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Safety and Efficiency: Industrial Modular Catwalks at Northern Platforms

In industrial facilities, employees need to be able to safely and efficiently navigate their worksite. Often that means staff will take shortcuts across the facility regardless of how safe it is. This is a common issue safety managers need to look out for and resolve as soon as possible. Luckily, the team at Northern Platforms can help! Our team can visit your site and determine the best industrial catwalk for your site and applications. Northern Platforms is Western Canada’s premier distributor of various safe access solutions, including loading platforms, industrial catwalks, safety gates, and so much more. Below we’ll discuss the benefits of industrial catwalks and some of their typical applications. Continue reading to find out more!

Crossover Stairs or Catwalks?

Industrial crossover stairs and catwalks are essentially the same things, and often, they’re also called crossover ladders or platforms. Industrial catwalks are a safe means for your employees to navigate obstacles or hazards. It’s natural for workers to take the shortest, most simple course available regardless of the safety risks. That’s why using industrial catwalks in your facility is a great way to improve safety and accessibility. If you’ve been searching for safe access solutions, Northern Platforms is here to help! Our ErectaStep and SafeRack industrial catwalks and work platforms are lightweight and customizable to fit your needs. Not to mention installation is simple, and our team at Northern Platforms can do the installation work for you! Let our team of safe access solution experts assist you with determining the best configuration for your industrial catwalk.

Get From Here to There Easily!

Industrial catwalks’ primary use is to move workers and goods from point B to point B. They’re best used in tricky or difficult-to-navigate environments where falls or other safety risks are present. Industrial catwalks from Northern Platforms can be positioned almost anywhere. This includes, over machinery, piping & cable trays, ducting, or other problem zones that your staff needs to be able to get around safely. They’re especially beneficial in seclusion zones where dangerous chemicals or machinery are present, as they provide a clear and safe pathway. In addition to providing your workers with a safe and convenient path, industrial catwalks can also clear floor space for your forklifts and pallet trucks. They provide your employees with a straightforward way to navigate across the work floor without getting in the path of your shipping and hauling equipment.

Northern Platforms is Your Choice for Safe Access Solutions

Facilities like yours can see tremendous benefits from using access equipment such as industrial catwalks or crossover stairs. With various industrial catwalk options at Northern Platforms, our team is sure our comprehensive safe access solutions inventory will have the best catwalks for your unique facility. We are confident our various partnerships with trusted manufacturers will provide you with plenty of versatile and high-quality safe access solutions. From safety swing gates and gangways to rolling steps and crossover ladders, Northern Platforms is your one-stop shop for all of your access needs. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial catwalks!