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Looking for a Custom Flatbed Loading Solution? Meet the MP Rolling Stairs

Looking for a Custom Flatbed Loading Solution? Meet the MP Rolling Stairs

Without the right equipment, flatbed loading can be dangerous for truck operators and nearby personnel. At Northern Platforms, we can help you reduce the risk of injury or accident during these difficult applications. With our inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs and work platforms, we will surely find the proper access solution for your application.

Next, we will tell you about the RollaStep MP Series and how it can make flatbed loading much more accessible. Keep reading to find out more! 

Introducing the MP Series: Features and Design

Northern Platforms proudly carries a comprehensive inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs and mobile work platforms. In particular, the MP Series is a highly mobile work platform that offers uncompromising safety as it combines the workspace and stability of a fixed platform with the mobility of a rolling stair.

The MP Series can safely accommodate multiple operators alongside their parts and equipment with a large 9’x3’ work platform, powder-coated handrails, and full-size 45° rise stair stringer. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum and OSHA-compliant, the MP Series from Northern Platforms is a versatile and well-built piece of access equipment that can make loading, unloading, maintenance and more that much easier.

Versatile, Configurable, and Customizable

While the MP Series offers exceptional safety and engineering, there are even more benefits to these rolling stairs. For instance, the removable handrails allow you to cantilever the end handrail or remove an entire side to access flatbed trailers or reach over an obstruction. The handrails can be quickly slid in and out of place without tools, allowing your team to reconfigure these rolling stairs as needed. 

Northern Platforms can customize your MP rolling stairs completely for your unique needs. So whether you need a cantilever platform with angled handrails during aircraft applications or padded bumpers to prevent damage to equipment or trailers, Northern Platforms has you covered! 

Flatbed Fall Protection with Custom Rolling Stairs

Speaking of customized access solutions, we often see one configuration for the MP Series at Northern Platforms: an extra long length with no handrails on one side specifically for flatbed loading applications. As mentioned, the MP Series rolling stairs can be customized for flatbed applications. This unit provides truck operators the ease and safety of loading and securing their cargo before continuing their travels. The locking 8” swivel casters make moving the unit a breeze, while the safety yellow powder-coated handrails ensure visibility. So, if your loading bay works with flatbed trucks day in and day out, consider investing in a custom MP Series rolling stair and take the safety and efficiency of your operations up a step. 

Your Source for Preventative Maintenance and More

Aside from our wide inventory of industry-leading safe access solutions, loading arms, gangways and more, Northern Platforms also offers preventative maintenance services. Our knowledgeable team is trained to perform complete maintenance on each type of equipment we sell. This means that if your manufacturer’s manual says your rolling stairs require semi-annual or annual maintenance, our team is here to help!

We can even work with you to develop a custom maintenance schedule, including detailed work completed reports, that meets your facility’s and equipment’s needs. With replacement parts available and preventative maintenance support, Northern Platforms is your source for safe access solutions and more! 

The Safe Access Solutions You Need Close to Home

Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is your Western Canadian source for safe access solutions, loading arms, fall protection and more. Contact us to get a quote on an MP Series rolling stair from RollaStep or to learn more about our equipment maintenance services!

Together, let’s make your operations safer and more efficient.

Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

Elevate Site Safety to New Heights with Northern Platforms’ Mobile Stairs

When it comes to ensuring the safety and accessibility of elevated work areas, having the right equipment is crucial. At Northern Platforms, we understand the unique challenges industries face and are dedicated to providing top-quality, safe access solutions that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. One such solution is our portable stairs, also known as mobile stairs, designed to enhance safety and productivity in elevated work environments. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Regarding fall protection, access solutions, and other safety equipment, taking shortcuts by opting for the quick and cheap option isn’t always the best solution. Cheaper mobile stairs may seem like a strategic choice due to their lower price tags, but they often compromise on materials, construction, and functionality to be the price they are. At Northern Platforms, we prioritize manufacturers like SafeRack and RollaStep, as their products are built to last and designed specifically for industrial applications where heavy-duty usage is expected. 

