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Innovative Features that Make YellowGate Self-Closing Swing Gates Unmatched

Innovative Features that Make YellowGate Self-Closing Swing Gates Unmatched

Industrial safety gates are an often overlooked safe access solution. However, they are a crucial piece of safety equipment that can protect your workers and ensure OSHA compliance. At Northern Platforms, we carry a large inventory of YellowGate self-closing swing gates, perfect for a wide range of facilities and plants. Keep reading to learn more about these safety gates! 

Meet the YellowGate Self-Closing Swing Gate

At Northern Platforms, we carry a variety of safe access solutions that aren’t your typical safety equipment. For instance, our offering of Yellowgate self-closing swing gates is, in fact, a crucial safe access solution as it satisfies 1910.23 Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes OSHA requirements. However, many plant managers and facility owners may not realize this, leaving their crew members at a higher risk of a fall injury. 

The YellowGate self-closing swing gate is one of the most flexible gate products on the market. This gate can cover openings between 16” and 36” and is field adjustable with a simple wrench. The flexibility this self-closing swing gate offers not only keeps your facility safe and compliant but also can save you time and money. More on that later. 

Here are some of the outstanding features of the YellowGate self-closing swing gate:

  • Stainless-Steel Mounting Hardware
  •  Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Rust-Proof
  • Powder-Coated Safety Yellow
  • No Exposed Springs
  • Universal Mount for Easy Installation
  • Includes Stainless-Steel Mounting Kit and Tension Adjustment Tool

Versatile Mounting for All Applications

As hinted, the YellowGate self-closing swing gate can save you time and money. How? Well, since no facility or worksite is identical, you’ll need several safety gates across various locations and attached to many different surfaces. Since this self-closing swing gate comes with a universal mounting kit, it can be installed onto walls, square and round tubing, and angle iron in parallel and perpendicular positions. No welding, cutting, or drilling is required, so installation only takes a matter of minutes and a few hand tools. With this versatility, you can repeatedly use the YellowGate self-closing swing gate across many applications, saving you time and money. 

Adjustable Swing Direction for Ease of Use

Compared to other self-closing swing gates available, Northern Platforms’ YellowGate swing gates are unlike the competition. These gates are designed to be as easy to adjust as possible. Say, for instance, you need to change the swing direction. With the YellowGate self-closing swing gate, doing so is as simple as changing the position of one bolt. 

Additionally, the YellowGate safety swing gate can be opened to a maximum angle of 108° in either direction. This flexibility and ease of use means you are not limited in where or how you use this gate. At Northern Platforms, we keep a large inventory of the YellowGate self-closing swing gates. If you’d like a bulk order or need a new gate as soon as possible, we have you covered! 

Expert Support with Turnkey Installation and Maintenance Services

Aside from our comprehensive inventory of safe access solutions from trusted manufacturers like ErectaStep, YellowGate, SafeRack, and RollaStep, we also offer turnkey installation and maintenance services

When it comes to our installation services, our team will come to your site to discuss your specific needs and projects. Then, we will use our decades of experience to match the right set of equipment to your application. From conceptual layouts and scope development to quotes, project execution and installation, Northern Platforms is here to help you every step of the way. 

On the other hand, our maintenance services are available semi-annually or yearly. The Northern Platforms team will even work with you to develop a custom maintenance schedule and plan to ensure the operational functionality of your equipment. Our team can perform complete preventative maintenance services on all the equipment we supply.

With detailed work reports included, Northern Platforms is your source for expert turnkey services.  

Your End-to-End Partner

Are you ready to add a YellowGate self-closing swing gate to your facility or plant? Then don’t wait! At Northern Platforms, we have plenty of inventory in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today to place your order and make your workplace even safer this year.

How Safety Swing Gates Enhance Safety in Manufacturing Facilities

How Safety Swing Gates Enhance Safety in Manufacturing Facilities

In addition to the standard outfitting of a warehouse or manufacturing facility, there are many upgrades and extras that can be installed. Some provide better access, others maximize usable space, and some are essential for additional safety. One such integral upgrade is custom swing safety gates from Northern Platforms. Next, we will review some benefits and applications of safety swing gates from Northern Platforms. Keep reading to find out more.

Benefits of Safety Swing Gates

Safety swing gates provide passive fall protection for personnel working at heights, reducing the risk of injury or worse outcomes. This upgrade is commonly installed to supplement the safety of conveyor crossover stairs, working platforms, crossover platforms, factory crossover stairs, rolling stairs, loading platforms and more. Below we will cover some of the manufacturing settings safety swing gates can be used in and the key ways they enhance the work area while keeping your staff safe.

Reduced Risk in Busy or Elevated Locations

Whether in a warehouse or another workspace, there will always be areas that pose a higher risk of slips and falls. These areas include rooftops, catwalks, ladder tops, and elevated platforms. By having a custom safety swing gate from Northern Platforms in those places, you can reduce the risk of slips and falls significantly and simply. Not to mention, by doing so, you also make your employees safer, more comfortable and, therefore, more efficient.

