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Signs its Time to Invest in an Industrial Work Platform

Ensuring the safety, compliance, and productivity of your operations are just three aspects industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms can assist with. However, it can be challenging to determine if your facility requires an industrial work platform. Fortunately, our team is here to help! As your trusted Canadian supplier of ErectaStep and more, Northern Platforms understands some of the telltale signs that your operations could benefit from custom industrial work platforms. Below we will cover four situations that indicate its time to invest in industrial work platforms. Keep reading to find out more!

You Lose Productivity to Maneuvering Around Equipment or Obstacles

Many operations find that with standard ladders, step stools, or scaffolding, their staff lose production time by working against the limitations of the equipment. Often these types of equipment do not provide adequate overreach, or their innate structure prevents workers from accessing specific areas safely.

Fortunately, Northern Platforms has a solution! Our offering of industrial work platforms from ErectaStep can be customized to fit your application and operations perfectly, enhancing your operation’s productivity. That way, your staff have access to where they need to go and can safely reach other equipment or locations previously blocked by large machinery or obstacles.

Your Injury Rate is Higher Than the Industry Average

Suppose your operation’s injury rate is higher than average. In that case, an industrial work platform from Northern Platforms may help reduce or potentially eliminate some of those injuries. A high injury rate affects numerous aspects of your business, including increased absenteeism and workers’ compensation rates, decreased employee morale and potential fines. Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep industrial work platforms are OSHA and OH&S-compliant and can help prevent injuries, especially fall injuries from a height.

You Work with Expensive or Fragile Equipment

If your facility manufactures or works with high-value equipment, consider utilizing industrial work platforms. The cost of an industrial work platform from Northern Platforms is significantly less than the cost of fixing damaged equipment caused by improper upper-level access equipment. So protect your bottom line and equipment by investing in industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms.

Your Current Equipment Doesn’t Meet OSHA or OH&S Standards

Speaking of protecting your bottom line, when it comes to work platforms, the OSHA and OH&S regulations are more comprehensive than you may realize, and not being compliant can result in costly fines and injuries. Handrails, toeboards, materials, load ratings and structural design must conform to specific standards. If your facility is using makeshift equipment for access, you may not be in compliance. By using ErectaStep industrial work platforms from Northern Platforms, you can ensure you comply with OH&S and OSHA regulations and enhance your operations’ safety and productivity.

ErectaStep Industrial Work Platforms from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, finding a custom industrial work platform is simple! Our team of safe access solution experts can visit your facility and digitally craft a design drawing of your industrial work platform in minutes. That way, you know precisely how your ErectaStep platforms will fit into your operations, and you can also receive an accurate quote. In addition, Northern Platforms’ team can assist you from installation to maintenance and beyond! So when you need reliable and quality industrial work platforms, trust Northern Platforms and ErectaStep!

Contact us today to get started on building your custom industrial work platform!