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Wide and Pivot Mount

Extra Wide Gangways

  • 48″, 60″ or 72″ widths
  • Walk surface wide enough for offset crash box
  • Aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel

Greater Access and Longevity. SafeRack’s patent-pending G4Series truck and railcar gangways are engineered for durability and ease of use. And our extra wide gangways are no exception. Like all products in our G4Series, the extra wide gangway utilizes a universal body design that results in fewer welds, so the gangways are stronger and more durable than ever. Ultimately, that longer product life means greater ROI for our customers.



Extra Wide, Extra Safe

Depending on your requirements, our extra wide gangways can be built to fit your length and width specifications, and they can be built with or without intermediate handrails. Unlimited sizes of safety cages are also available. Regardless of options, you’re getting the most innovative, safest gangway on the market.

An Advanced Bearing Retainer Plate

When a foot lock fails on a gangway, it can lead to unexpected damage, as the gangway could possibly lower on its own. This leads to vehicles hitting or driving off while the gangway is down. It also presents a safety issue because the gangway can more easily be left in the working position without a vehicle present. The foot lock, as well as the connection between the gangway and base tread, takes the most abuse and almost always is the first point of failure for most gangways on the market.

Our patented bearing retainer plate distributes the large concentrated force over a greater area, helping to eliminate issues relating to foot lock and bearing failure. And because it’s built with aircraft rivets and a machined 1″ foot lock stud, you get years of dependable service and a lower total cost of ownership. And that’s true for all of the solutions in our G4Series, including our extra wide gangways.

Quality Construction. Quality Options.

Canvas Canopies for Protection from the Elements
Fiberglass Treads for Lightweight Slip Resistance
Safety Cages Can Be Attached to Any G4Series Truck or Railcar Gangway
Pneumatic Package to Raise and Lower Gangway (Choice of Hand Pendant or Control Box)