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Looking for a Custom Flatbed Loading Solution? Meet the MP Rolling Stairs

Without the right equipment, flatbed loading can be dangerous for truck operators and nearby personnel. At Northern Platforms, we can help you reduce the risk of injury or accident during these difficult applications. With our inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs and work platforms, we will surely find the proper access solution for your application.

Next, we will tell you about the RollaStep MP Series and how it can make flatbed loading much more accessible. Keep reading to find out more! 

Introducing the MP Series: Features and Design

Northern Platforms proudly carries a comprehensive inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs and mobile work platforms. In particular, the MP Series is a highly mobile work platform that offers uncompromising safety as it combines the workspace and stability of a fixed platform with the mobility of a rolling stair.

The MP Series can safely accommodate multiple operators alongside their parts and equipment with a large 9’x3’ work platform, powder-coated handrails, and full-size 45° rise stair stringer. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum and OSHA-compliant, the MP Series from Northern Platforms is a versatile and well-built piece of access equipment that can make loading, unloading, maintenance and more that much easier.

Versatile, Configurable, and Customizable

While the MP Series offers exceptional safety and engineering, there are even more benefits to these rolling stairs. For instance, the removable handrails allow you to cantilever the end handrail or remove an entire side to access flatbed trailers or reach over an obstruction. The handrails can be quickly slid in and out of place without tools, allowing your team to reconfigure these rolling stairs as needed. 

Northern Platforms can customize your MP rolling stairs completely for your unique needs. So whether you need a cantilever platform with angled handrails during aircraft applications or padded bumpers to prevent damage to equipment or trailers, Northern Platforms has you covered! 

Flatbed Fall Protection with Custom Rolling Stairs

Speaking of customized access solutions, we often see one configuration for the MP Series at Northern Platforms: an extra long length with no handrails on one side specifically for flatbed loading applications. As mentioned, the MP Series rolling stairs can be customized for flatbed applications. This unit provides truck operators the ease and safety of loading and securing their cargo before continuing their travels. The locking 8” swivel casters make moving the unit a breeze, while the safety yellow powder-coated handrails ensure visibility. So, if your loading bay works with flatbed trucks day in and day out, consider investing in a custom MP Series rolling stair and take the safety and efficiency of your operations up a step. 

Your Source for Preventative Maintenance and More

Aside from our wide inventory of industry-leading safe access solutions, loading arms, gangways and more, Northern Platforms also offers preventative maintenance services. Our knowledgeable team is trained to perform complete maintenance on each type of equipment we sell. This means that if your manufacturer’s manual says your rolling stairs require semi-annual or annual maintenance, our team is here to help!

We can even work with you to develop a custom maintenance schedule, including detailed work completed reports, that meets your facility’s and equipment’s needs. With replacement parts available and preventative maintenance support, Northern Platforms is your source for safe access solutions and more! 

The Safe Access Solutions You Need Close to Home

Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is your Western Canadian source for safe access solutions, loading arms, fall protection and more. Contact us to get a quote on an MP Series rolling stair from RollaStep or to learn more about our equipment maintenance services!

Together, let’s make your operations safer and more efficient.