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The Applications and Advantages of Crossover Stairs 

At Northern Platforms, we understand the importance of providing reliable solutions that enable seamless operations in diverse work environments. Our ErectaStep modular crossover stairs are a versatile and customizable answer to many common challenges in industrial settings. Next, we will cover some typical applications for crossover stairs and the advantages of choosing ErectaStep. Continue reading to find out more about these innovative, safe access solutions!

Common Applications for Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairs, sometimes called catwalks, serve a wide range of applications across various industries. Often, they crisscross busy industrial facilities, providing access to essential machinery and workstations. Northern Platforms’ inventory of ErectaStep crossover stairs offers a secure pathway, allowing your workers to move safely and efficiently, even at elevated heights. Whether you’re looking to ensure safety, navigate obstacles, or improve workflow, ErectaStep has you covered! Below are three of the most common applications where these innovative safe access solutions shine:

  1. Rooftops and HVAC Access: For maintenance personnel, gaining access to rooftops and HVAC systems is a frequent task. ErectaStep offers a solution to surmount heating, cooling, and ducting systems, ensuring the safety of workers working at heights.
  2. Cable Trays and Instrumentation Lines: The industrial landscape is often a maze of cables and instrumentation lines. Northern Platforms’ crossover stairs make it easy to navigate over these obstacles, streamlining daily operations and reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Containment Berms: Safely crossing containment berms in industrial settings is essential for maintaining environmental and operational integrity. ErectaStep’s customizable designs adapt to the specific requirements of your facility, ensuring safety and navigability. 

ErectaStep: Versatility and Customization in One

One of the standout features of the ErectaStep crossover stairs is their versatility. These modular crossover stairs are designed to adapt to your facility’s unique needs and applications, offering several significant advantages:

  • Easy Assembly: ErectaStep’s lightweight aluminum components and modular design enable straightforward assembly without welding or special tools. With just a wrench, you can configure and install these stairs with ease (see more on this below).
  • Affordability: The modular design minimizes engineering costs, making ErectaStep a cost-effective solution for your facility’s access needs.
  • Compliance: ErectaStep crossover stairs are built to meet OSHA and OH&S safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment for your team, no matter how you configure them.
  • Durability: ErectaStep’s heavy-duty aluminum design minimizes weld points, enhancing the overall system’s strength and longevity.

At Northern Platforms, we understand that every industrial facility has unique needs. While ErectaStep’s versatile five-component design can accommodate numerous configurations, there are times when customization becomes essential. Whether you require tailor-made openings or contoured platforms to fit your precise requirements, our team is here to help.

To experience the seamless installation process of these crossover stairs and explore how they can enhance safety and accessibility in your facility, we encourage you to watch the short informative video below!

Simple Solutions for Big Problems

Northern Platforms‘ ErectaStep crossover stairs have redefined access solutions in industrial settings. With their adaptability, ease of assembly, compliance with safety standards, and customized options, they’re the perfect choice for enhancing safety and efficiency across various applications. Whether you need to navigate catwalks, access rooftops, or cross-cable trays, ErectaStep ensures your team can do so safely and efficiently.

Trust Northern Platforms to provide the ultimate solution for your facility’s access needs. Contact our team today to see for yourself how ErectaStep can enhance your worksite!