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Advantages of Investing in Modular Access Platforms

Across manufacturing, oil and gas, truck loading, and numerous other industries, modular access platforms have been providing workers with a safe, reliable, and durable means of quickly navigating worksites and facilities. These safe access solutions are critical pieces of fall prevention equipment to ensure your worksite complies with local and national safety standards.

At Northern Platforms, our team is committed to providing outstanding safe access solutions. Our offering of modular access platforms is built to last even through the most challenging environments. So regardless of your industry, Northern Platforms will surely have the access solutions you need to ensure your workers are safe. Below we’ll take a closer look at some of the advantages of Northern Platforms’ modular access platforms. Continue reading to find out more!

Customizable to Fit Your Facility

One of the most significant advantages of ErectaStep’s modular access platforms is their versatility. These platforms offer increased safety and efficiency for your workers and can also be customized to fit your facility’s exact needs. At Northern Platforms, our team can visit your facility and custom design an ErectaStep modular access platform with our digital design tool. This tool also provides an accurate quote and diagram of how your access platform will look, so you can be sure your modular access platform will be a perfect fit. Moreover, ErectaStep modular access platforms are simple to install. Regardless of the obstacles or hazards present in your facility, you can ensure efficient access by utilizing modular access platforms from Northern Platforms.

Industry-Leading Quality

ErectaStep is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular safe access solutions. Their pre-engineered modular access platforms are manufactured with robotic welding machines equipped with the latest laser cutting technology. This combination of technology and quality manufacturing means that ErectaStep’s modular access platforms are built to last. For decades, ErectaStep’s modular access platforms have worked hard to ensure that worksites are safe, accessible, and efficient. At Northern Platforms, we take pride in our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like ErectaStep; that’s why Northern Platforms is your premier Western access solutions distributor.

Access to Expert Support

When you require safe access solutions like modular access platforms, you need expert support from Northern Platforms. At Northern Platforms, our team is here to help you determine the best access solutions for your unique applications. Our experts can even visit your worksite to identify potential challenges your facility may be dealing with and then offer possible solutions for you to choose from. From custom modular access platform configurations to installation support, preventative maintenance and more, Northern Platforms proudly provides a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions to ensure your worksite is safe and accessible. So when you’re ready to improve the safety and efficiency of your facility, Northern Platforms is prepared to help!

Modular Access Platforms and More from Northern Platforms!

Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is proud to be Western Canada’s preferred access solutions expert. Our comprehensive access and loading solutions inventory includes industry-leading brands like ErectaStep, RollaStep, SafeRack, OPW and more! If you’ve been searching for safe, efficient, and reliable access solutions for your facility, Northern Platforms is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our offering of modular access platforms and our numerous other access solutions.