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3 Common Applications for Industrial Safety Gates

Industrial safety gates are a commonly overlooked aspect of safe access solutions and fall protection equipment. While many workers and safety managers interact with these safety gates daily, few people know their numerous safety benefits, applications, and features. At Northern Platforms, we are here to help you ensure your site or facility is safe and accessible. Below we’ll discuss some of the typical applications for industrial safety gates from YellowGate and some of their features and benefits. Continue reading to find out more!

Don’t Skip Out on Safety

Today’s safety standards, compared to years past, are more strict than ever, and for a good reason! Proper safety routines for your facility or worksite, along with the correct equipment, is vital to preventing countless accidents and even worse, a fall or an injury. Fall protection combined with catwalks, work platforms, loading racks, rolling stairs, and similar equipment can dramatically reduce falling accidents. An effective means of passive fall protection are industrial safety gates. In addition to preventing accidents, industrial safety gates or swing gates also promote a work culture focused on safety and completing the job with minimal errors. Workers who are given a safe work environment are often more efficient and productive. Below are a few typical applications for industrial safety gates:

1) Rooftops

If your employees need to cross your facility’s rooftop safely, you need the proper fall protection. Industrial safety gates are a great passive fall protection option that provides your site with a dependable barrier for rooftop access. This handy equipment can give you peace of mind and dramatically reduce the risk of falling injuries. Industrial safety gates from YellowGate are an ever-growing popular option for most commercial and industrial rooftops. They provide easy and safe access and can be adjusted to fit almost anywhere!

2) Ladder Openings

Unprotected ladder openings are the fault of countless OH&S and OHSA violations every year. Falling accidents are almost inevitable without proper fall protection and safety measures around ladder openings, and you are liable for any facility-related injuries or accidents. YellowGate industrial safety gates are self-closing and straightforward to add to any ladder opening. They also provide your workers with the protection they need without getting in the way of their productivity.

3) Walkways or Catwalks

Like rooftop access and ladder openings, walkways and industrial catwalks can significantly benefit from using industrial safety gates. YellowGate industrial safety gates are adjustable from 16″ to 36″ and come with the hardware to mount the gate to almost anything! You can add them to any gangway, walkway, or catwalk system. They’re easy to install and adjust and improve your team’s ability to safely and efficiently navigate your facility.

Industrial Safety Gates at Northern Platforms

Ready to add a few industrial safety gates to your facility or worksite? The team at Northern Platforms is prepared to help! Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is pleased to provide our customers with high-quality and innovative safe access solutions such as YellowGate safety gates, ErectaStep modular platforms, and much more. Our team can visit your site to determine the best safe access solutions for your applications, workers, and budget. Contact us today to learn more about safety swing gates and how Northern Platforms can create an outstanding safe access solution for your facility.