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Are Industrial Safety Gates Necessary for Your Operations?

There are many misconceptions regarding the necessity of industrial safety gates. Luckily, our team of safe access solution experts at Northern Platforms is here to help clear things up! Industrial safety gates are an underutilized piece of safety equipment that many businesses and facilities should invest in. There are several reasons why a worksite may not use industrial safety gates; however, at Northern Platforms, our team makes it easy to invest in these critical pieces of equipment. Below we’ll tell you about industrial safety gates, why they are necessary, and Northern Platform’s inventory of YellowGate industrial safety gates. Continue reading to learn more!

What is an Industrial Safety Gate?

Industrial safety gates are standard pieces of safety equipment used in numerous facilities across multiple industries. However, industrial safety gates are frequently overlooked. This often occurs because businesses and operations are unaware of these products, unsure how to use them in their facilities, or unprepared to invest in these safe access solutions. No matter the reason, industrial safety gates are essential for ensuring your facility is safe for your employees. Overall industrial safety gates are critical safe access solutions that prevent falls from ladder openings, loading docks, elevated walkways and more.

Are Industrial Safety Gates Necessary?

According to OHSA and OH&S regulations, industrial safety gates are required only in specific situations. For instance, your facility requires industrial safety gates around elevated walkways and with guardrail systems. Moreover, industrial safety gates are a great and necessary addition to any fall protection system. However, if you’re looking for Northern Platforms‘ expert advice on the matter, our answer is simple, yes! Why? Well, a physical barrier like an industrial safety gate will always be a better option than relying on human diligence. People make mistakes, get tired and forget, or become distracted, and that’s when job site accidents are most likely to occur. By utilizing a self-closing industrial safety gate from Northern Platforms, you can rest assured that your staff will be safe while on the job.

Industrial Safety Gates from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we are your Canadian source for YellowGate industrial safety gates. YellowGate manufactures lightweight, self-closing industrial safety gates that are incredibly versatile for nearly every facility application. These gates can be adjusted in swing direction and length. Moreover, they feature a universal mounting system, so you can use YellowGate industrial safety gates almost anywhere! In addition, setting up and dismantling these industrial safety gates is as simple as removing a few bolts. So when your facility requires an industrial safety gate that is versatile and easy to use, trust Northern Platforms to have YelloGate industrial safety gates in stock and ready to ship!

Safe Access Solutions and More

Northern Platforms is proud to be a leading distributor of safe access solutions like industrial safety gates. In addition to our inventory of YellowGate safety gates, Northern Platforms also distributes safe access solutions from RollaStep, ErectaStep, OPW, and more! Back by a team of safe access solution experts, Northern Platforms is your source for top-quality and high-performance safe access solutions and fall protection systems.

Contact us today to learn more about our offering of YellowGate industrial safety gates or another one of our safe access solution products!