When searching for the perfect portable stairs, it’s crucial to steer clear of short-sighted solutions that focus solely on upfront savings. Investing in high-quality equipment means investing in the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Introducing MAUI Mobile Access Units

One of the standout solutions in Northern Platforms’ inventory is the MAUI (Mobile Access Unit – Industrial Model) from SafeRack. This portable truck and railcar access platform is designed to enhance safety and productivity. It’s built with durability in mind, with solid, no-flat tires, stainless locks for secure positioning, and a tested load capacity of 500 pounds. The MAUI is versatile and can be reconfigured in the field for various uses.

It’s also highly maneuverable, incredibly strong, and requires minimal maintenance. Whether you’re working with railcars or tanker trucks, the MAUI provides safe and ergonomic fall protection for elevated work areas. With features such as modular wheel configuration, the ability to convert it for other uses, and compliance with OSHA/ OH&S standards, the MAUI is a comprehensive portable stair solution that ensures the safety of your employees.

Your Source for Expert Installation and Maintenance

Northern Platforms doesn’t stop at providing top-quality equipment; we also offer expert installation services! Our team will visit your site to discuss your project, understand your requirements, and expertly pair the correct, safe access equipment to your application. From conceptual layouts to project execution, we are there every step of the way, ensuring that your equipment is installed in a safe and timely manner. We believe in a holistic understanding of your operation, ensuring that our solutions are not only tailored but also sustainable.

We also offer installation services to further guarantee the successful implementation of your equipment. However, our commitment to your safety doesn’t end with installation; we also provide routine equipment maintenance, including a detailed report on the work completed. Whether you need preventative maintenance on gangways, mobile stairs, or loading arms, available semi-annually or yearly, we have you covered!

Your End-to-end Partner

Prioritizing safety in industrial operations is not an option; it’s a necessity. With Northern Platforms’ mobile stairs and other access solutions, you can significantly enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency in your workplace. Our dedication to understanding your needs, providing top-quality equipment, offering expert installation, and ensuring regular maintenance sets Northern Platforms apart as a trusted partner in your journey toward a safer and more productive work environment.

Make the smart choice and invest in the safety of your team with Northern Platforms. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of MAUI portable stairs. 

Advantages of Investing in Modular Access Platforms

Advantages of Investing in Modular Access Platforms

Across manufacturing, oil and gas, truck loading, and numerous other industries, modular access platforms have been providing workers with a safe, reliable, and durable means of quickly navigating worksites and facilities. These safe access solutions are critical pieces of fall prevention equipment to ensure your worksite complies with local and national safety standards.

At Northern Platforms, our team is committed to providing outstanding safe access solutions. Our offering of modular access platforms is built to last even through the most challenging environments. So regardless of your industry, Northern Platforms will surely have the access solutions you need to ensure your workers are safe. Below we’ll take a closer look at some of the advantages of Northern Platforms’ modular access platforms. Continue reading to find out more!

Customizable to Fit Your Facility

One of the most significant advantages of ErectaStep’s modular access platforms is their versatility. These platforms offer increased safety and efficiency for your workers and can also be customized to fit your facility’s exact needs. At Northern Platforms, our team can visit your facility and custom design an ErectaStep modular access platform with our digital design tool. This tool also provides an accurate quote and diagram of how your access platform will look, so you can be sure your modular access platform will be a perfect fit. Moreover, ErectaStep modular access platforms are simple to install. Regardless of the obstacles or hazards present in your facility, you can ensure efficient access by utilizing modular access platforms from Northern Platforms.

