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SafeRack Gangways and more at Northern Platforms

If you’re in need of safe access solutions that make it easy for your employees to safely access to tops of railcars and trucks, safety platforms and gangways are the ideal way to keep your crew safe and keep production efficient. At Northern Platforms, we’re proud to offer our clients across Western Canada access to leading solutions from industry giants like SafeRack. Designed in compliance with OH&S and OSHA standards, SafeRack gangways provide superior protection for all activities occurring on the tops of railcars or trucks and help you stay on track, no matter the application at hand! Northern Platforms is Western Canada’s exclusive source for all SafeRack products including their self-adjusting stair gangway. Learn more about SafeRack, as well as the benefits of partnering with Northern Platforms below!

Why Use Gangways

Gangways and safety cages are typically used to allow people safe access to the tops of railcars and trucks and provide fall protection while on top of those vehicles. Examples of when gangways and safety cages are used include when an operator or employee is loading and unloading rail cars or trucks, when they are inspecting or opening hatches, when they are deploying a loading arm or hose or when they are retaining a sample of the product inside that railcar or truck. Gangways not only serve as a safe and efficient way to access the tops of vehicles, they also ensure the employee or operator have fall protection while they are on top of that vehicle.

Types Of Gangways

SafeRack & Northern Platforms Ltd offer three (3) distinct styles of gangways. The Self-Adjusting Stair (SAS) gangway is built to articulate and self level. SAS gangways are designed to accommodate varying heights of vehicles. SAS gangways are typically used in truck loading applications. The Flat Ramp (SFR) gangway is a flat ramp loading platform ideally suited for applications where there the platform and vehicle height are equal. SFR gangways are typically used in hopper car loading applications. The Flat Ramp Telescoping (FRT) gangway is a flat ramp gangway that has a telescoping end that extends out to increase safety and access to the vehicle. FRT gangways are typically used in liquid liquid railcar/tankcar applications. All three (3) styles of gangways that we offer have a 500 LB free standing load capacity and come in a variety of widths and lengths with your choice of materials of construction and are always built to suit each individual application. Options for gangways include safety cages, gangway tracking and power (pneumatic, hydraulic or electric operation).

SafeRack Solutions

With an industry-wide reputation for excellence and performance that just won’t quit, SafeRack has earned its position as one of the most trusted and in-demand manufacturers of gangways and more. Northern Platforms is pleased to carry SafeRack’s line of platforms and gangways. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, SafeRack’s self-adjusting gangway system is designed to fit a vast range of vehicle heights and offer a superior lifecycle thanks to its U-Body design, SAS gangways are rugged, and require minimal effort to raise and lower onto the vehicle you are accessing. SafeRack gangways also offer the option to include a gangway track system to allow for miss-spotting of vehicles, and when you buy from Northern Platforms, you can rest assured your equipment will be shipped as quickly as possible for your convenience.

SafeRack Equipment at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is your exclusive distributor of SafeRack products throughout Western Canada and offers easy access to their extensive range of safe access solutions all across the region. Our inventory features the SafeRack self-adjusting stair gangway and much more. Contact our team today to learn more about SafeRack’s gangways and how they can improve safety on your site!