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Step Up With Mobile Platforms

Are you in need of a reliable access solution that makes it easy to perform various tasks at specific heights with ease? Whether you’re in the aerospace field, agricultural, or retail sector, there are infinite amounts of applications for mobile platforms that make it easy to perform maintenance and day to day activities at higher levels than what is considered easily accessible. From loading hoppers and railcars to servicing tanks and even simply stocking shelves finding an asset that allows you to reach certain heights safely and efficiently is an invaluable resource that’s sure to provide constant ROI. Within the safe access industry, there are two common solutions relied upon for such scenarios: ladders and mobile access platforms. While ladders are the ‘tried and true’ tool of the trade, mobile platforms are increasingly turned to due to their stability and enhanced safety no matter the application. Below we’ll compare and contrast some of the main benefits of ladders and mobile platforms, as well as explore a few of the options available at Northern Platforms. Read on to learn more!

Step Up For Success: Ladder Pros and Cons

Often considered the “old faithful” of the safe access industry, there’s no denying that ladders have quite a few benefits to be found, as well as a wide range of applications to be explored. Most ladder units are lightweight and easy to move around, as well as easy to store when not in use, making them ideal for locations that may have minimal space to work with. In addition, their ease of use is paramount, and their long-lasting life cycle makes them a sure bet for those in need of a solution that will go the distance.

Contrastingly, some of the drawbacks to using ladders are their significantly narrower steps which can pose a safety risk, lack of a dedicated work platform, the potential for difficulty with height restrictions, and lack of other safety aids such as rails. Simply put, while ladders are great for simple jobs, they may struggle to provide the best assistance for more complicated endeavors.

A Level Up: Mobile Access Platforms

Similar to ladders, mobile access platforms are fantastic for reaching high areas with ease, all while increasing safety! Where they excel over their ladder counterparts is the sheer amount of versatility offered. Mobile access platforms are no only suitable for a wide range of jobs but are portable, customizable and easy to use, all while offering increased safety with built-in railings, supports, and more. Suitable for numerous applications, mobile platforms quickly offset their higher startup costs by offering you a resource that’s ready to go wherever you may need.

Mobile Platforms and More at Northern Platforms

Since entering the Western Canadian market in 2002, Northern Platforms has offered our customers access to the leading safe access equipment, loading racks, and loading arms available industry-wide. As a family-owned and operated organization, our backbone is built on exceptional service, alongside products you know and trust. We are proud to stock products from the top names in the business, including SafeRack (Northern Platforms is proud to be the exclusive dealer for SafeRack in Western Canada), ErectaStep, RollaStep and more. Among our inventory, you’ll find products like RollaSteps MP Mobile Work Platform, as well as both the G and C series mobile platforms. In addition, Northern Platforms also offers turnkey installation services and preventative maintenance support to ensure you’re always covered, every step of the way.

Learn more about our mobile platform solutions as well as our extensive range of other items by contacting our team today!