Industry-Leading Quality

ErectaStep is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular safe access solutions. Their pre-engineered modular access platforms are manufactured with robotic welding machines equipped with the latest laser cutting technology. This combination of technology and quality manufacturing means that ErectaStep’s modular access platforms are built to last. For decades, ErectaStep’s modular access platforms have worked hard to ensure that worksites are safe, accessible, and efficient. At Northern Platforms, we take pride in our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like ErectaStep; that’s why Northern Platforms is your premier Western access solutions distributor.

Access to Expert Support

When you require safe access solutions like modular access platforms, you need expert support from Northern Platforms. At Northern Platforms, our team is here to help you determine the best access solutions for your unique applications. Our experts can even visit your worksite to identify potential challenges your facility may be dealing with and then offer possible solutions for you to choose from. From custom modular access platform configurations to installation support, preventative maintenance and more, Northern Platforms proudly provides a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions to ensure your worksite is safe and accessible. So when you’re ready to improve the safety and efficiency of your facility, Northern Platforms is prepared to help!

Modular Access Platforms and More from Northern Platforms!

Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is proud to be Western Canada’s preferred access solutions expert. Our comprehensive access and loading solutions inventory includes industry-leading brands like ErectaStep, RollaStep, SafeRack, OPW and more! If you’ve been searching for safe, efficient, and reliable access solutions for your facility, Northern Platforms is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our offering of modular access platforms and our numerous other access solutions.

Choose Northern Platforms for Your Railcar Fall Protection

Choose Northern Platforms for Your Railcar Fall Protection

Are you looking to improve your current railcar fall protection strategy? Are you unsure what equipment would be best suited for your operations? Northern Platforms is here to help! With decades of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to determine the best railcar fall protection system for your unique worksite. As Western Canada’s premier distributor of SafeRack, YellowGate and more, Northern Platforms can ensure your site is safe and compliant with OHSA and OH&S standards. Next, we’ll discuss further railcar fall protection and some of the solutions that we offer! Continue reading to learn more.

Factors that Influence Your Fall Protection

Regardless of your industry, fall protection is critical for keeping your staff safe and remaining compliant with OSHA and OH&S standards. Regarding railcars, numerous things can influence how your fall protection strategy should be implemented. Likely you are already aware that railcars range in length, height, and crash box sizes. These factors must be considered when planning your fall protection strategy. In addition, the load carried by the railcars you’re working with may also influence your fall protection. For instance, transporting Hydrogen as ammonia in railcars requires particular handling standards to transport it safely; your fall protection system must be aware of that. The team at Northern Platforms is here to help you with your railcar fall protection! Our experts can check out your site and discuss your protection to help determine the optimal fall protection system and safe access solutions you need to keep your staff safe and have your operations remain compliant with safety regulations.

Options for Your Railcar Fall Protection

As mentioned previously, several factors influence the nature of your railcar fall protection. With those factors in mind, utilizing high-quality, innovative equipment is essential to make your operation safe and accessible. In addition, to secure access solutions like loading racks and platforms, Northern Platforms also offers several options for access equipment that can improve your fall protection strategy. Some options include the following:

  • Safety cages and access gangways
  • Complete fall protection solutions
  • Dry disconnect fittings
  • Spill containment solutions
  • Tracking gangway systems
  • Operator buildings
  • Safety showers
  • Loading arms
  • Railyard safety equipment such as flags, wheel chocks, and more!

Regardless of your current railcar protection system, Northern Platforms is here to ensure that your site is safe and compliant with local safety regulations. Our team can map out the best railcar fall protection plan for your operations and provide you with the necessary high-quality and reliable equipment.

Your Source for Fall Protection and More!

Northern Platforms has been a leading provider of YellowGate, SafeRack, ErectaStep and more for over two decades! We are a family-owned and operated company that strives to provide our customers with the best access and safety solutions. No matter what industry you’re working in or what your railcars are transporting, Northern Platforms is sure to have the railcar fall protection equipment you need! Ready to learn more about our offering of fall protection or our other safe access solutions? Contact us today!