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Safety and Accessibility in One with Industrial Catwalks

If you own an industrial facility, you understand the challenges of navigating a bustling warehouse, intricate manufacturing equipment, or an expansive oil and gas site. Each of these operations demands access and loading solutions that streamline movements while ensuring workers’ well-being. This is where industrial catwalks from Northern Platforms can help by transforming your business’s operations and elevating your safety standards. 

At Northern Platforms, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of industrial catwalks and work platforms from ErectaStep, designed to redefine safety, accessibility, and productivity in diverse industrial settings. Below we will tell you more about the advantages of these industrial catwalks. Keep reading to find out more! 

Exploring Our Inventory: ErectaStep Industrial Catwalks

At Northern Platforms, we understand the significance of having reliable and innovative safe access solutions. That’s why we partner with industry leaders such as ErectaStep to bring you a wide range of industrial catwalk systems that cater to your industry’s unique needs. Overall, ErectaStep is renowned for its cutting-edge engineering and commitment to safety, making its modular products a natural choice for businesses looking to enhance their operations. 

The Advantages of Industrial Catwalks

Industrial catwalks, also called elevated walkways or platforms, play a pivotal role in many industrial facilities. These elevated pathways provide safe and efficient access to various areas within a facility, enabling workers to overcome obstacles and ensure a smooth flow of operations. Industrial catwalks from Northern Platforms serve as a versatile solution, not only enhancing accessibility but also offering the advantage of creating vantage points for improved visibility and oversight. Some other benefits of industrial catwalks include the following:

Customized Solutions

ErectaStep’s industrial catwalk systems are popular across numerous industries for their unique customizability. At Northern Platforms, our team understands that no two facilities are alike. Fortunately, with ErectaStep, you don’t need to compromise on performance to accommodate your facility’s unique layout. These systems are designed to be adaptable, ensuring seamless integration into your operation’s existing working environment. Whether you need a straightforward walkway or a complex configuration with elevation changes and other features to navigate around obstacles, ErectaStep’s modular design allows for customized solutions that match your facility’s requirements exactly!

Uncompromised Safety

Another significant benefit of ErectaStep industrial catwalks is that they are engineered with safety in mind. These systems adhere to rigorous safety standards (including OSHA and OH&S compliance) and are crafted using high-quality aluminum components that ensure durability and reliability. Slip-resistant surfaces, sturdy handrails, and well-engineered structural components combine to create a secure pathway for your workers, thereby promoting a safer working environment.

Quick Shipping and Installation

For most industrial operations, time is of the essence. Fortunately, Northern Platforms has the inventory of ErectaStep industrial catwalks you need ready to ship as soon as possible. Moreover, our ErectaStep catwalk systems are simple to install. The modular design enables faster assembly and requires no special tools or boom trucks. Northern Platforms’ team can also assist you from start to finish! That means your operations can benefit from reduced downtime while ensuring a swift return to full capacity. This efficiency also extends to maintenance, as the modular components can be easily replaced for reconfigured as needed. 

Choose Northern Platforms for Your Industrial Catwalk Needs

As Western Canada’s premier access and loading solutions distributor, Northern Platforms takes pride in offering top-tier products and services that can elevate your operations’ safety and efficiency. Our partnership with trusted manufacturers like ErectaStep underscores this commitment. With our offering of ErectaStep industrial catwalks, Northern Platforms enables you to create a pathway that surpasses obstacles, optimizes operations and enhances safety. 

Whether you’re looking to install an industrial catwalk for the first time or are considering upgrading your existing infrastructure, Northern Platforms has the expertise, products, and dedication to help you find the best fit! Contact us today to see for yourself how ErectaStep industrial catwalks can transform your industrial facility into a safer and more efficient space.