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What are the Benefits of Loading Arms?

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to transport liquids, hydrocarbons, gases and everything in between safely & efficiently? Whether your current operations rely heavily on hoses and you’re considering making some upgrades or have a new facility and are looking to implement the best solutions from the start, deciding between hoses and loading arms is an important decision to consider carefully. While hoses have plenty of benefits to offer when it comes to loading or unloading railcars and trucks, loading arms have become a more trusted and versatile solution for those dealing with viscous liquids, heavy loads, and ultimately for anyone looking to significantly enhance safety and productivity overall.

As one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of safe loading solutions, including top and bottom loading arms for trucks and railcars, Northern Platforms is proud to be your source for products made by the top manufacturers on the market, including SafeRack, OPW Engineered Systems, Emco Wheaton and many others. Below, we’ll examine a few reasons to consider using loading arms and the benefits they offer. Read on to learn more!

Reducing Risk, One Load at a Time

One of the best aspects of using loading arms is that they are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your loading or unloading operation. No matter which style of bottom loading arm you choose, bottom loading arms reduce the tripping hazard often associated with hoses, and give you the added benefit of improving the housekeeping at your loading station while also improving the safety of your loading or unloading area. Loading arms are also less likely to leak or spill while loading, lowering the chances of slips and falls by crew members. With Safety integrated into loading arms from the very start, the end result is a job site you can feel confident on, and a loading operation that can proceed unhindered.


There’s no denying that both loading hoses and loading arms are a significant investment where your bottom line is concerned, so making sure you can get the longest (and best) life cycle out of your product is always front of mind for company owners. By law hoses are required to be hydro tested every year, which usually means you need to have spare hoses on the shelf, or risk downtime while your hoses are hydro tested. Loading arms however, are not required by law to be hydro tested each year. Designed to be low maintenance and to handle the realities of day-to-day demand, bottom loading arms give you peace of mind and superior ROI, time after time.

Ease Of Use

It may seem overly simplistic as a consideration, but one of the most important aspects you need to have in mind when searching for a bottom loading solution is how easy it is to operate. Even though hoses may be straightforward, there are limitations and difficulties associated with their operation including challenges moving around from load site to load site due to their size and weight, along with the fact that they frequently require multiple crew members to operate. In contrast, loading arms are spring counterbalanced and are incredibly ergonomic and work with you to expedite the process and make loading fast, simple, and safe.

Better for Repetitive Tasks

The reality for almost all bottom loading and unloading operations is that they need equipment that can perform the same tasks over and over again with minimal disruption or change needed. Hoses need to be constantly moved or adjusted, whereas loading arms are always ready to go and are quickly and easily deployed into service. This means you’ll never have to worry about costly delays and can get right down to work when it counts!

Boost Your Safety and Productivity with Northern Platforms Today

Ready to supercharge your loading and unloading operation? Northern Platforms carries a wide range of loading and unloading arms from top manufacturers like OPW and Emco Wheaton. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and services all throughout Western Canada.