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SafeRack Truck Loading Safe Platforms at Northern Platforms

For those in the hauling and trucking industry, access platforms are a vital resource that allows for the safe access, loading/unloading, inspection and maintenance of trucks, tankers, trailers and more. Designed to uphold all OH&S/OSHA standards and provide protection for work taking place more than 4 feet from ground level, truck loading racks help keep your crew efficient and minimize on the job risks with fall protection and more. Northern Platforms is proud to stock leading solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry in our inventory, and to serve as Western Canada’s exclusive source for SafeRack products. Learn more about the benefits of truck loading safety platforms, including SafeRack’s self-adjusting stair gangway.

Made With Your Safety in Mind

Safety platforms not only ensure that your workplace is in compliance with the latest set of government mandates and guidelines but serve to create a site that is optimized to run as smoothly as possible with minimal risk involved to everyone. From enhanced fall protection to heavy-duty solutions that handle the toughest tasks, truck loading safety platforms have you covered.

SafeRack’s Self-Adjusting / Self-Leveling Gangway

Known for their exceptional quality and performance, SafeRack products are relied upon by trucking companies across North America. Built from high-quality aluminum, SafeRack’s self-adjusting gangway system is designed to hit all of the sizes and ranges of trucks that might come into your facility. Built to articulate and self-level, SafeRack’s self-adjusting stair gangways are designed to accommodate varying heights of vehicles. And they’re designed to last, too. With a one-piece stair design, welds are reduced and failures are virtually eliminated. Still, despite being extremely rugged, our SAS gangways are easy to use, as the spring counterbalance requires minimal effort. On top of that, the self-adjusting stair gangways can easily be retrofitted to replace your old, unsafe gangways. The self-adjusting stair gangway is often supplied with a safety cage to provide your personnel fall protection while on top of the truck. The gangways can also be supplied with a gangway track system to allow for miss-spotting of the trucks.

SafeRack Equipment, Only at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is the exclusive distributor of SafeRack products throughout Western Canada and is proud to partner with an industry leader dedicated to unbeatable quality and performance. Our inventory features several SafeRack products, including the SafeRack self-adjusting stair gangway and much more. Contact our team today to learn more about SafeRack’s gangway, as well as Northern Platforms’ extensive range of safe access and loading solutions!