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What are the Benefits of Loading Arms

Is your team in need of safe loading solutions that make it easy to transport difficult cargo like liquids, hydrocarbons, gasses, crude oil, and more? Loading arms are a fantastic alternative to hoses that allow for high efficiency and superior performance. Northern Platforms is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of loading solutions manufactured by industry leaders like SafeRack, OPW Engineered Systems, Emco Wheaton and many others. Below, we’ll examine a few reasons to consider using loading arms and the benefits they offer. Read on to learn more!

What Are Loading Arms?

Loading arms are designed to act as highly efficient, self-supporting loading systems that allow you to safely transfer fluids and gases from storage tanks to mobile tankers suitable for transport by road, rail, or sea. There are numerous types of loading arms, including top and bottom loading arms, and marine loading arms. Each loading arm has multiple applications and is a frequent asset to those in numerous business sectors including oil & gas, chemical/petrochemical, agriculture, aviation, construction, food and beverage, mining and much more. Because of their wide range of use, loading arms have multiple benefits to your loading/unloading operation. Core advantages to using loading arms include:

Enhanced Safety

One of the most beneficial attributes of loading arms is that they are designed to perform operations as safely as possible. Whether you select a top or bottom loading arm, both help to reduce the risk of tripping over hoses, or running into issues while hauling equipment across flooring by leaving your loading and unloading areas clear. Loading arms are also designed to minimize leakage, which keeps both your floors safe from slip hazards and reduces the chance of cross-contamination.


Without the proper equipment in place, loading and unloading equipment can put significant strain on your resources, leading to increased strain and faster deterioration. Loading arms are lower maintenance than hoses and, unlike hoses, which need to be hydro-tested each year (meaning you always need a backup), you won’t have to worry about constantly pulling your loading arms out of commission for repairs and maintenance.

Ease of Use

If you’re tired of hauling hoses across your facility time after time, loading arms are a fantastic alternative. Our units are designed to be spring counterbalanced and ergonomic, allowing them to easily assist with your operations with minimal difficulties. Instead of having to constantly adjust around your equipment, you can rest assured that loading arms are able to adapt to your needs instead.

In addition, loading arms can handle the needs of repetitive tasks with little to no issues, avoiding costly wear and tear over time.

Find Loading Arms and More At Northern Platforms Today

Ready to supercharge your loading and unloading operation? Northern Platforms carries a wide range of loading and unloading arms from top manufacturers like OPW and Emco Wheaton. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and services all throughout Western Canada.