Enhanced Foot Traffic Safety Around Machinery

Mostly but not only applicable to manufacturing facilities, safety swing gates are also essential for separating foot traffic from moving machinery. In addition, safety swing gates are needed whenever factory crossover stairs are installed. So regardless if your application is for bypassing manufacturing machinery or other obstacles, Northern Platforms’ safety swing gates from YellowGate provide enhanced safety and security.

Improved Ladder and Elevator Access and Protection

Your employees climbing a ladder or using an elevator to access equipment or other items poses a safety hazard. However, with the proper precautionary measures, you can mitigate that hazard. In the case of an elevator, safety swing gates can prevent workers from stepping into the shaft of the unit and prevent items within the elevator from falling over while in use. In the case of a ladder, a safety swing gate from Northern Platforms prevents workers from accidentally walking directly into the opening of the ladder. In both cases, our YellowGate swing gates protect your employees from fall accidents.

Increased Security and Access Restriction

In addition to being a valuable safety feature, safety swing gates can serve as barriers to restricted areas, thus protecting your equipment and wares from access by unauthorized personnel or visitors. In summary, Northern Platforms’ safety swing gates have various uses and are a valuable and often essential addition to any manufacturing facility.

YellowGate Safety Swing Gates from Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is proud to partner with customers in the rail, trucking and transport, marine, oil & gas, forestry and related heavy industries to ensure they have access to the safety equipment that makes achieving their daily operations as safe and efficient as possible. Our first priority is, and always will be, supplying you with quality, safe access solutions and services you can count on when it matters most. From products from top brands like YellowGate, ErectaStep, RollaStep and more to turnkey services and preventative maintenance, Northern Platforms has your site safety needs covered. Contact us today to learn more!

Are Industrial Safety Gates Necessary for Your Operations?

Are Industrial Safety Gates Necessary for Your Operations?

There are many misconceptions regarding the necessity of industrial safety gates. Luckily, our team of safe access solution experts at Northern Platforms is here to help clear things up! Industrial safety gates are an underutilized piece of safety equipment that many businesses and facilities should invest in. There are several reasons why a worksite may not use industrial safety gates; however, at Northern Platforms, our team makes it easy to invest in these critical pieces of equipment. Below we’ll tell you about industrial safety gates, why they are necessary, and Northern Platform’s inventory of YellowGate industrial safety gates. Continue reading to learn more!

What is an Industrial Safety Gate?

Industrial safety gates are standard pieces of safety equipment used in numerous facilities across multiple industries. However, industrial safety gates are frequently overlooked. This often occurs because businesses and operations are unaware of these products, unsure how to use them in their facilities, or unprepared to invest in these safe access solutions. No matter the reason, industrial safety gates are essential for ensuring your facility is safe for your employees. Overall industrial safety gates are critical safe access solutions that prevent falls from ladder openings, loading docks, elevated walkways and more.

Are Industrial Safety Gates Necessary?

According to OHSA and OH&S regulations, industrial safety gates are required only in specific situations. For instance, your facility requires industrial safety gates around elevated walkways and with guardrail systems. Moreover, industrial safety gates are a great and necessary addition to any fall protection system. However, if you’re looking for Northern Platforms‘ expert advice on the matter, our answer is simple, yes! Why? Well, a physical barrier like an industrial safety gate will always be a better option than relying on human diligence. People make mistakes, get tired and forget, or become distracted, and that’s when job site accidents are most likely to occur. By utilizing a self-closing industrial safety gate from Northern Platforms, you can rest assured that your staff will be safe while on the job.

Industrial Safety Gates from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we are your Canadian source for YellowGate industrial safety gates. YellowGate manufactures lightweight, self-closing industrial safety gates that are incredibly versatile for nearly every facility application. These gates can be adjusted in swing direction and length. Moreover, they feature a universal mounting system, so you can use YellowGate industrial safety gates almost anywhere! In addition, setting up and dismantling these industrial safety gates is as simple as removing a few bolts. So when your facility requires an industrial safety gate that is versatile and easy to use, trust Northern Platforms to have YelloGate industrial safety gates in stock and ready to ship!

Safe Access Solutions and More

Northern Platforms is proud to be a leading distributor of safe access solutions like industrial safety gates. In addition to our inventory of YellowGate safety gates, Northern Platforms also distributes safe access solutions from RollaStep, ErectaStep, OPW, and more! Back by a team of safe access solution experts, Northern Platforms is your source for top-quality and high-performance safe access solutions and fall protection systems.

Contact us today to learn more about our offering of YellowGate industrial safety gates or another one of our safe access solution products!

Do I Need a Self-Closing Safety Swing Gate?

Do I Need a Self-Closing Safety Swing Gate?

Understanding whether or not your facility requires a self-closing safety swing gate can be challenging to determine. However, Northern Platforms is here to help! Our team of safe access solution experts understands how complicated safety standard regulations can be. Still, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your facility complies with OHSA/ OH&S standards. Next, we’ll get into self-closing safety swing gates from YellowGate, and how to determine if your site needs one. Continue reading to find out more!

What is a Swing Gate?

