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Railcar Loading Platform Solutions and More at Northern Platforms

Is your railcar loading or unloading operation set up for success? Looking for a way to increase your onsite safety while also boosting productivity? Northern Platforms has you covered. As one of Western Canada’s most trusted providers of safe access and loading solutions from top brands like SafeRack, OPW, Emco Wheaton and more, you can count on our team to help you create a custom system that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. Learn more about the benefits of finding loading solutions for your specific application, as well as our wide range of available products below!

Safety Matters

With strict OSHA and OH&S standards governing industrial worksites, it comes as no surprise that safety compliance is often one of the biggest concerns when it comes to designing a safe loading rack. While it can be easy to overlook details and to rush ahead, the simple reality is, implementing safety measures and utilizing equipment like gangways, loading arms, spill containment & other products drastically reduce the risks that are presented at loading & unloading racks. Each year countless avoidable accidents serve to remind us of the ever-present danger that comes with loading and unloading railcars, and the unique challenges presented by railcars make diligent precautions even more necessary.

Northern Platforms is proud to partner with industry leading manufacturers to offer best in class solutions such as:

Loading Platforms & Gangways

Railcars can tend to significantly vary from unit to unit, which can often make loading difficult without additional equipment in place. Loading platforms, which are typically equipped with tracking gangways to allow for miss spotting and variances in railcars allow you to provide the fall protection and safe access required to keep your employees safe at all time. Additional measures like safety showers, eye wash stations and platform task lighting help to facilitate easier access for crew members while reducing the chances of serious injury during loading/unloading.

Loading Arms

Want to supercharge your loading capabilities without compromising on performance or safety? Loading arms are your best bet. With both top and bottom loading arm available, overcoming the challenges typically posed when it comes to rail loading is easier (and faster) than ever!

Spill Containment

We understand that sometimes you can lose a few drips while loading or unloading your railcar, however you are required to contain those drips or spills. Northern Platforms is proud to bring a wide array of spill containment solutions from Ultratech International including railcar track pans!

Gangways, Rolling Stairs, and More

When it comes to safe access solutions, Northern Platforms is your first choice partner. Our inventory features a wide range of products suited for railcar loading, as well as multiple other applications. From the industrial sector to manufacturing, construction, marine, and everything in between, we have you covered. With nearly 20 years serving Western Canada under our belt, you can trust our team to partner with you to find the perfect solution today! Contact us now to learn more!