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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Industrial Work Platforms

Are you considering adding an industrial work platform to your inventory of safe access equipment? Are you unsure where to start? Fortunately, Northern Platforms is here to help! Industrial work platforms are a great way to improve your operations’ efficiency, safety, and mobility, all while ensuring your site remains compliant with local health and safety regulations. Below are a few key factors you should consider before investing in a new industrial work platform from Northern Platforms. Continue reading to find out more!

Figure Out Your Needs

When you’re looking to expand your access equipment inventory to improve workflow, safety, and worker capabilities, you need to know a few critical pieces of information beforehand. First, you need to determine your specific needs regarding your facility and operational capabilities. Things like your overall budget, load capacities, size, preferred manufacturer, and installation requirements are just a few critical things you need to consider before looking further into industrial work platforms. In addition, health and safety compliance is a must-have, so you need to consider what work platforms will best improve your workplace’s safety. The best way to determine your work platform needs is to evaluate your current gaps in performance and how a safe work platform from Northern Platforms can resolve those issues.

Weigh Your Options

As previously mentioned, numerous factors must be considered when deciding to purchase an industrial work platform from Northern Platforms. In addition to these primary factors, you’ll also want to consider whether a standard modular or custom-built platform is better suited for your operations. While each platform offers its own advantages, it’s essential to speak with an experienced safe access solutions expert at Northern Platforms to ensure that your investing in the best industrial work platform for your operations. For instance, a custom work platform can be specifically designed for your unique needs; however, they are often less affordable than ready-made platforms. In comparison, Northern Platforms in-stock modular work platforms are typically quicker to install and more affordable. Still, they may be missing those specific details you would get from a customized platform. Regardless of which industrial work platform you choose, the best fit for your operations will be the one that can accommodate your specific needs and applications while still aligning with your budget and timeline.

Industrial Work Platforms at Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we’ve been assisting operations like yours to determine the best industrial work platforms for their unique applications. Our safe access solution experts can visit your site and help you select the optimal platform for your facility, application, and budget. Located in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms is proud to be family owned and operated. In addition to our selection of industrial work platforms, we also offer numerous other safe access solutions and turnkey installation services. Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our industrial work platforms and other safe access solutions!