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Tanker Truck Fall Protection Options at Northern Platforms

The transportation industry often needs its workers to risk their health and safety by requiring them to climb on top of tanker trucks and flatbeds. While fall protection is highly recommended and even mandatory in most industries, the transportation industry is often overlooked as numerous other safety risks, and challenges demand greater attention. However, fall protection is still a critical system to have in place regardless of the industry you’re operating in.

If you’re looking to improve your tanker truck fall protection system, Northern Platforms has you covered! OHSA/OH&S-certified fall protection is available in numerous models and types. Below we’ll discuss permanent and portable tanker truck fall protection systems available at Northern Platforms. Keep reading to find out which system best suits your facility!

Permanent Fall Protection Systems

While mobile safe access and fall protection systems are increasingly popular for many work environments, permanent fall protection systems can be the more efficient and cost-effective option. This is because permanent fall protection systems only need to be installed once. When they’re finally in place, they often have a longer lifespan than other competing fall protection systems. Permanent fall protection systems for tanker trucks are essential as your employees are regularly exposed to heights. OSHA-certified systems, like truck loading platforms, are some of the most common permanent fall protection systems for the trucking and transportation sector. This is especially true for facilities where tanker trucks are regularly driven in and out of the same loading lane.

At Northern Platforms, we have a range of OHSA tanker truck fall protection systems you can permanently install at your facility. Our team of fall protection experts can visit your site and map out the ideal tanker truck fall protection system for your unique needs. That way, you get the permanent fall protection required to keep your facility operating smoothly.

Portable Solutions

Depending on your facility and tanker truck loading needs, a portable fall protection system like rolling stairs might be a better choice for your operations. Mobile tanker truck fall protection systems are typically designed for facilities with no fixed workstation or loading zone. Often this will apply to loading docks where your employees need to be able to move from tanker truck to tanker truck without interrupting their workflow. Portable access ladders or rolling stairs are an excellent option for these facilities as they do not require disassembly to be moved to their next location. Instead, your crew can roll their OHSA-certified tanker truck portable stairs wherever needed.

At Northern Platforms, we are proud to offer a comprehensive inventory of portable fall protection systems, including rolling stairs from RollaStep and more! Our safe access solution experts can assist you with selecting the best mobile fall protection equipment for your loading dock. Regardless of your facility or industry, our team is here to ensure you have the fall protection and safe access solutions you need to keep your worksite safe.

Tanker Truck Fall Protection from Northern Platforms

Since 2007, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s premier distributor of safe access and fall protection solutions. We are pleased to partner with numerous industry-leading manufacturers to bring our customers the high-performance safety solutions they need. In addition to our expansive inventory, we offer several turnkey solutions, including preventative maintenance support and equipment installation services. If you’d like to learn more about our tanker truck fall protection options, contact Northern Platforms today!