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Railcar Mobile Access Unit


Railcar Cage Safety Fall Protection

  • Sturdy – Self-supporting, 500-pound load capacity
  • Safe – Double-locking winch and stable walk surface (so operators actually use it)
  • Durable – Solid, no-flat tires
  • Versatile – Can be reconfigured in the field for other usesSafeRack’s MAUI portable platform serves as a railcar loading rack for the inspection or venting of railcars in multiple locations around your facility. It’s designed to be easily adjusted and maneuverable. Combined with its exceptional stability and quality construction, the MAUI portable railcar platform provides safe and dependable fall protection that won’t ever end up in the bone yard.


Rolls Easily, Adjusts Easily

SafeRack’s portable ladder system is easy to roll and maneuver into position. Plus, thanks to an easy-to-crank hand winch, adjusting the ladder height to fit varying railcar heights requires very little effort. And, once adjusted, the ladder locks in place with high-quality, stainless steel safety pins. While the unit is easily adjusted and moved, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable, ensuring on-the-job safety. In fact, because of its enhanced stability, the MAUI doesn’t need to rest on the railcar.


Parallel or Perpendicular, Two Heights Available

SafeRack portable platforms are available in perpendicular or parallel configuration models. Perpendicular configuration allows for easy spotting with the tank truck, while parallel configuration is designed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces. The ladder is available in two adjustable sizes, with 10′-14′ and 12′-16′ models depending on the necessary height.

While SafeRack’s portable loading ramps are easily adjusted and highly maneuverable, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable to ensure on-the-job safety.

Maui Features

  • Solid, 16-Inch, ‘No Flat’ Tires
  • Double-Locking Winch
  • Self-Supporting Unit Does Not Have to Rest on Vehicle
  • Ladder Telescopes to Fit Multiple Heights of Trucks
  • Stainless Locks Secure Ladder In Position
  • Load Tested for 500-Pound Capacity
  • Tow Handle With Locking Brake
  • 4-Rail Safety Cage Raises Handrail Height to 42″
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Slip-Resistant Walk Surface
  • Adjustable for Perpendicular or Parallel Configuration
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Base
  • Lightweight Aluminum Ladder and Safety Cage
  • Ships Broken Down for Box Truck Delivery
  • Easily Assembled in 1/2 Day
  • Fast Deliveries Available

Optional Powered Unit

Provides effortless mobility, battery operated via a standard car battery, forward and revers, and travels at walking speed.

Give Workers the OSHA Fall Protection They Require

SafeRack portable access systems protect your workers from strains and sprains without compromising productivity. The OSHA-compliant solutions deliver a safe, effective way to load tank trucks and railcars, load flatbed and box trucks, and work on or over tall machinery.

And all of the mobile platform systems offer easy-access features, including cantilevered tall machine access, all-purpose tilt-and-roll systems and all-purpose adjustable heights.


Built to Last

SafeRack uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of its portable platforms to ensure their dependability and longevity. Each unit is certified to a 500 pound load capacity and built to last.