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Why Use the MAUI by SafeRack for Your Next Mobile Access Platform?

Does your business work with railcars or tanker trucks that vary in size? Do you require a mobile access unit that is versatile enough to keep up with your operations? If so, Northern Platforms has the mobile access platforms you need to have a safe and accessible operation. As a leading distributor of SafeRack products in Western Canada, Northern Platforms is proud to provide our customers with secure access solutions that are reliable and high-quality, like the SafeRack MAUI. Below we’ll highlight the SafeRack MAUI mobile access platform unit and some of its benefits. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning mobile access unit.

Mobility and Convenience in One

If you’re looking for a mobile access platform that’s well built and maneuverable, SafeRack’s MAUI mobile loading platform is your best choice! This mobile access platform is a safe and dependable truck access solution designed with portability. This rolling platform is incredibly stable and built with a rugged base and durable materials. It requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run. In addition, the MAUI has a telescoping ladder that extends to fit a range of truck and railcar heights and applications across your worksite. At Northern Platforms, the SafeRack MAUI mobile access platform is a top performer and for a good reason! With versatility and mobility in mind, the MAUI will bring many benefits to your facility.

A Range of Applications

Since SafeRack’s MAUI mobile access unity is so versatile, you can use it across a range of applications in your workplace. The large handrails provide your employees with comfortable and worry-free access to elevated heights and work surfaces. At the same time, the no-flat tires allow the mobile access platform the ability to navigate across rough ground or snow without fear of popping a tire. The MAUI is available in two adjustable sizes (10-14 ft or 12-16 ft), which makes the unit better suited for facilities that work on or around varying railcar and tanker truck sizes. In addition to the adjustable heights, the MAUI is available with a custom-fitted safety cage and as a perpendicular or parallel access unit, depending on your required maneuverability. This mobile access platform from SafeRack is an excellent option if you’re looking for a non-permanent access unit. Our team at Northern Platforms can assist you with the finer details and specifications regarding the SafeRack MAUI unit. So you know that this mobile access platform will improve your site’s safety, accessibility and maneuverability.

Your Premier Distributor for SafeRack Products

As Western Canada’s exclusive distributor of SafeRack products, Northern Platforms is proud to provide our customers with exceptionally high-quality safe access solutions. SafeRack is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of safe access solutions, including mobile access platforms for businesses across various industries. Northern Platforms and SafeRack’s partnership is built upon a proper understanding of safety and performance. In addition to our variety of SafeRack products, Northern Platforms offers inventory on OPW, YellowGate, ErectaStep, and Ultratech products. Our family-owned and operated business are dedicated to ensuring your get incredible customer service. Along with our vast inventory, we also offer various preventative maintenance, inspection and turnkey installation services. Ready to learn more about the SafeRack MAUI mobile access platform? Contact Northern Platforms today!