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SafeRack Gangways at Northern Platforms

Are you in the hauling, trucking, heavy industrial, or construction sectors? If you’re tired of dealing with the ups and downs that come with loading and unloading, it’s time to look into the benefits of specially designed safety and efficiency equipment like SafeRack’s line of truck loading safety platforms.

Designed to uphold OH&S/OSHA standards, as well as provide superior protection for activities taking place more than 4 feet above the ground, safety platforms and gangways help keep your crew safe, efficient and minimize on-the-job risks with fall protection and more. Northern Platforms believes in the importance of workplace safety and is proud to stock leading solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry in our inventory. We are Western Canada’s exclusive source for SafeRack products, and offer extensive assistance for all your safe access needs Learn more about the benefits of truck loading safety platforms, including SafeRack’s self-adjusting stair gangway, below!

Workplace Compliance Meets Safety

It’s no secret that Albertan, as well as Canadian safety standards in the workplace, are extensive and for good reason. With the right tools and solutions in place, you can greatly reduce the risk faced by your employees. Safety platforms and gangways will help you stay aligned with many government mandates, but also drastically enhance workplace efficiency. With the ability to include fall protection, swing gates, and other enhanced safety features, truck loading safety platforms are versatile and dependable when, and where, it matters most.

Meet SafeRack

When it comes to purchasing safety and efficiency-related equipment, there’s simply no room to settle for second best. With a reputation for unbeatable quality and constant innovation, Northern Platforms is pleased to carry SafeRack’s line of platforms and gangways. Made from high-grade aluminum, SafeRack’s self-adjusting gangway system is designed to fit a vast range of vehicle heights and offer a superior lifecycle thanks to its U-Body design, SAS gangways are rugged, easy to use, and require minimal effort to raise an lower onto the vehicle you are accessing. SafeRack gangways also offer the option to include a gangway track system to allow for miss-spotting of vehicles, and when you buy from Northern Platforms, you can be rest assured your equipment will be shipped as quickly as possible for your convenience.

SafeRack Equipment at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is proud to be the exclusive distributor of SafeRack products throughout Western Canada and to feature many of their most in-demand products throughout our inventory. Our range of solutions features the SafeRack self-adjusting stair gangway and much more. Contact our team today to learn more about SafeRack’s gangways, as well as Northern Platforms’ extensive range of safe access and loading solutions!