Self-closing safety swing gates have been around for a long time; however, many facilities aren’t using them. The reason for this? It can be a combination of factors such as lack of planning, product knowledge, availability, cost, and more. Whatever the reason, not having self-closing safety swing gates in your facilities leaves your workers unprotected.

Self-closing safety swing gates are a vital piece of safe access equipment that help prevent falls from mezzanines, elevated walkways, ladder openings, stair openings, loading docks, and other areas. These gates are self-closing, which aids in ensuring entrances and exits are blocked off when not in use, and you can use them to help control traffic at ground level. It’s worth noting that self-closing safety swing gates are required to comply with OSHA/ OH&S regulations, but more on that below.

What are the Safety Standards?

So what do the OSHA/ OH&S regulations say about self-closing safety swing gates? Well, it’s important to remember that these regulations are typically a little vague in their wording to be applicable across numerous industries. Essentially OHSA / OH&S states that in specific situations, such as around elevated walkways or in conjunction with guardrail systems, worksites should use safety swing gates as a part of their fall protection systems. From a best practices perspective, a physical barrier is always better than relying on human diligence because people make mistakes, get tired, and get distracted, and that’s when accidents happen.

So should your facility utilize self-closing safety swing gates? At Northern Platforms, the answer is simple, YES!

Your Source for Self-Closing Safety Swing Gates

At Northern Platforms, we are proud to partner with YellowGate to provide our customers with the equipment they need to maintain a safe working environment. YellowGate self-closing safety swing gates are versatile as they can be adjusted in length and swing direction, and they feature a universal mounting system. These safety swing gates are constructed from lightweight aluminum. They are powder-coated safety yellow for better visibility and rust-proofing. With setup and takedown as simple as removing a couple of bolts, YellowGate’s self-closing safety swing gates are a simple way to ensure your employees’ safety and to be compliant with OHSA/ OH&S standards. Overall self-closing safety swing gates from YellowGate are an excellent safe access solution.

Safe Access Solutions at Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our team is proud to be Western Canada’s top choice for fall protection and safe access solutions. We have a large inventory of safe access solutions like self-closing safety swing gates for almost every industry and application. Our team can assist you in determining the best solution for your facility! Ready to learn more about our offering of YellowGate self-closing safety swing gates? Contact Northern Platforms today!

3 Common Applications for Industrial Safety Gates

3 Common Applications for Industrial Safety Gates

Industrial safety gates are a commonly overlooked aspect of safe access solutions and fall protection equipment. While many workers and safety managers interact with these safety gates daily, few people know their numerous safety benefits, applications, and features. At Northern Platforms, we are here to help you ensure your site or facility is safe and accessible. Below we’ll discuss some of the typical applications for industrial safety gates from YellowGate and some of their features and benefits. Continue reading to find out more!

Don’t Skip Out on Safety

Today’s safety standards, compared to years past, are more strict than ever, and for a good reason! Proper safety routines for your facility or worksite, along with the correct equipment, is vital to preventing countless accidents and even worse, a fall or an injury. Fall protection combined with catwalks, work platforms, loading racks, rolling stairs, and similar equipment can dramatically reduce falling accidents. An effective means of passive fall protection are industrial safety gates. In addition to preventing accidents, industrial safety gates or swing gates also promote a work culture focused on safety and completing the job with minimal errors. Workers who are given a safe work environment are often more efficient and productive. Below are a few typical applications for industrial safety gates:

1) Rooftops

If your employees need to cross your facility’s rooftop safely, you need the proper fall protection. Industrial safety gates are a great passive fall protection option that provides your site with a dependable barrier for rooftop access. This handy equipment can give you peace of mind and dramatically reduce the risk of falling injuries. Industrial safety gates from YellowGate are an ever-growing popular option for most commercial and industrial rooftops. They provide easy and safe access and can be adjusted to fit almost anywhere!

2) Ladder Openings

Unprotected ladder openings are the fault of countless OH&S and OHSA violations every year. Falling accidents are almost inevitable without proper fall protection and safety measures around ladder openings, and you are liable for any facility-related injuries or accidents. YellowGate industrial safety gates are self-closing and straightforward to add to any ladder opening. They also provide your workers with the protection they need without getting in the way of their productivity.

3) Walkways or Catwalks

Like rooftop access and ladder openings, walkways and industrial catwalks can significantly benefit from using industrial safety gates. YellowGate industrial safety gates are adjustable from 16″ to 36″ and come with the hardware to mount the gate to almost anything! You can add them to any gangway, walkway, or catwalk system. They’re easy to install and adjust and improve your team’s ability to safely and efficiently navigate your facility.

Industrial Safety Gates at Northern Platforms

Ready to add a few industrial safety gates to your facility or worksite? The team at Northern Platforms is prepared to help! Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is pleased to provide our customers with high-quality and innovative safe access solutions such as YellowGate safety gates, ErectaStep modular platforms, and much more. Our team can visit your site to determine the best safe access solutions for your applications, workers, and budget. Contact us today to learn more about safety swing gates and how Northern Platforms can create an outstanding safe access solution for your facility.