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Why Quality Counts: Safe and Efficient Truck Access Platforms

When it comes to ensuring the accessibility of elevated work areas around trucks, specialized equipment is essential. At Northern Platforms, we understand the unique challenges that companies face. That’s why we offer top-quality solutions and turnkey services to exceed your expectations. Our focus this time is on truck access platforms and how our approach, products, and expertise can make a difference in your operations. Keep reading to find out more! 

Why Invest in Quality Products

When it comes to investing in safe access solutions, opting for the cheaper solution can not only lead to risks but also may end up costing more in the long run. While these alternatives may seem attractive due to their lower upfront costs, the quality of these products speaks for themselves. A lower price tag often means compromises on the materials used in production, construction, and overall quality. All of which may cost you more when that access solution breaks down. 

At Northern Platforms, we proudly stock quality products from trusted manufacturers like SafeRack, typically built to withstand the rigour of numerous industrial applications. So, when investing in quality safe access solutions, plan for the future and invest in high-quality equipment that will give you a worthwhile long-term return on your investment (ROI). The enhanced safety and efficiency of your operations will ultimately lead to a healthier bottom line.

Truck Access Platforms for Diverse Needs

One of Northern Platforms’ top products is SafeRack’s SAS truck access platforms. The Self-Adjusting Stairs (SAS) access platform is engineered to provide employees with safe and efficient access to elevated work areas around trucks. They are built to articulate and self-level, accommodating varying heights of vehicles. So, regardless of whether you’re loading tanker trucks hauling biofuel or unloading manufacturing chemicals, the SAS truck access platform can ensure your team has secure access. 

Moreover, their one-piece stair design reduces welds, virtually eliminating failures. Despite their rugged construction, these platforms are easy to use, thanks to the spring counterbalance that requires minimal effort. Key features of the SAS truck access platform include:

  • Spring balanced lift and lower system for improved ergonomics
  • Positive locking system that protects drivers and operators
  • Plug-and-play setup for fast and easy installation
  • And more!

At Northern Platforms, we take a consultative approach, offering on-site visits to develop the right system for your needs. With expedited delivery, precision-built components, and custom solutions available, SafeRack’s truck access platforms provide a comprehensive solution for your truck loading and unloading needs.

Our Customer-First Approach

At Northern Platforms, our approach to building long-term relationships with our customers is based on the principles of understanding, personalization, and on-site engagement. While many companies rely solely on email or phone communication, we go the extra mile by visiting your site to gain a deeper understanding of your application. Our local, responsive staff can often be on-site the same day you reach out to us, ensuring a swift and personalized response. We’ve been in the business since 2002, and our experience speaks for itself.

By coming to your site, we not only garner a more in-depth understanding of your specific needs but also provide on-site education. This approach ensures that you not only get the right equipment but also know how to use it effectively. Combined with our installation and maintenance services, Northern Platforms ensures your site is safe, efficient, and easy to access, no matter the application. 

Your Source for Truck Access Platforms!

Ensuring safe and efficient access to elevated work areas around trucks is essential for the success of industrial and transportation operations. Northern Platforms’ inventory of SafeRack products offers a range of truck access platforms designed to provide reliable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our approach to building strong client relationships and our commitment to quality, safe access solutions ensure your operations are safe and efficient. Trust Northern Platforms for your truck access platform needs, and experience the difference yourself.

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