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Use Swing Gates to Complete Your Safe Access Systems

Suppose your industrial plant site, warehouse or manufacturing facility uses access platforms, loading racks, or catwalks. In that case, you may still be missing one more vital piece of safety equipment– swing gates! Swing gates or safety gates from Northern Platforms can improve your workplace’s overall safety and complete your fall protection and safe access system. Self-closing swing gates from YellowGate are a great option and come with many benefits that make them stand out against the competition. Below we’ll cover some typical applications for safety gates and how their adjustable design is beneficial for your worksite. Continue reading to find out more!

Make Safety a Priority

As industries have developed and grown, safety standards have become increasingly more stringent. Utilizing high-quality fall protection and safe access solutions in your facility can ensure that your operations are safe for your workers and compliant with today’s safety standards. Swing gates are crucial to your fall protection and safe access solution strategy. They act as a passive protective measure to keep your crew safe. Below are a few applications where swing gates are best used:

Rooftop Access

Regardless of your employees’ tasks while up on your facility’s roof, you must have the proper fall protection in place. Swing gates or safety gates are a piece of equipment that can benefit your rooftop fall protection system by providing your staff with easy access without compromising on their safety. Since swing gates act as a barrier, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re utilizing a safe access solution that reduces the risk of fall accidents.

Secure Ladder Usage

Unprotected ladder entries are an all too common OH&S and OSHA violation that many operations choose to ignore. Without the proper safety equipment and procedures, the risk of fall-related accidents significantly increases. Northern Platforms’ line of self-closing swing gates can improve the safety of your facility by providing a necessary barrier between your workers and other equipment.

Protection on Walkways

Swing gates, railings, and industrial catwalks are great ways to create a safe and navigable path for your employees. Using all three together, you can custom fit your safe access equipment to suit your facility. YellowGate products are modular, so you can easily design a walkway that works for your team and facility while being compliant with local safety standards.

Swing Gate Solutions at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is proud to be Western Canada’s premier choice for fall protection and safe access solutions as a family-run, Canadian-owned and operated company. Our wide range of inventory is perfect for the rail, marine, forestry industries and beyond. Our team of experts can assist you in mapping out the ideal access solutions for your facility so you can have a custom fit. With various partnerships with trusted brands like YellowGate, ErectaStep, RollaStep and more Northern Platforms, you will surely have the solutions you need to keep your workers and facilities safe. Northern Platforms looks forward to helping you improve safety and accessibility on your site. Contact our team today if you’re interested in learning more about safety swing gates.