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When to Use Rolling Platforms: Tips and Best Practices

Does your loading facility face challenges when it comes to reaching high up spaces as part of your daily operation? Whether you’re in retail fulfillment, the aerospace, marine, oil & gas, railroad, or related industries (to name just a few), rolling stairs and platforms play a vital role in helping to maintain safe standards on the worksite as well as keeping in compliance with OH&S / OSHA regulations. Rolling stairs make it easy for crew members to reach new heights, while also helping to minimize the risks associated with operating at higher levels by providing stability when it matters the most.

Northern Platforms is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of loading and access solutions, including rolling stairs and platforms from both ErectaStep and RollaStep. Below, we’ll explore some of the perks and tips when it comes to using rolling platforms. Read on to learn more!

When Should You Use Rolling Platforms

While there’s no one reason to consider rolling platforms, it is their sheer versatility that makes them such a valuable resource for any operation. Whether you need a stable way of transporting and transferring bulking inventory or retrieving valuable resources for shipment, or simply need an easier way for crew members to reach higher areas of a job site, rolling platforms are there to help. In comparison to other kinds of ladders and elevation systems that lack significant safety features, rolling platforms often include handrails, locking devices, height adjustability and other customizable options to help avoid accidents. This allows for greater performance while minimizing risk and boosting ROI.

Best Practices: Quick Tips

As we mentioned above, rolling platforms are already significantly safer than competing solutions, however, best practices should always be followed to ensure that everyone is operating at the highest level of excellence possible. Below are a few key factors/practices to keep in mind.

Size Matters

Just like choosing a standard ladder, sizing is key to ensuring that your platform sufficiently fits the space(s) it will be used in. The right fit will help to minimize risks and allow your team to get to work comfortably and efficiently. Bear and mind that, when choosing a size, it’s not just a question of spatial allowances, but also the intended purpose for the unit overall, including in other areas should you choose to relocate it on the completion of one project.

Inspect to Protect

Standard safety protocols dictate that all work equipment should be inspected prior to beginning your operations, and platforms are no different. Ensure crew members always give the unit a look over before ascending checking for any visible signs of damage that could compromise structural soundness, as well as ensuring that locks and all other safety features are engaged.


Similar to the above, the unit should always be properly positioned within your location for the best results. Be aware of any safety hazards in the immediate area (water, electrical currents, overhead wires, etc), and position your platform accordingly to minimize risk. When storing between uses, you’ll want to ensure the unit is kept away from any liquids or chemicals (as commonly found in industrial settings) that could create a slick surface that unobservant crew members could miss. Regular upkeep should be a priority as well to reduce the chance of sudden failures.

Train All Parties

Finally, all parties that will use the platforms should undergo specific safety training related to best practices regarding your rolling equipment. No matter how simplistic your equipment may be, education is, and always will be the best asset when it comes to reducing risk!

RollaStep and ErectaStep Solutions and More at Northern Platforms

For over 20, Northern Platforms has served as one of Western Canada’s most trusted suppliers of loading platforms, stairs, racks, and more. As a family-owned company based out of Alberta, we strive to give back and go the extra mile to give our customers unbeatable support when it matters the most by offering turnkey installation services, maintenance assistance, and a vast inventory you can count on. Among our available products, you’ll find a wide range of products including stairs and platforms from RollaStep, ErectaStep, SafeRack (we are the exclusive dealer of SafeRack for Western Canada), and more.

Learn more about our rolling platform solutions as well as our extensive range of other items by contacting our team today!