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Flexible Safety: Exploring the Benefits of Crossover Platforms

When it comes to managing safety on the job site, having the right equipment in place to navigate the specific challenges of your space. Rolling stairs and crossover platforms from ErectaStep are fantastic and versatile options that give your crew plenty of ways to navigate the workplace safely and efficiently. As one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of safe access and loading solutions, Northern Platforms is pleased to partner with customers in the oil & gas, mining, transportation, food & beverage and multiple other industries to ensure that you have everything you need to go about your work as safely as possible.

Northern Platforms is pleased to offer a wide selection of crossover and rolling stair options including top solutions from ErectaStep, which can also be paired with closing safety swing gates and fall protection for maximum performance. Below, we’ll discuss more about the key benefits of crossover platforms, as well as partnering with Northern Platforms. Read on to learn more!

Customization You Can Count On

No two job sites are the same, with different locations requiring varied solutions to work around your unique setup. Crossover platforms are one of the most versatile solutions available and offer you the opportunity to create the perfect fit for your exact space. Whether you need stairs that can go over heavy equipment or awkwardly placed piping etc, or just want the ability to configure with ease, ErectaStep platforms and rolling stairs are the perfect custom fit! Northern Platforms is happy to visit your site to come up with a custom plan and can generate 3D configurations instantly with the help of our technology to help you visualize things with accurate detail.

OSHA & OHS Compliant

OSHA and OH&S standards have strict rules about maintaining safety precautions on-site. Rolling platform ladders, especially when paired with self-closing swing gates offer superior protection compared to regular ladders and allow your crew to perform at elevated levels with minimized risk.


Crossover platforms manufactured by ErectaStep are extremely durable and built to withstand active use in high-traffic locations. When you need something that just keeps going, ErectaStep stairs and platforms have you covered.


Unlike other units that are stationary or difficult to move, rolling platforms can be easily relocated, giving you optimal ROI and performance you can count on in all areas of your business.

Rolling Platforms and more at Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our top priority is, and always will be making sure your team has access to the highest quality safe access solutions, including crossover and rolling stairs for your warehouse or job site. We’re proud to partner with leaders like ErectaStep and to stock a wide variety of their solutions in our inventory for your convenience.

For rolling step and platform options that are easy to use, built to last, and designed to give you the best return on your investment, contact Northern Platforms today!