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Railcar Fall Protection Systems: What Equipment Makes for a Secure System?

Creating a railcar fall protection system that addresses your safety concerns and enhances your operations can be complicated without expert support. Luckily, Northern Platforms is here to help, as we specialize in railcar and truck loading access and fall protection solutions.

Next, we will tell you about some of the essential railcar fall protection components your railyard needs and how our team can help you create a system that ensures your crew’s safety while enhancing your bottom line. Keep reading to find out more! 

Essential Railcar Fall Protection Components

When setting up a railcar fall protection system, many components are required to ensure that your railyard is safe and compliant with local and national safety standards. At Northern Platforms, we’ve been helping railyards design their fall protection systems for over 20 years. Over the years, the following equipment and components have proven themselves time and time again to be essential, no matter the type of railcar or loading/unloading application. This includes:

  • Loading platforms and gangways
  • Spill containment berms and pans
  • Loading arms

While this is a short list, ultimately, the scope of your railcar fall protection depends on several factors, including the size of your railyard, types of railcars, and material being transported. At Northern Platforms, we have the inventory and expertise to help you determine what equipment and components are required to make your railcar loading/unloading applications safe, efficient, and compliant. 

Some Overlooked Components and Things to Consider

As mentioned previously, the scope of your railcar fall protection system will vary depending on several factors. Below are a few questions to consider, as they will help you and the Northern Platforms team narrow down your railcar fall protection options:

  1. How many railcars does your system need to access?
  2. What type of railcars are you working with?
  3. How many tracks are in your work area? Is the track straight or curved?
  4. Are the railcars always parked in the same location, or does their placement vary depending on whether the railcars are spotted / loaded or unloaded?
  5. How are you loading and unloading the railcar? With a loading arm, hose, or other means?
  6. What is your railcar spotting philosophy?

In addition to considering the above questions, it’s also essential not to overlook some lesser-known railcar fall protection tools and equipment, as they can make a difference in the safety and compliance of your railyard. These components may include safety cages, safety showers, wheel chocks, safety flags, derailers and rerailers, signage, and lighting. At Northern Platforms, we carry everything you need to establish a safe railcar fall protection system; let our team help you choose the right components for your operations. 

Your Source for Railcar Fall Protection Expertise

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s trusted source for safe access solutions, loading equipment, fall protection and more. With decades of experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and expertise to address your railcar fall protection needs.

Whether your railyard requires a fall protection system for a single car with a single hatch or multiple cars with multiple hatches or something in between, Northern Platforms has you covered! With a specialization in both railcar and truck loading applications, our team can custom create a fall protection system that not only ensures the safety of your crew but also enhances efficiency, keeps your railyard compliant, and improves your bottom line. So, when you need expert support, trust the pros at Northern Platforms!

Ready to Get Started?

To create the best possible railcar fall protection system for your operations, the team at Northern Platforms first needs to see what you’re currently working with, meaning we need to visit your site. Contact us to schedule a railcar fall protection system assessment with Northern Platforms. One of our team members will walk you through the process and help you narrow your options so your operations can function at their safest. Let’s get started today!