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Railcar Safe Access Solutions At Northern Platforms

Depended on by multiple industries across the globe, rail transport is a highly efficient and cost-effective method of shipping that affords an increased load capacity compared to other vehicles, as well as a reliable turnaround time. From hopper cars transporting grains, to gondola cars carrying steel, coal & ore and to tankcars moving gasoline, diesel & propane all across the nation, railcars play an essential role in the shipping and hauling industry, making the safe loading and unloading of all rail units vital. With the average freight car weighing approximately 250,000 pounds, safe loading and unloading is integral. Northern Platforms is proud to be one of Canada’s top distributors of leading safe access equipment including platforms, gangways, loading arms, spill containment and more. Our team is committed to giving our customers access to unbeatable products, service and experience you can count on, and support when it matters the most!

With safety and efficiency at the heart of everything we do, Northern Platforms is here to make railcar loading simple. Below, we’ll explore how to safely load railcars, including how the products we carry help to offset the risks present when dealing with railcars, Read on to learn more!

Safety First

As we mentioned above, the sheer size & weight of a railcar alone makes having a safe loading solution necessary for everyone’s wellbeing, as well as for the sake of protecting your freight itself. Whether you are loading/unloading a single railcar at a time or loading/unloading multiple railcars, the loading and unloading system used should be optimized to work with your specific needs and applications.

Creating a safe area for railcar loading means having a wide variety of options in place, including safe access equipment / fall protection for operators ensuring that all equipment is up to date and in prime working order. Loading racks & loading platforms include many features that can increase the safety in your railcar operations, including:

  • Telescoping gangways with safety cages
  • Tracking gangway system to allow for railcar mis-spotting
  • Loading arms & dry disconnect fittings
  • Railcar track pans & spill containment
  • Operator buildings to provide your personnel protection from the elements
  • Railcar safety items like wheel chocks and blue flags
  • Canopies to protector your employees, equipment and product from the weather

Ensuring that such safety options are readily available will help to reduce the risk of falls and other dangerous accidents that can occur on industrial loading sites.

Railcar Solutions and More At Northern Platforms

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has offered our customers across Canada access to the top safe access equipment, loading racks, loading arms & spill containment solutions available on the market. Providing exceptional service alongside unbeatable products has always been our top priority, and has led to a reputation built on trust and reliability. Among our inventory, you’ll find products from industry leaders like SafeRack LLC (Northern Platforms is proud to be the exclusive dealer for SafeRack in both Alberta and BC), OPW Engineered Systems, Ultratech, Emco Wheaton, Scully and more. With a dedication to customer support and a team that’s always here to help you find the products you need when it matters most, you can count on Northern Platforms for all your safe access needs.

Learn more about our Railcar solutions as well as our extensive range of other items by contacting our team today!