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The Benefits of Modular Catwalk Platforms from Northern Platforms

Industrial catwalks are used across various industries to improve a worksite’s layout, safety, and worker productivity. They provide elevated access for workers and equipment around hazardous zones and difficult areas. When it comes to installing a catwalk system, you want a structure that is built to last and OHSA and OH&S compliant. Fortunately, Northern Platforms has you covered with our range of ErectaStep catwalk platforms.

Keeping your workers and facility safe and compliant should be a top priority for your operations. Northern Platforms’ team of experts can assist you in determining the optimal safe access and loading solutions for your unique needs, facility, and industry. Below we’ll cover some of the benefits of using ErectaStep’s modular catwalk platforms and how Northern Platforms can make installation straightforward! Continue reading to find out more.

Customize as You See Fit

Regardless of the industry you’re working in, modular catwalk platforms from ErectaStep can enhance the safety of your site or facility. Since ErectaStep has a modular design, you can customize these catwalk platforms to your particular needs and workspaces. This makes the platforms incredibly versatile and easy to install. That means no matter what hazards or obstacles you’re looking to be able to navigate around safely, ErectaStep can step up to the challenge!

Quality You Can Count On

As an industry leader in the safe access and loading solutions sector, ErectaStep is a well-known and reliable brand providing clients with the modular products they need. ErectaStep’s pre-engineered and pre-manufactured catwalk kits are built with robotic welding machines using the latest laser-cutting technology and patent pending designs. With technology and innovation, ErectaStep is the superior choice for performance and OHSA and OH&S compliance. For over twenty years, ErectaStep products have made worksites and facilities safer. Northern Platforms is proud to partner with reliable and high-quality brands like ErectaStep, SafeRack, YellowGate and more.

Reliable Support

At Northern Platforms, our team of safe access experts can visit your facility to assist with determining the optimal access solutions for your site. Our team will identify any challenges you and your employees may face and design a catwalk platform to suit your facility and safety requirements. We use a digital customization configuration tool to show detailed blueprints of the access solutions we recommend implementing. That way, you can picture the finished catwalk platform before it’s installed and understand your final quote. So if you’re ready to make your site more accessible and safe, the team at Northern Platforms is here to help!

Modular Access Platforms at Northern Platforms

Based in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s preferred access and loading solutions distributor. Our inventory features popular brands like ErectaStep, SafeRack, RollaStep, and so much more! In addition to our extensive inventory of access solutions, we also provide our clients with incredible services like preventative maintenance, installations, and turnkey services. So if you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to navigate your warehouse or facility, Northern Platforms is here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about our industrial catwalk platforms and services!