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Truck Loading Arms for the Growing Hydrogen Industry

For years Alberta has been a top ammonia producer for many agricultural and energy-related industries. As the demand for cleaner energy sources increases, more processing, manufacturing, and industrial facilities will require other energy sources, such as hydrogen. The primary way to transport hydrogen is by combining it with nitrogen to produce ammonia. Hydrogen as ammonia is not a new industry; however, if you want to expand your business into transporting ammonia, you’ll need industry-specific loading equipment and safety solutions. This is where Northern Platforms can help! Continue reading to learn more about transporting hydrogen as ammonia and how Northern Platforms can make loading/ unloading this chemical safe and efficient.

Risk Factors with Loading Hydrogen as Ammonia

As many sectors turn towards more green initiatives, the ammonia and hydrogen industry is quickly growing. Ammonia is the industry standard way to convert green or blue hydrogen into an easy-to-transport fluid. That way, end users of either ammonia or hydrogen can store it with ease and don’t need to be concerned with the challenges of transporting or storing hydrogen in its pure form. However, there are still risks associated with transporting, loading, and storing hydrogen as ammonia. Ammonia is flammable, corrosive, and poses a significant explosion risk. That’s why it must be transported in below-zero temperatures. Due to these properties, ammonia transportation and loading require specific loading arms and safety measures. Fortunately, regardless of your business’ ammonia loading frequency, Northern Platforms has the loading arms you need!

Loading Arms for Ammonia

Ammonia is typically transported via thermally protected tank railcars and high-pressure tank trailers. Regarding loading these tanks, there is some specific equipment you need. Equipment such as truck loading arms or chemical hoses with quick-acting couplings, preferably in the form of Hammer Unions with stabber pipes, tend to be the industry preference. This is the industry standard as you can support this hose with a mechanical loading arm (otherwise called a bypass arm) for better handling. While having a top inlet with a control valve will ensure self-draining after use.

Also, with the help of Northern Platforms’ experts, our team can ensure your ammonia truck loading arms have both liquid and vapour hoses with the proper gaskets, seals, and spill containment systems, so you never have to worry about accidental spills or splash loading. Finally, to best complete your ammonia loading arm setup, our team recommends fitting break-away couplings near the inlet of the hose in case of a roll-away or drive-off event. When outfitting your facility with the proper ammonia truck and railcar loading arms, get assistance from the experts in safe access solutions. Trust Northern Platforms for all your fluid transfer and safe access solution needs.

Truck Loading Arms at Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our team proudly provides customers custom-engineered solutions for all loading operations. Many of our solutions utilize industry-specific loading arms in conjunction with loading platforms and other safety systems. That way, your employees and facility can reap the benefits of having a tailored, all-in-one safe access and loading solution. With partnerships from top industry leaders such as OPW Engineered Systems, EMCO Wheaton, SafeRack and more, Northern Platforms is here to help you with all your hydrogen as ammonia loading needs!

Contact us today to learn more about our truck or railcar loading arms and other safe access solutions.