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How the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage Makes Tanker Truck Access Safer

Tanker truck access platforms are a critical component of transportation industries, especially those dealing with potentially hazardous materials. These platforms ensure the safe and efficient loading and unloading of chemicals, fuels, and bulk products that require specialized handling. Northern Platforms, a leader in safety equipment, offers a groundbreaking solution to bolster safety and operational efficiency in this field: the SafeRack MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative, safe access solution!

The Foundation of Effective Safety Systems

At Northern Platforms, we believe in proactive safety measures; that’s why we provide onsite truck loading fall protection safety assessments. These assessments serve as the foundation for effective safety systems. Our team of experts can meticulously evaluate every component of your tanker truck loading platform system. This includes an overview of your safety cages, gangways, loading arms, and other equipment to ensure everything functions correctly and complies with local and national safety standards. By taking a proactive approach, Northern Platforms not only guarantees compliance but also contributes to the smooth continuity of your operations while maximizing the return on investment in your truck loading fall protection system. 

Introducing MaxRack: An Elevating Safety Cage System

In a sector where safety cannot be compromised, the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System from Northern Platforms stands out as an innovative, safe access solution. It distinguishes itself from the competition by being the sole elevating safety cage system that can be manually operated during power or air pressure loss. The system’s unique counterbalanced cage design and exclusive dual input gearbox ensure smooth operation and provide operators with the capability to raise and lower the cage when needed manually. Primarily used for accessing the tops of vehicles in bulk loading applications and accessing top hatches, the MaxRack ensures your workers have a safe environment when accessing these vehicles. 

Below is a short video of the MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage System in action during a railcar loading application.

Customization for Diverse Applications

One of the most advantageous features of the MaxRack system is its adaptability. At Northern Platforms, we offer a selection of standard safety cage configurations to cater to a wide range of applications. These numerous configurations make the MaxRack versatile for both tanker truck and railcar applications, as it can accommodate the distinct needs of various industries and vehicles. Additionally, the counterweighted design of the MaxRack minimizes the need for larger, more expensive drive components, ultimately reducing maintenance and repair costs

Power Options to Suit Your Requirements

At Northern Platforms, we offer two power options for the SafeRack MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage: pneumatic and electric drive, available in both single and three-phase options. This flexibility lets you choose the power source that best aligns with your specific operational demands. Whether you prefer the reliability of electric power or the versatility of pneumatic drives, the MaxRack has you covered!

Ensuring Safety and Durability

Safety, durability, and efficiency are non-negotiable when handling potentially hazardous materials in tanker truck applications. The MaxRack meets these requirements by being built with a robust foundation. It features galvanized steel column supports and lifting arms, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of numerous industries. Moreover, welding specifications meet or exceed industry standards for both carbon steel and aluminum, and the galvanizing process complies with recognized industrial standards. That means, with the MaxRack from Northern Platforms, loading and unloading tanker trucks is a safe and secure operation for the long term. 

Prioritize Safety and Efficiency with Northern Platforms

Tanker truck access platforms are vital for industries handling hazardous materials in bulk. Northern Platforms goes the extra mile by providing various power options and safety assessments to optimize your truck loading fall protection system for safety and efficiency.

Let Northern Platforms be your trusted source for comprehensive truck loading fall protection equipment. Contact our team today to find the right equipment for your facility and ensure a safe and accessible site.