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Do I Need a Self-Closing Safety Swing Gate?

Understanding whether or not your facility requires a self-closing safety swing gate can be challenging to determine. However, Northern Platforms is here to help! Our team of safe access solution experts understands how complicated safety standard regulations can be. Still, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your facility complies with OHSA/ OH&S standards. Next, we’ll get into self-closing safety swing gates from YellowGate, and how to determine if your site needs one. Continue reading to find out more!

What is a Swing Gate?

Self-closing safety swing gates have been around for a long time; however, many facilities aren’t using them. The reason for this? It can be a combination of factors such as lack of planning, product knowledge, availability, cost, and more. Whatever the reason, not having self-closing safety swing gates in your facilities leaves your workers unprotected.

Self-closing safety swing gates are a vital piece of safe access equipment that help prevent falls from mezzanines, elevated walkways, ladder openings, stair openings, loading docks, and other areas. These gates are self-closing, which aids in ensuring entrances and exits are blocked off when not in use, and you can use them to help control traffic at ground level. It’s worth noting that self-closing safety swing gates are required to comply with OSHA/ OH&S regulations, but more on that below.

What are the Safety Standards?

So what do the OSHA/ OH&S regulations say about self-closing safety swing gates? Well, it’s important to remember that these regulations are typically a little vague in their wording to be applicable across numerous industries. Essentially OHSA / OH&S states that in specific situations, such as around elevated walkways or in conjunction with guardrail systems, worksites should use safety swing gates as a part of their fall protection systems. From a best practices perspective, a physical barrier is always better than relying on human diligence because people make mistakes, get tired, and get distracted, and that’s when accidents happen.

So should your facility utilize self-closing safety swing gates? At Northern Platforms, the answer is simple, YES!

Your Source for Self-Closing Safety Swing Gates

At Northern Platforms, we are proud to partner with YellowGate to provide our customers with the equipment they need to maintain a safe working environment. YellowGate self-closing safety swing gates are versatile as they can be adjusted in length and swing direction, and they feature a universal mounting system. These safety swing gates are constructed from lightweight aluminum. They are powder-coated safety yellow for better visibility and rust-proofing. With setup and takedown as simple as removing a couple of bolts, YellowGate’s self-closing safety swing gates are a simple way to ensure your employees’ safety and to be compliant with OHSA/ OH&S standards. Overall self-closing safety swing gates from YellowGate are an excellent safe access solution.

Safe Access Solutions at Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our team is proud to be Western Canada’s top choice for fall protection and safe access solutions. We have a large inventory of safe access solutions like self-closing safety swing gates for almost every industry and application. Our team can assist you in determining the best solution for your facility! Ready to learn more about our offering of YellowGate self-closing safety swing gates? Contact Northern Platforms today!