G4 Series Offset Cage and SAS Gangway. Let’s explore these truck access platform components below: 

G4 Series Offset Cage

This innovative and durable safety cage was explicitly designed for the cement industry. The G4 Series Offset Cage features flared and tapered rungs, enabling the lid to have a full range of motion even while the equipment is in a working position. At the same time, the design of this safety cage ensures that it and the truck access platform it’s connected to will not have any interference when lowered on top of your cement trucks. 

Like all SafeRack products, the G4 Series Offset Cage is manufactured with safety and longevity in mind. It is made with heavy-duty aluminum, advanced manufacturing techniques, and robotic welding to ensure its capabilities in demanding high-cycle applications. With the G4’s versatility to be a left or right offset, this is the perfect safety cage for any cement, asphalt, or dry ash operations. 

SAS Gangway 

When you need an easy-to-use and extremely rugged truck access platform, the SAS Gangway should be your first choice. Built to articulate and self-level, it can easily accommodate a variety of truck heights, with a working range of 40° below and 45° above horizontal. With extra-strong tube designs for safety cage mounting, a one-piece stair design, and reduced weld points, this truck access platform is built to last even in the most challenging applications. 

Available at Northern Platforms in 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″ widths and numerous lengths, the SafeRack SAS gangway is an excellent truck access platform option for operations handling cement, asphalt, or trucks of varying sizes. 

Ready to Invest in Safety?

Northern Platforms can help you make your worksite safer by retrofitting your cement truck loading system with the SAS gangway or outfitting your operations with both the SAS platform and G4 Series safety cage. With our team’s help and our turnkey services, Northern Platforms can ensure that your operations are safe and efficient, no matter the material or vehicles you’re loading/unloading.

Contact our team today to learn more about our offering of truck access platforms and safety cages or to find out about our other safe access and fall protection solutions that could benefit your cement operations.