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Leading Swing Gate Solutions with Northern Platforms

Looking for the perfect addition to your onsite safety equipment? As an integral upgrade to loading platforms, rolling stairs, crossover platforms and more, swing gates play an important role in offering passive fall protection and reducing the overall risk to workers as they go about their daily routines. Northern Platforms is pleased to feature a wide selection of swing gates in our inventory, including top solutions from YellowGate, designed to offer superior performance and integration you can trust. Below, we’ll talk about just a few of the key ways swing gates enhance your job site and keep everyone safe. Read on to learn more!

Lower Risk in Key Areas

Regardless of the structure of your facility or your specific application, there are always areas that are at higher risk for slips and falls than others. Rooftops, ceiling catwalks, elevated platforms and other such spaces have a significantly increased danger quotient due to the inherent risk from higher levels, and thus having the right equipment in place is essential. Swing gates help to make sure your team always has something to watch on their back as they climb up high, giving everyone peace of mind.

Foot Traffic Protection

Job sites are busy, and with crew members coming and going as well as machinery moving back and forth with cargo, there’s always a risk for accidents to occur. Gates can be put in place as a guiding path for your team, helping to alleviate confusion and reduce the chance for incidences right from the get-go.

Perfect for Ladders and Elevators

Ladders and elevators are necessary if your facility requires workers to access different levels to get to equipment or resources, but they can also pose safety hazards without the right equipment present. Swing gates can keep everyone in place and keep your equipment secure at the same time, making sure everyone (and everything) is set up for success.

Asset Protection

Finally, gates aren’t just good for workers, they can also add an additional level of protection for equipment and machinery. Gates can be used as a deterrent to keep valuable items inaccessible and keep your job site safe after hours, avoiding costly losses and massive headaches along the way.

Swing Gate and Rolling Stair Solutions at Northern Platforms

As one of Western Canada’s top suppliers of safe access solutions, Northern Platforms is proud to offer an extensive inventory of swing gate and rolling stair solutions from leading manufacturers like YellowGate, ErectaStep, RollaStep and more. YellowGate swing gates are among the best available on the market and give you the opportunity to safely integrate their products with almost any set-up, allowing your team to focus on getting the job done with added peace of mind.

At Northern Platforms, we know that safety always comes first, and we’re here to make sure your team has everything it needs to succeed. From loading solutions to custom configurations, turn-key solutions, and more, Northern Platforms is your one-stop shop for safe access platforms, swing gates, and everything in between. Contact us today to learn more!