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What Equipment Does Your Flatbed Truck Loading Fall Protection System Need?

The best time to invest in a fall protection system for your truck-loading operations is before an accident occurs. Whether your facility has experienced an accident previously or you’re taking a proactive approach to fall protection, Northern Platforms is here to help. For over 20 years, Northern Platforms has been a leader in distributing safe access solutions, fall protection systems, loading arms, and more. Next, we’ll cover two pieces of equipment that can significantly improve your flatbed truck loading fall protection system. Continue reading to find out more!

Overhead Tarping Systems

One of the most common ways employees get injured is when they’re working around flatbed trucks and attempting to cover a load with a tarp. Without the proper truck loading fall protection in place, workers will often try to climb onto flatbed trailers to complete their duties. This puts them at serious risk of fall injuries. To best prevent falls in the first place, it’s critical to remove access barriers that prevent your workers from safely doing their jobs.

While an overhead tarping system may not seem like your typical truck-loading fall protection system, it’s a critical component of fall protection. An overhead tarping system from Northern Platforms provides your operations with a safer way to cover a flatbed trailer, as it eliminates the risk of climbing onto or walking on the flatbed itself. Instead, the operator would simply connect a tarp to a spreader bar suspended from an overhead track. Then by using a powered winch system and hand-held control, the operator can easily spread the tarp across the entire trailer without leaving the ground. So when considering truck loading fall protection equipment for your operations, remember to check out Northern Platforms’ overhead tarping systems.

Access Equipment

Numerous safe access solutions can provide a safer working area and efficient access for your flatbed trucks. For instance, Northern Platform’s SafeRack rolling platforms are a great option as they provide a safe walking surface beside your flatbed trailers while loading. To use these rolling platforms, your driver will back their flatbed between two platforms, which are then effortlessly moved into place against the side of the trailer. Your workers can then use the platform to reach the trailer level rather than having to climb onto the flatbed, which could be unsafe. At Northern Platforms rolling platforms and many other types of truck-loading fall protection systems are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your fall protection needs! Let our team help you determine the best access equipment and flatbed fall protection system for your operations.

Your Source for Flatbed Truck Loading Fall Protection

No matter the type of truck loading fall protection systems you choose, your drivers, operators, and other staff need to know how to use that equipment properly. So make sure that you invest in the proper training. To establish the best safe access solutions and fall protection system for your worksite, don’t hesitate to partner with the industry experts at Northern Platforms. Our team can evaluate your site and needs and determine the best-flatbed truck loading fall protection system for your operations.

Ready to learn more about implementing a truck-loading fall protection system? Contact Northern Platforms today!