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API Bottom Loading Couplers

Markets Serve:
Agriculture, Chemical/Petrochemical, Construction, Energy, Forestry/Pulp And Paper, Food And Beverage, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil And Gas, Terminals/Transportation

All the API Bottom Loading Couplers that Northern Platforms Ltd offers have a 4" TTMA mounting flange and are designed to API RP 1004 ensuring the all the couplers that we supply will mate up to any API RP 1004 adaptors on the market.

OPW LYNX Series Bottom Loading API Coupler
LYNX is optimized to bring your liquid terminals and tank trucks the very best in dry-break API technology. From its ultra-durable stainless-steel collar to its ability to protect your loading-arm connection even when facing surge pressures up to 500 psi, you can count on LYNX for years of service and to help minimize fluid loss. Features and benefits include:
Choice of short handle (5.9") or long handle (7.8")
Seal / O-Ring choices include Fluorocarbon, Nitrile/Buna, Fluorosilicone, FFKM, Ultra Low-Temp (FKM)
5-Year Warranty
Fast in-field replacement of the main seals, on or off the arm
Quick and easy disassembly of entire coupler through U-pin design
Automatic latching
U-pin is secured when the TTMA flange is fastened to prevent the pin from coming out during service
A variety of seals available to suit a range of applications
Two operating handle sizes to suit customer preference
Four “true-interlocking” stainless-steel latches ensure secure coupling and maximum safety
High-quality components including a stainless-steel collar and hard anodized aluminum body for increased service durability and life
Nominal product leakage during disconnect increases site safety
Low risk of leakage because of a proven seal design
Ergonomic operating handle and carry loop results in less physical strain on users

OPW 1004D3 API Bottom Loading Coupler
The OPW 1004D3 API bottom loading coupler is is a proven, high performing API coupler used in refineries and bulk terminals all over North America
Seal / O-Ring choices include Buna, Low temp Buna, Fluorocarbon, Low temp Fluorocarbon and EPT.
5-Cam Design: Easy alignment, tight adaptor connections and side-force resistance during loading
Dual Interlocks: Ensure that opening cannot occur unless properly connected to an API Adaptor
Superior Sealing: Simple, reliable smart-seal design with dual high-performance O-rings
High-Performance Seals: Special Fluorocarbon Seal Compound for compatibility across most products, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol*
Maintenance: Pins and small threads eliminated to provide quick, easy access to critical components; nose seal replaced without requiring removal of coupler from rack; no special tools required; complete rebuild in minutes
Operation: Stainless-steel “ergo” handle design for easy, smooth operation

Emco Wheaton J0453 API Bottom Loading Coupler
The Emco Wheaton J0453 API bottom loading coupler is designed to incorporate maximum safety, while ensuring low-pressure drop, and hence high flow, and combining easy maintenance with a long service life. Every coupler in Emco Wheaton’s range meets the recognised international standards and industry codes of practice. Features and benefits include:
Improved Ergonomics - Improved environmental and operator safety with an optional integrated pump to further reduce disconnect leaks
Lightweight Design - Greatly reduced weight with improved ergonomics, down to just 15.7 LBS
Minimal Downtime - Up to 50% less maintenance downtime
Ideal for Complex Applications - Easier sealing maximises safety of complex loading applications
Increased Pressure - Working pressure increased to 232 PSI, with test pressure of 362 PSI
Smooth Operation - Smoother coupling operation thanks to low engagement force, while providing a secure coupling
Industry Certified - Conforms to API RP1004 for compatibility with API adapters