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Why Use Loading Arms in the Oil & Gas Sector

When you need safe loading solutions that can significantly benefit your oil and gas operations, you need loading arms from Northern Platforms. Loading arms are an incredible alternative to hoses. They can manage the demands of hydrocarbons, gasses, crude oil and more! At Northern Platforms, we are pleased to offer a range of loading arms that provide efficiency and superior performance. Below we’ll discuss some of the benefits of loading arms and how they can improve your operations loading and unloading activities. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Loading Arms?

Loading arms are self-supporting, highly efficient means of safely transferring fluids or gasses from storage tanks to tank trucks or tankcars. Often used in the road, rail, or marine transportation industry, loading arms are an excellent option for safely transferring chemicals from one holding area to another. Loading arms can be used for top and bottom loading / unloading. Within top and bottom loading arms there are several different styles / models of loading arms that can be utilized to meet your specific needs & requirements. Each loading arm variation is best suited for specific applications and can dramatically benefit the oil & gas, agricultural, chemical, and other industries. Since loading arms have a wide range of use, your operations can see significant benefits. The team at Northern Platforms can assist you with determining the optimal loading arm for your oil & gas applications.

Adaptable for Any Application

At Northern Platforms, various loading arms are available for your operation’s unique applications. For instance, our bottom loading arms give you an improved level of safety as the operator behind this equipment is stationed on the ground beside the loading arm. Bottom loading arms have a spring counterbalance, allowing for faster loading times and a more remarkable ability to reach mobile tanker openings compared to other competing models. These bottom loading arms also improve your operations efficiency, ergonomics, and general safety and cleanliness at your loading rack.

Compared to bottom loading arms, top loading arms are used across several industries, including the oil and gas industry. Top loading arms are available in numerous models and configurations, such as fixed reach and flexible reach arms that can be designed for both closed loop tight connection loading or open hatch splash loading. Other top loading arm models include scissor or boom arms that can be adapted for railcar and tanker truck loading. With options compatible with dry disconnect fillings, hatch plates, and overfill protection, Northern Platforms has the loading arms you need for your railcar and truck loading needs over numerous industries including oil & gas, chemical, agricultural & food / pharma.

Easy to Use

One of the many advantages of loading arms in the oil and gas industry is that loading arms are an alternative to hoses. That means, instead of constantly tweaking and adjusting your equipment, loading arms are ready to do the job and adapt to your loading needs in no time. In addition, loading arms from Northern Platforms can also manage the demands of highly repetitive tasks with minor issues. Unlike hoses which wear down over time, loading arms are more durable. When you need a reliable means of loading and unloading tankers, loading arms from Northern Platforms are here to help!

Trust Northern Platforms for Oil & Gas Loading Arms

Since 2007, Northern Platforms has been dedicated to ensuring that your truck and railcar loading systems are safe, efficient and durable. Northern Platforms understands that your operations need dependable, safe access and loading solutions as a family-owned and operated business. Contact our team today to learn more about our inventory of loading arms and other loading accessories!