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Choose Northern Platforms for Your Railcar Fall Protection

Are you looking to improve your current railcar fall protection strategy? Are you unsure what equipment would be best suited for your operations? Northern Platforms is here to help! With decades of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to determine the best railcar fall protection system for your unique worksite. As Western Canada’s premier distributor of SafeRack, YellowGate and more, Northern Platforms can ensure your site is safe and compliant with OHSA and OH&S standards. Next, we’ll discuss further railcar fall protection and some of the solutions that we offer! Continue reading to learn more.

Factors that Influence Your Fall Protection

Regardless of your industry, fall protection is critical for keeping your staff safe and remaining compliant with OSHA and OH&S standards. Regarding railcars, numerous things can influence how your fall protection strategy should be implemented. Likely you are already aware that railcars range in length, height, and crash box sizes. These factors must be considered when planning your fall protection strategy. In addition, the load carried by the railcars you’re working with may also influence your fall protection. For instance, transporting Hydrogen as ammonia in railcars requires particular handling standards to transport it safely; your fall protection system must be aware of that. The team at Northern Platforms is here to help you with your railcar fall protection! Our experts can check out your site and discuss your protection to help determine the optimal fall protection system and safe access solutions you need to keep your staff safe and have your operations remain compliant with safety regulations.

Options for Your Railcar Fall Protection

As mentioned previously, several factors influence the nature of your railcar fall protection. With those factors in mind, utilizing high-quality, innovative equipment is essential to make your operation safe and accessible. In addition, to secure access solutions like loading racks and platforms, Northern Platforms also offers several options for access equipment that can improve your fall protection strategy. Some options include the following:

  • Safety cages and access gangways
  • Complete fall protection solutions
  • Dry disconnect fittings
  • Spill containment solutions
  • Tracking gangway systems
  • Operator buildings
  • Safety showers
  • Loading arms
  • Railyard safety equipment such as flags, wheel chocks, and more!

Regardless of your current railcar protection system, Northern Platforms is here to ensure that your site is safe and compliant with local safety regulations. Our team can map out the best railcar fall protection plan for your operations and provide you with the necessary high-quality and reliable equipment.

Your Source for Fall Protection and More!

Northern Platforms has been a leading provider of YellowGate, SafeRack, ErectaStep and more for over two decades! We are a family-owned and operated company that strives to provide our customers with the best access and safety solutions. No matter what industry you’re working in or what your railcars are transporting, Northern Platforms is sure to have the railcar fall protection equipment you need! Ready to learn more about our offering of fall protection or our other safe access solutions? Contact us today!