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Swing Gates and More at Northern Platforms

Need a safeguard that keeps your workers in place and enhances the overall efficiency of your workplace? Swing gates are one of the most widely used safety tools used on industrial, retail, warehousing, and related job sites, and for good reason. Thanks to their effectiveness when it comes to serving as adequate fall protection, swing gates are a fantastic way to stay on top of OSHA & OH&S standards and mitigate hazards.

Northern Platforms is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of safe access solutions, including swing gates by Yellow Gate. If you’ve been looking for a reliable safeguard that makes elevated loading and unloading, as well as navigating gangways and related structures safe and efficient, it’s time to consider swing gates! Learn more about the benefits of metal swing gates below!

The Highest Level of Safety

At Northern Platforms, we believe that safety is paramount to successful operations, as well as keeping your crew happy and healthy on the job. Fall protection is one of the most vital aspects of on-site safety and helps minimize the risks associated with catwalks, platforms, loading platforms, rolling stairs, and related equipment. Swing gates serve as a passive form of fall protection by allowing individuals to pass through and perform their duties at higher levels, while also making sure they have stability and the last line of defense that prevents them from falling off.

Gates made by industry leaders like YellowGate offer unbeatable performance and have multiple benefits, including:

Strength And Durability

The best kind of safety equipment will be able to do its job today, but still, maintain effectiveness long down the line without degrading or breaking down. Since swing gates are a more passive form of fall protection, they’re able to maintain their performance for many years to come.


While there’s always a place for highly specialized safety equipment, the versatility offered by swing gates is a significant plus to any job site and affords you superior value thanks to the wide range of options available. Steel or aluminum gates can be used both inside and outside and are suitable to serve as access gates, facility restriction enforcement, and more.


Need gates that can be installed easily and fit your exact needs? YellowGate has you covered! Gates can easily be custom designed to meet your precise requirements and allow you to operate with confidence, no matter the scope of your operations and facility.

Swing Gates and More at Northern Platforms

Ready to swing to the front of the line for your customers? Northern Platforms is here to help! Located in Leduc, Alberta, our team is proud to offer clients across Western Canada access to leading products from manufactures like YellowGate, SafeRack (we are Western Canada’s exclusive distributor of SafeRack), and more. Contact us today to learn more about YellowGate solutions!