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Safety Measures for Rail Hopper Cars

Hopper cars and rail transport are one of the biggest methods of shipping in North America, with millions of pounds of wheat, crude oil, steel, gasoline and more moving across the continent each year. In order to ensure safe transport measures and reduce your onsite risk, fall protection is an essential asset. At Northern Platforms, we’re proud to put safety and efficiency first. Our team knows the many risks associated with loading and transport, and by partnering with some of the top manufacturers in the safe access industry including SafeRack LLC (we are Western Canada’s exclusive source for SafeRack), we’re here to make sure you have the equipment you need when it matters most.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the top safety tips when it comes to reducing the risks associated with loading railcars. Read on to learn more!

Install Rail Safety Solutions

Falls are one of the biggest risks associated with railcar loading, and installing rail loading fall protection solutions is one of the best ways to mitigate the danger. Hopper cars come in a variety of configurations, meaning that the ability to customize your safe loading solutions is essential. Using safety equipment like gangways, safety cages, loading/unloading racks, and anchor points are all vetted ways to reduce fall hazards and allow your team to work as effectively as possible.

Education is Key

When it comes to establishing safety on your job site, education is key. As much as equipment can help eliminate immediate concerns, if no one is aware of best practices, as well as the safety measures you have in place, you’re far less likely to succeed. Take the time to invest in employee education; your staff, as well as your job site efficiency, will thank you!

Know the Challenges of Your Job Site

Every job site will have its own unique safety hazards you need to account for, and depending on what circumstances you face, varying access solutions will be better suited to your workspace. Customizable options like gangways, railings, safety gates and other interchangeable solutions will go a long way towards creating a better, safer space for all.

SafeRack Equipment, Only at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is the exclusive distributor of SafeRack products throughout Western Canada and is proud to partner with an industry leader dedicated to unbeatable quality and performance. Our inventory features several SafeRack products, including the SafeRack self-adjusting stair gangway and much more. Contact our team today to learn more about SafeRack’s gangways and rail loading options, as well as Northern Platforms’ extensive range of safe access and loading solutions!