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What Makes Rolling Platforms Popular?

Are you looking for a safe and efficient way to facilitate loading, storage and other safe access needs in your workplace? Northern Platforms has the access solutions you need! Our team is proud to supply Western Canada with industry-leading safe access solutions, such as rolling platforms from incredible manufacturers such as RollaStep. RollaStep rolling platforms are popular for various reasons, including their high performance, durability, and ease of use and installation. Next, we will cover some of the many benefits of rolling platforms and how they can help enhance the safety of your worksite without compromising efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about RollaStep rolling platforms at Northern Platforms!

Greater Mobility

With a focus on mobility, rolling platforms are a great way to improve efficiency in your workplace. Rolling platforms from RollaStep are exceptionally well-equipped for facilities where your employees need to easily and quickly transfer equipment or people from place to place. As their name describes, rolling platforms allow you to roll the platform across your workplace without tearing it down and reassembling it. The result? Your workplace can significantly improve its overall productivity and safety. Instead of disassembling the platform and moving it, you can simply push the rolling platform to your required location.

Improved Safety

Northern Platforms’ rolling platforms are a great option when you need safe access solutions. This is because they are much more stable than traditional ladders. Rolling platforms, sometimes called rolling ladders, don’t need to be leaned against a wall or unfolded into an A-frame. By not requiring additional support, these rolling platforms are significantly more sturdy. In addition, you can pair specific RollaStep rolling platforms with industrial safety gates and other fall protection equipment to maximize your staff’s overall safety. The stability and mobility of rolling platforms make them incredibly popular in warehouses, airplane hangers, industrial plants, and numerous other facilities and workplaces.

Easy to Store

Another downside of traditional ladders is that storing them can be a hassle. Bulky, difficult-to-store equipment can create more issues than it solves; however, the rolling platforms from RollaStep resolve this issue. Rolling platforms are designed to be easy to store as they have a more modular design. This modularization allows them to be taken apart quickly and put away when no longer in use. Northern Platforms can customize RollaStep rolling platforms to fit your facility’s needs. So when you need prefabricated, easy-to-install rolling platforms, Northern Platforms is here to help! With a wide variety of RollaStep rolling platforms to choose from at Northern Platforms, our team is sure you’ll find the perfect safe access solution for your unique applications.

Your Source for Rolling Platforms!

With decades of experience under our belts here at Northern Platforms, our team is sure to be able to find you the perfect safe access solutions you need to maintain a high level of safety and efficiency in your workplace. In addition to our comprehensive inventory, Northern Platforms also offers a range of turnkey services, such as installation support, preventative maintenance, custom access solutions, and more! Ready to learn more about RollaStep rolling platforms? Contact our team today!