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Why Choose ErectaStep Crossover Stairs for Your Worksite

Numerous access challenges can arise when working in the industrial sector. Accessing high places to unload or load equipment or navigating areas above ground level can be incredibly dangerous if the proper access solutions are not utilized. Fortunately, Northern Platforms has all the safe access solutions your facility needs! We have a vast range of easy access-loading and unloading solutions that can make your facility safer, more efficient, and OHSA/ OH&S compliant. For instance, our prefabricated modular crossover stairs from ErectaStep are an incredible way to boost efficiency and safe navigation across your worksite without compromising your budget. Below we’ll discuss the benefits of ErectaStep’s modular crossover stairs and working with Northern Platforms. Continue reading to learn more about this excellent safe access solution!

One Product, Many Applications

The ErectaStep modular crossover stairs are simple to configure and assemble for any application. Their lightweight aluminum components and modular design make them a versatile, safe access solution for any facility or industry. Regarding assembly, the prefabricated metals stairs, platforms and handrails easily bolt together with just a wrench. You don’t need to worry about welding the pieces together or using special tools. ErectaStep is a durable and long-lasting safe site access solution that can easily be disassembled and reinstalled with minimal complications. Regardless of your application, the ErectaStep crossover stairs are a step in the right direction.

Affordable and Efficient Solution

While many operations use scaffolding for their access needs, this isn’t the most affordable option. ErectaStep crossover stairs are more cost-effective and durable than competing products. The modular design of these crossover stairs allows you to disassemble and reassemble them as needed rather than purchasing brand-new stairs and platforms for a new application. Combined with the increased efficiency of your facility, crossover stairs from ErectaStep are an excellent investment. The ErectaStep crossover stairs are designed with longevity in mind, so your return on investment is greatly improved.

Safe Access Solutions Support

At Northern Platforms, our experienced safe access site experts will visit your site, identify potential challenges, and design a crossover stair amalgamation that seamlessly integrates into your facility. That way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best safe access solutions for your facility and applications. With our custom configuration tool, the team at Northern Platforms can show you detailed drawings of our suggested access solutions within a few minutes. This cutting-edge modelling tool can let you see the final product’s exact measurements before installation and provides you with a quote. So for all of your safe access needs, Northern Platforms is here to help!

Your Source for Safe Site Access Solutions

Since 2007, Northern Platforms has been pleased to supply industry-leading access solutions. Our extensive inventory features prefabricated platforms, loading arms, racks, and more! In addition to our comprehensive inventory, Northern Platforms offers various turkey services such as installation, preventative maintenance, and more. Contact our team today to learn more about ErectaStep and other access solutions!