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Need Stairs for Your Job Site Trailer? Northern Platforms has You Covered! 

For your construction site, facility, or worksite to be OSHA-compliant, you need the right access equipment. Fortunately, this is where Northern Platforms can help! With our years of experience and knowledgeable team, Northern Platforms can help you find the proper safe access solutions for your site. One such piece of equipment often overlooked is portable stairs for temporary job site trailers. Next, we will tell you more about our portable stairs offering. Keep reading to find out more! 

Meet the ErectaStep Portable Steel Stairs

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has been your source for access solutions from trusted manufacturers like ErectaStep. Amongst ErectaStep’s product offerings is its line of OSHA- and IBC-compliant portable stairs. These rugged, powder-coated stairs are manufactured from galvanized steel and feature adjustable legs, making them perfect for interior and exterior applications.

For instance, if your job site trailer, temporary waste bin, or office trailer requires sturdy and reliable stairs for easy access, the ErectaStep portable stairs are a great option. With permanent and custom configurations available, these portable stairs are an excellent choice for construction sites, industrial facilities, waste management sites, and more! 

Features Worth Investing In

Like all ErectaStep products, their portable stairs come standard with safety-enhancing features such as large, slip-resistant platforms and field-adjustable telescopic legs. These platforms are available in 4’x6′ or 4’x4′ sizes and can have steps attached to any side. If you require a portable stair with steps on the front or two sides, the ErectaStep portable stairs have you covered!

Available in sizes ranging from 28″ (71cm) to 63″ (160cm) high, these portable stair units can be adapted for nearly any terrain, making them a great option for worksites across Canada. At Northern Platforms, we carry a comprehensive inventory of the ErectaStep portable stairs in stock and ready to ship. So, when you need one of these units, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and make accessing your job site trailer one step safer. 

Below is a quick spec overview of the two models of the ErectaStep portable stairs available at Northern Platforms: 

IBC & OSHA Compliant Models

  • For commercial and residential applications
  • 4’x6′ Platform
  • Heavy Duty Platform with 100 psf (pounds per square foot) load requirements
  • Balusters with 4″ (102mm) spacing

OSHA Compliant Models

  • For industrial use applications only
  • 4’x4′ Platform
  • Medium Duty Platform with 50 psf (pounds per square foot) load requirements
  • Handrails with standard balusters 

Caring for Our Community

In addition to serving our fellow businesses with turnkey services, safe access and loading solutions, Northern Platforms also gives back to our community. Over the years, we have proudly partnered with and sponsored numerous community organizations and initiatives to show support and care for the community in which we live and work. Some of our most recent sponsorships and initiatives include:

  • Platinum Sponsor for Harry Ainlay Titans High School Senior Football Program
  • Sponsorship for Tee it Up for Mental Health Golf Tournament
  • Gold Sponsor for the Cameron Daye Memorial Golf Invitational
  • Donations to the Stollery Hospital
  • Donations to the Alberta Cancer Foundation
  • And more!

At Northern Platforms, we believe we are only as strong as the communities we work in, so we are committed to giving back. 

Get a Quote Today!

With over two decades of experience under our belts and a commitment to our communities, Northern Platforms is your source for quality access solutions, turnkey services, and more. If your worksite would benefit from a set of ErectaStep portable stairs, contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about how the Northern Platforms team can support your business.